ATMAs conduct activities for farmers across Nagaland

DIMAPUR | Publish Date: 9/22/2020 10:07:59 AM IST

Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) has been conducting various programmes across the state for welfare of farmers in the month of September. Trainings and field demonstrations including exposure visits for farmers are some of the highlights.

ATMA Jakhama block: System of Rice Intensification (SRI) paddy farm school under ATMA Jakhama Block was inaugurated on September 10 at Kigwema village. A press release by ATMA Jakhama block stated that in a keynote address, BTM, Vimenuo Mere briefed the participants on concept of farm school and its objectives.  The farmers were sensitised about Kissan Call Centre (KCC), toll free number 1800-180-1551, where they can clarify their queries in farming practices through the app. Programme was followed by training on IPM and INM for paddy, with DAO, Kohima, Mhalevilie, as the resource person. 

ATMA Chiephobozou block: ATMA Chiephobozou block of Kohima district has launched SRI (System of Rice Intensification) farm school at Nerhe Model village on September 4. 

Ruduokho Usou was appointed as the farm school teacher. During the launching programme, the farm school teacher highlighted the experiences he gained from this method and he also gave a brief account on the advantages he observed from practicing this method. The farmers were also informed about kisan call centre (1800-180-1551) which is toll free and can be availed for any queries related to farming. The main objective of setting up the farm school is to enable the farming community to adopt the new technology which has proved to be a success in several fields across the district. 

ATMA Akuhaito block: ATMA Zunheboto Akuhaito block conducted on field demonstrations at Philimi and Khrimtomi villages on September 5, with Kaiho Achumi ATM as resource person. Programme was followed with the distribution of input seeds to the farmers. ATMA Akuhaito block also inaugurated “coffee-cum-cardamom farm school” at Khrimtomi village on September 7 and HusatoYeptho was appointed as the farm teacher. 

ATMA Akuhaito block, Zunheboto also organised within district farmers’ exposure visit to sericulture farm Kuzukichika on September 8 at Akuluto block. Supervisor of the farm, AnitoAchumi highlighted that sericulture stood for livelihood opportunity for millions owing to high employment oriented, low capital intensive and remunerative nature of its production.. 

ATMA Kohima: ATMA Kohima conducted a demonstration at Tseminyu village on, “cultivation practices of selected rabi crops” on September 2. Resource person briefed on the nursery bed preparation as well as field preparation of selected crops such as peas, cabbage, cauliflower, lady finger and lettuce. Altogether 8 members of the group Kedo Kezen Logwa attended the demonstration. ATMA Tseminyu block also conducted training on “value addition of taro” on September 2 at the Tseminyu village. Altogether 8 members of the group Kedo Kezen Lowgwa attended the training.

ATMA Sechü Zubza block: ATMA Sechu Zubza block conducted a demonstration on cultivation practices of winter crops on September 3 at Jotsoma village, where demonstration was led by Vithato Nakhro, farmer friend of Jotsoma village. 

On September 5, SRI farm school was inaugurated at Jotsoma. Kevirasieno Peseyie was appointed as the farm school teacher. Isabella Zinyu, BTM, highlighted that farm schools provide the vital link between the progressive farmers and others in the village. Demonstration on operation of conoweeder in SRI practice and integrated pest management was done by Thepfulelie Yhome, AFA and Thejavizonuo Kelio, ATM respectively. 

ATMA Botsa block: ATMA Botsa block launched a System of Rice Intensification (SRI) farm school at Tuophema village on September 3. ATM Medokhrielie delivered a lecture on the concept and guidelines of a farm school purposes and the role of the farm school teacher. 

The appointed farm school teacher Thepfuchalie Kense, a pioneer in a system of rice intensification (SRI) farming in his village shared his experiences. Demonstrations were conducted at Tsiemekhu Bawe/Basa village with Hainenle Tep (ATM) Medokhrielie (ATM) as resource persons. Altogether a total of 15 farmers participated and were distributed with F1 hybrid seeds of cabbage, broccoli, green pea and roban. 

ATMA Satakha block: ATMA Satakha block has organized a training and demonstration for value addition and to ensure food security in the area during COVID-19 on September 6 at Shoipu and Usutomi villages. ATMA Satakha block also inaugurated banana farm school on September 6 at Shoipu village, where Vihuto Sema was appointed as the farm school teacher. During the inaugural programme the concept of farm school and training on banana farming was delivered by ATM, Tovi. V. Jimomi.

ATMA Akuluto block: ATMA Akuluto block organised training and demonstration for value addition and to ensure food security in the area during COVID-19 on September 9 at VK town.  Training and demonstration was delivered by ATM Sataka block, Tovi V Jimomi through audio and visual display with demonstration. He stressed on the importance, benefits and positive effects of fruits and vegetables preservation to prevent colossal wastage of fresh produce, to extend shelf life of produce, to develop value addition products on agriculture and to focus more on cultivation practices of multi layer farming, etc. Altogether 27 farmers from three villages attended the programme.

ATMA Longmatra block: ATMA Kiphire, Longmatra block, conducted demonstration programme on “Fishery pond management” and “Nursery bed preparation of cabbage” at Tethuyo village on September 7 and 9 and inauguration of “Rice bean farm school” at Ngoromi village on September 4. Resource person was K. Ananju, cabbage farm school teacher and Kuretsang Sangtam, fishery farm school teacher. Altogether, 19 farmers along with ATMA functionaries attended the programme.

