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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/5/2019 11:58:39 AM IST

 During campaign for elections, leaders of political parties go to any extent in wooing voters with promises, exaggerated stories and falsehoods beside attacks and counter attacks on each other. The Assembly parlance for floor debate goes that ‘one can say anything under heaven’, and yet the Speaker has the authority to expunge any statement of any Member from the recording when found un-parliamentary under Rule 303 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in NLA. Whereas, the campaigners during election have the habit of taking undue advantage on the ignorant and gullible lot of the general public with the motive to illegally hoodwink them with falsehood and disinformation. Such can be corrected only through reaction via media. The recent statements of PDA leaders published in the local papers dated 3.4.2019 attracts attention and reaction thereof. 

Firstly, the PDA leaders asserted that “BJP-led NDA is more secular than Congress-led UPA” is basically and totally false. Which political party does not like to win when contested in any election. I understand the determination of PDA to win the lone Lok Sabha seat by hook or by crook. In such an attempt, any ordinary party man might have become incoherent either in speech or in action or both, and yet such person does not carry the voice of the party. Whereas, this very statement was uttered by no other than the leader of PDA as quoted above. If PDA believes that the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal activities so far committed against the religious minorities and particularly the Christians in India under the protection of BJP-led NDA during the last 5 years are considered to be of secular in nature, I, for one, out-rightly disagreed with such assertion. I question the PDA whether declaring 25th December, the Christmas to be the Good governance day, the Good Friday was observed as the Digital Day, the Fathers’ Day was declared as Yoga Day, the desecration of Christian Churches across India with the brutal attacks on the assets and threats to security of Christians, the inhuman and barbaric attacks on the lives of Christian leaders and the rapes of Christian sisters were truly considered to be within the parameters of secularism? Had not the above instances carried out under the dictation of RSS with theocratic agenda? So much human right violations against Christians in India under NDA were not publicly reported except few.

Secondly, taking the higher figure of allied partners numbering 39 in NDA as of today as against the previous UPA with 36 parties never justifies the claim of PDA that NDA is more secular. Secularism is proved by a party with secular actions as protection of religious minorities and treating the Dalits as human beings. Secularism is strengthening the spirit of ‘Unity in Diversity’. Secularism is nothing less than upholding Art 25 of the Indian Constitution of India as per my layman’s knowledge. 

Whereas, the above instances carried out by RSS under NDA were total violation of the principles of secularism. The NDA considers the cows to be more important than the Christians and the Dalits. The status of the cows in India is much higher than the other religious minorities that includes Christians. Therefore, how can PDA claim NDA to be more secular than UPA? Such false claim is simply found to be unfit for any statesman to utter. 

Thirdly, the BERF of 1873 (ILP) and the Art 371(A) vis-a- vis the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill of 2016 was sufficiently debated and it should have been understood well. Yet, once again PDA tried to justify its Cabinet decision taken on 5.6.2018 that Nagaland would not oppose CAB except when any provision of it is found detrimental to Nagaland, only then it would oppose. Such Cabinet decision sans logic. How will it be possible for Nagaland to selectively accept or oppose the provisions of the Act when enacted. Will the voice of opposition from Nagaland against any provision of the law attract the attention of GOI whereby GOI moves for amendment of the provision(s) so as to satisfy Nagaland? The NDPP lacked gut to take the right decision of opposing the Bill in the interest of Nagaland. 

Meanwhile, if PDA is so confident that the ramifications of CAB will never have adverse impact on Nagaland believing that Nagaland is insulated by BERF and Art 371(A), the Govt. of Nagaland should have remained stuck to its decision of 5.6.2018 without taking the trouble to backtrack from its decision. Even otherwise, taking shelter under the so called consultative meeting with tribal hohos and NGOs on 31.1.2019 while backtracking lacked respectability and solemnity. Had PDA been opposing CAB sincerely, the Chief Minister of Nagaland should have joined Comrad Sangma, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya in the campaign against the Bill in Delhi. Not walking the talk is farce. The claims of PDA are found to be lacking maturity and rationality, rather such statements are of shamelessness. 

Z. Lohe

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