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Are we fighting for ex gratia or national freedom?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/24/2019 12:14:09 PM IST

 In the Naga crucial hour on whether to sign or not to sign the final deal without separate Flag and Constitution for Nagalim, some straightforward questions have to be placed before the Naga public in general and the Naga negotiators in particular. These questions are more than being subjective in nature but rather are compilation of the voices of most Naga people raised in various media platforms. The objective of this write-up is to sincerely draw the attention of the Naga negotiators in particular for reaffirming the primary and central goal of Naga struggle for self-determination.

What have we been fighting for? Are we really fighting for self-determination, our birth rights, our freedom? Are we fighting to take our rights back from forcefully and inhumanly seized by India? Or are we fighting for equality and equal participation under the Indian union territory? Or are we fighting to get the crumbs or breads falling down from the table of India? Or are we merely fighting for Economic Packages and Job Acts (EPJA) from the mighty India? The abbreviated term EPJA is framed from the unofficially briefly highlighted hints on what final solution is. The final solution is like facilitating some acts for the time being rather than giving permanent solution for self-determination.

Are we demanding final solution or preliminary solution? We have noticed the wide circulation of the statements uttered by some NNPG negotiators and Mr. R. N. Ravi, i.e. final solution first and separate Flag and Constitution for Nagalim can be processed later. The public confusion on this statement is that when the final solution is officially signed and accepted, how could separate Flag and Constitution for Nagas be re-demanded? What is this final solution and how many final solutions are there in the fighting for final solution or national freedom?

With reference to Naga separate constitution some of the Naga negotiators stated that why should Naga demand its constitution from India because Naga have ever right to frame its own constitution. This statement seems brave and sound but it is not pragmatic and logical. The question is when India denied to have separate constitution of Naga and officially signed as accepted the denial of the India by the negotiators how could Naga frame its own constitution later? Hopefully speaking, Naga negotiators are aware of the validity and strength of the signature.

Every Naga above 40 years of age experienced the suffering and hardship for the cause of the nation. For many years, Naga people sacrificed their life as corps’ labourers carrying the food and basic necessity of the Naga Freedom Fighters (NFFs) to forest, to village to villages. Every Naga paid tax to support the NFFs. Many Naga common people experienced the severe persecution like destruction of properties, stayed still in the concentrated place and beaten black and blue from the hands of Indian military because of protecting and hiding the NFFs. For the cause of Naga freedom, many Naga mothers and sisters were molested and raped by Indian military. Thousands of both Naga civilians and NFFs were killed by Indian military forces on account of freedom fighting. So also, NFFs executed many of their own fellow Naga civilians and comrades for the cause of Naga freedom and nationalism. Were all these rendered services, sacrificial lives, molestation, rape, death for getting EPJA? Is our Naga ultimate aspiring goal to avail EPJA or Ex gratia?

Is attempting to acquire Naga political solution under the leadership of the then Prime Minister Narendra Modi and R. N. Ravi a circumstance? Is there any universal law that under so and so leadership any form of solution granted to the freedom fighters should be consented, hereafter, no more solution? Are Naga dawning now to this state? Do some of the Naga negotiators and stakeholders think that Naga would die if they do not accept the offered solution this time?

Naga also like the rest of the nation in the world had courageously and rightly established the nation mind i.e. Naga a nation. As far as this well-established nation mind and fighting for the nation status is concerned, why the Naga negotiators had dialogue with the State Governor for the nation freedom is another big confusion. Is Mr. Ravi the Governor of all Naga inhabited areas or only Nagaland? What is the prime responsibility of Mr. Ravi? Interlocutor? Or Governor? Mr. Ravi could be the most powerful person amongst the present Governors in India because he holds two most important offices. However, Mr. Ravi holding significant and powerful responsibilities and being stationed at the heart of the Naga nation is a big advantage for India and a big loss for the Naga. As far as the responsibilities and current station of Mr. Ravi are concerned, he has so many advantages to politically and technically influence many stakeholders.

Is projected present Naga final solution a replica of Shillong Accord part II? Having compared the context of Naga between 1970s and today, Shillong accord could be far better than the projected Naga solution today. Naga today are much advanced and developed than Naga in 1970s. However, even the Naga in 1970s didn’t accept the offered EPJA but how could Naga today consent to take again the rejected EPJA in 1970s? How could Naga negotiators think that India refused the demand of the Naga is right and Naga struggles to success its aspiration is wrong?

Honestly speaking, attempting to compromise the Naga nation status by EPJA is something which is unwanted to discuss even in the dream. Optimistically hoping, our honourable Naga negotiators would constantly stand firm for Naga is Naga and India is India. It is very much delighting to see that our NFFs successfully created N for Naga and I for India but not N inside the I. KUKNALIM

P. S. Loly, Serampore 

College, Serampore, 

West Bengal 

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