Meanwhile, during the inauguration of rice bean farm school, Shemongthsi was appointed as the farm teacher. BTM, Moakumzuk highlighted on functions of ATMA and concept of farm school and the role of a farm teacher.  Lusho Farmers’ Interest Group was also mobilized and seed money was transferred through direct benefit transfer.

ATMA Chunlikha block: ATMA Chunlikha block on September 4 inaugurated a farm school on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) at Ziphenyu village. ATM Chunlikha block, Kebegi Kent gave a brief introduction on the concept, function and role of a farm school.

Solomon Mesung who was appointed as the farm teacher also shared his experiences on SRI and encouraged other farmers to follow this system.

A demonstration on operation of cono weeder was also conducted on the SRI field where the farmers were taught and demonstrated on how to use the machine. 

ATMA Longkhim block: ATMA Tuensang Longkhim block conducted Trainings and demonstrations at Lirise village from September 4 and 5, with Hopise AI, Temsu farm school teacher and Moa ATM as resource persons. Temsu farm school teacher conducted training on “package and practices on tea plantation” and explained about the requirement for tea plantation. A hand on demonstration was given by ATM Moa on “preparation of banana peel fertilizer”. On September 5, training on “packages and practices of kiwi plantation” was given by Hopise AI. Altogether 15 farmers with ATMA officials attended the programme.

ATMA Sakshi block: ATMA Sakshi block under Longleng district conducted demonstration on September 1 at Sakshi village. A release from PD ATMA & DSO, T Mhao Humtsoe stated that resource person SRF, KVK, Namei conducted demonstration on “packages of practices for cultivation of winter vegetables”. Namei stressed on the need for nursery raising for about a month before transplanting in the main field and on the need to provide the seeds with optimum spacing for a healthy growth.

ATMA Zunheboto block: ATMA Zunheboto block, organised training and demonstration at Alahuto colony Zunheboto town, on September 1. “Training on women empowerment through agricultural entrepreneurship during COVID-19 pandemic” was discussed by BTM, Chubatsur Jamir. Chubatsur further highlighted about women activities in Agri sector in Nagaland. Demonstration on propagation of foliage and flowering plants was given by Atoli Yeptho, a progressive farmer from Zunheboto block.  Altogether 15 farmers attainted the training.

ATMA Noksen block: ATMA Tuensang, Noksen block organized training and demonstration programme at Longdang and Sangdak villages, with BTT convernor, O. Changlim (Fishery) and ATM Wetosangla as resource persons on September 2 and 3.  During the training programme at Longdang village on September 2, resource person ATM trained the farmers on value addition of ginger and hands on demonstration on garden pea cultivation of Arkel variety was also conducted. At Sangdak village on September 3, resource person, BTT convenor, gave practical demonstration on application of liming and release of fish seeds. Training programme on integrated farming system (IFS) was also conducted. Altogether 15 farmers including functionaries attended the programme. Seeds were also distributed.  

ATMA Tamlu Block: ATMA Longleng Tamlu block organised within the district farmers’ training on the topic, “management and uses of some rabi crops” on September 2 at Tamlu village community hall. Resource person, Lalen S Phom spoke on the importance of management of nursery beds, time of transplanting and post harvest management. Demonstration programme on “management of live stock” was also conducted at Ametchong village, with resource person from veterinary department, VFA Tamlu, Choikham. He demonstrated on site selection and standard size construction of pigsty and emphasized on the importance of balanced feeding in order to achieve nutritional balance of pigs. 

ATMA Panso block: ATMA Tuensang, Panso block conducted training on the topic cardamom cultivation and its management and construction of fish pond on September 3 and 7 at Ekhao and Pathso Nokeng respectively along with ATMA Panso block officials. Two demonstrations were conducted on the topic de-suckering of banana plant and preparation of nursery bed for vegetable crops on September 4 and 5. Altogether 23 farmers attended the programme.

ATMA Tsaru block: Tsaru block, Tuensang conducted within district farmers’ trainings and demonstrations on September 7 at new Chungliyimti village. Resource persons spoke on value addition of ginger, double row system in pineapple cultivation, control of fall armyworm in maize and winter vegetables planting guide. Programme was chaired by BTM Tsaru block, Dr. T. Arenmongla. Altogether six farmers along with ATMA functionaries attended the programme.

ATMA Suruhuto block: ATMA Suruhuto block, Zunheboto organised training programme on breeding of common carps at medical colony, Suruhuto town on September 7. Fishery demonstrator, Niheto Sumi illustrated on rearing of spawn and breeding technique along with importance of common carps as an ideal species for aquaculture. BTT convenor, Qhenito Yeptho demonstrated on cultivation of winter crop (cabbage). On September 8, cultivation of carrot was also demonstrated by Yeptho. Farm school on fishery was also inaugurated by Yeptho with K. Hokugha Shikhu as farm teacher. Seeds of sweet pea, carrot, cabbage along with surgical face masks were distributed to farmers. Altogether, 38 farmers participated in the two-day training programmes.


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