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And so, history is repeating

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/30/2018 11:25:24 AM IST

 How can one remain mute when the only semblance of development in Nagaland is stalled as Nagaland Post disclosed it on 24th August 2018 as to how the ongoing construction of 4-lane highway is being put on hold in Jharnapani area due to incessant rampant extortion exercises? How a bona fide citizen of Nagaland can remain unperturbed when the progress of construction of the lifeline road between Kohima and Dimapur is hampered.? How can a permanent citizen of Nagaland feel comfortable if the existing road condition is to continue any longer due to manmade stalemate? Be it any individual from any profession, be it any syndicate or be it any known or unknown authority and yet whosoever has no sense of care for such a vital project for Nagaland but tries to milk from the project illegally deserves outright condemnation. As highlighted by Post, vehicles of the contractor were seized, the laborers were harassed with intimidation and to the extent of physical assault inside their camp. Imagine, how truck and excavator were taken away from parking lot of the Company? Professional vehicle thieves had stolen number of light vehicles in Nagaland in the past. Yet, taking away heavy machineries by brigands at night or in broad day light is a feat of daring and brazen act. I don’t consider such an act of taking away somebody’s property to be a case of theft, rather it amounts to seizure. None can afford to do that without certain amount of personal security being assured by someone influential and powerful to the one who involves in such act. What had happened to 4 nos. of 2-lane road under SARDP Phase 1 a couple of years ago is exactly meted out to M/S ECI Engineering & Construction Coy. Ltd. as divulged. The destructive history is therefore repeating. 

The broad daylight robbery of machineries, the very carefree intimidation to laborers and the assault of those defenseless people of such magnitude can happen in no other place except in Nagaland. So much of such similar crimes were committed in the past but without reaction from State Govt. which has virtually encouraged its recurrence. The business of thieves, robbers, brigands and the unscrupulous syndicates in Govt. offices thrive because Nagaland is the safest haven for those crooks. Those crooks comfortably and conveniently operate according to their whims and fancies much to the consternation and loss to law abiding citizens. Such daring acts can take place where there is no risk of being booked under the law. Nagaland is, therefore, the safest haven for those crooks because the legitimate State Govt. abets such anti-people activities. Such acts are rampant in Nagaland without restriction because the State Govt. does not consider those to be crime, and hardly any miscreant is booked or penalized.  Thus, the corrupt, the swindlers, the arrogant and the brigands do rule the roost whereas the innocent and the honest people are at the mercies of the former. In today’s Nagaland’s situation, in State Govt. Departments, honest and God fearing employees are sidelined as they are considered useless. As it is, the State Govt. has pampered those anti-people professional elements.  

The funds for the first Phase of 4 nos. of SARDP road were devoured by powerful politicians, several NNPGs and bureaucrats. When the contractors for the ongoing 4-lane road are not free from blood sucking activities of the unscrupulous powerful class, this mega project is now in peril. Under such hostile atmosphere, the contractors will be compelled to change their attitude from positivity to negativity. When so, the contractors may like to finish the execution haphazardly. In other words, the contractors may manipulate and complete the construction work in substandard quality of workmanship without following the given specifications. If so, our road will not last a monsoon just as our PWD roads. Again, at this rate, the completion may be delayed by which people will have to bear the brunt of such horrible road condition for much longer period of time. 

Whereas, Nagaland Post dated 25.8.2018 published a brief story of how the Chief Minister summoned the concerned contractor for the same imbroglio in which Post reporter quoted ‘the State Govt. was peeved at ECI’ for rushing to media instead of firstly confiding with the concerned Deptt. Whereas, on 24.8.2018, Post highlighted that on July 18 and 19, 2018, a dumper truck and a Bolero camper were stolen. Following which an FIR was filed at Medziphema Police Station though the ECI’s representative did not mention the date on which Police was asked to take necessary action for stolen vehicles. Is not Police station at Medziphema part and parcel of the State Govt.? Is it not the primary duty of the Police Station to bring the matter to the notice of the concerned higher authorities of the Govt. if so required? Was it procedurally incomplete for the contractor to merely file FIR in any Police Station in order to attract the attention of the Govt.? If the Police Station at Medziphema is outside the purview of State’s administrative machinery whose report is not accepted as official, then notify so. If at all that very FIR was filled prior to 23.8.2018, how could Nagaland Govt. feel peeved at the disclosure of the contractor facing harassment in local media? Is it wrong for people watching the performances of the Govt. in gallery to suspect the connivance of certain authorities in State Govt. and those who used to indulge in extortion business for which reason the Govt. of Nagaland was irked by press report? 

In my opinion and for the sake of the successful execution of the project, not only ECI but all the contractors may have to know that every citizen in Nagaland is neither unreliable nor every NGO or tribal organization is not under the spell of unscrupulous elements. There are still trustworthy organizations which can go to any extent daringly for safeguarding the common interests of the people of Nagaland. Therefore, in the event of the State Govt. showing indifference towards such vital project, the contractors are at liberty to seek cooperation from the conscientious platforms. Under no circumstance this project can be allowed to be high-jacked by anybody no matter how influential one may be. 


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