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Are Nagas scheduled caste?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/12/2018 11:28:22 AM IST

 It appears an All-Party Parliamentarian Conference “on Christians From Scheduled Caste Background”, is going to be held in New Delhi soon.

The phrase “Christians From Scheduled Caste Background’ is in capitals in all the beginning letters of the words whether Noun or Conjunction or an Adjectives. This is an elite expression to beautify “Scheduled Caste”. Simply expressed, the whole expression means scheduled Caste Christians or Christians of scheduled Caste.   

Nagas are neither Scheduled Caste nor Christians From Scheduled Caste Background. There are no Naga “Christians From Schedule Caste Background”.

The Naga never had any historical connections with the Hindu Caste System of high and low Castes. Nagas donot know Caste, their society is not organized Caste base.

There is a Naga Tribe in Manipur some of who were pressed and subjected into works of cleaning and transporting ‘night soil’ in the ancient Kingdom of Manipur. However, the Tribe never had Caste System in their Society.

Having said whatever is said, the participation of an MLA from Nagaland in a Conference of Members of the Parliament for discussion on, “Christians From Schedule Caste Background”, is highly impertinent and odd for two reasons.

Firstly, in a Conference of Parliamentarians, a Member of Legislative Assembly of a State is not qualified to participate. He simply does not have the qualification of an MP. He will be present in the Conference simply as a specimen of Christian From Schedule Caste Background from Nagaland, whereas a Naga is never a Scheduled Caste Christian.   

Secondly, the glowing President of the BJP Party in the Nagaland, will further darken the image of the Christian State.

The sacred Nymphaea flower Nelumbo (Lotus), the Party Symbol of the BJP is an aquatic plant of the hot plains and not of the temperate hills and mountains of the Northeast; the BJP is trying hard to introduce their flower in the Hills of the Northeast.

The earnest Bosses in the BJP Party with connections from their gravitational Centre of the RSS want to show to all the Members of the Parliament and the whole World that Christian Nagaland in the Northeast is not opposed to the Saffron Party.

This is a very subtle strategy of using Religion for Politics.  It is like false Prophets teaching propriety from the mouth, not out of inspiration from God. False Prophets in the ancient were found in the King’s table or near about it and in Nagaland today the prophets peace are found in respectable distance from the  centers of power and near persons of means. They would do almost anything to please their mentors.

The Chief Minister and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly are two of the best Christians in Nagaland, and it is highly unexpected of them to send a BJP functionary to represent Nagaland in a Conference of Parliamentarians, on discussion of Christians from Scheduled Caste background.

The selection of a Sumo wrestler-looking BJP President from a packed House of highly qualified Christians MLAs in the Assembly, to represent Nagaland betrays the casual treatment of the Christian Religion. It is unfortunate our leaders take  Religion casually for their agendas.

 We cannot find out who is Holier than thou, in the society. There are good and bad Christians in Nagaland, but whether bad or good, Nagaland is Christian and the people counts themselves children of God; the BJP   President is a highly impertinent specimen of Christian Nagaland in a conference for Christians.

The Christians of Nagaland would plead with the decision makers not take Christianity in Nagaland lightly for granted.

History of the workings of God reveals, more often than not, God’s action comes out of the “remnants” of his people more often than from the Host. God may act the same in the Naga.

Nobody needs worry too much about Nagaland of today; God is looking at the people, and Nagaland would surely get up to a vibrant society sooner perhaps than latter.  

However, this generation of the Naga, good or bad Christian, need to save the Naga Society from infection with the insufferable Curse of Caste System of the Hindus.

The Naga is no “Christians From Schedule Caste Background”; the Naga is ‘Christian from Head Hunting Background’ now hunting for friendship, democracy, peace and development, not the least, for the Souls in the Hindus in the Indian Society also.

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