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Avoid using cell phone while driving

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/19/2019 11:38:51 AM IST

 Cell phones, marvels of technology, are used to report emergency, locate directions, call home, message friends, do business from the beach or golf courses-life without them is now different to imagine. But cell phones have been proven downright deadly if employed  while driving a vehicle or walking down the street. Do you feel people around you increasingly preoccupied on the laptops or typing text messages on their cell? What about seen a youngster walking on the street with ipod earplug? How about those more packed drink and eating joints you have seen during day hour, now more than before? 

Your sense of heavy is almost completely consumed by the phone you are using, and your brain tends to filter out ambient sounds . So your brain has to absorb the information and work simultaneously to provide responses, making it hard for it to process information that is not related to your phone conversation. A cell phone using motorist is also likely to look at but not see a vehicle, or a pedestrian, crossing his path . He may hear but not pay attention to a horn, or the sound of the another vehicle, as he would if he were just driving. By the time he becomes awake, it may be a split-second too late. Likewise a cell phone using pedestrian, too, expose himself to the danger around him.

In a report on the safety implications of “using mobile while mobile”, the Delhi based Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) analysis the many skills required by a motorist : watching the road, checking the rear, and the sight view mirrors, and keeping an eye on dashboard  gauges, to listen for others vehicles, horns policeman’s whistles, emergency sirens and steering the vehicle, controlling the pedals, signaling turns or switching on appropriate indicators call. It also says, “driving and use of a mobile phone simultaneously is potentially a strong lethal combination”.

Motorists who talked on a cell phone- be it hand-held or hand-free draw slidely slower to hit the brakes if they were not drunk. The Indian law forbid drivers of any motor vehicle from using a cell phone, and when involved in an accident, they often deny that they had not used a cell phone. When a driver uses a mobile phone, he has to use a similar set of skills: locating the count bottoms to push, or reading the screen,  would mean taking his eyes off the road. Studies revealed that people are as impaired when they drive and talk on the cell phone as they are when they drive intoxicated. Today, we found that using cell phone and rush driving amongst the drivers are getting out of hand.

To Promote safety rules:

Never use a cell phone while driving or while crossing or walking along a road. If you are on a busy road where you cannot stop, and your phone rings, it is best to miss the call, answer it at a safer place. When you are in the  taxi, bus, your own car or friends, you must stop any driver from speaking on the phone while driving.

Recently, two colleagues and I took a taxi and we were returning back to our office after a meeting. While we were  in the thick of traffic when the driver’s cell phone rang. When he promptly answer it, my friend from the back seat requested him not to use the  phone. But the driver would not listen, “Bandh karo”! my colleague insisted loudly, grabbling the driver’s shoulder “Stop it”!

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