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BJP manufactures governments-not democracy

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/8/2019 12:45:32 PM IST

 A political Party that produces Governments and not Democracy is false Democracy. Every State of India contributes more or less of its share of MP to both the Lok and the Rajya Sabhas for Union Government in Delhi. In the previous election, the Bharatya Janata Party from the States contributed the number of MPs to the Lok Sabha more than other Parties, and in consonance with Democratic norms, the Party formed the Union Government five years ago with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India. Similarly, in many States too, the BJP formed the Government.  

These are all proper and necessary processes of Democracy. Nevertheless, soon after they got the power of the Central Government, the Party began to change is democratic sense and grew more and more coercive and compulsive than consensual. Their core agenda, of turning India into a Hindu Nation Bharat with Hinduism as the National Religion, and a uniform Civil Code far outweighing other democratic principles. They used the Majority factor of democracy to outweigh the its idea of Consensus to impose on the Minorities. The minority Muslims, Christians, in particular, were told to leave India and go to the West, the Muslims to the Islamic countries.

The News Papers here and there in various places of India reported acts of much violence by Hindu extremists and Vigilantes on the minorities. The Cow is venerated more than humans. On instances, the Untouchables were treated less than the Cow and Dalits were eliminated on the mere suspicion of carrying Beef in their bags or were summarily beaten up for removing dead cows from cities and towns. Dress Codes were enforced on girls in the city streets; the singing of the National Anthem in every Cinema was imposed on all the viewers. The Laws of the land appeared not much of use to the helpless Minorities and the downtrodden of the country.

Legal laws of Sedition, of Freedom of Religion and Armed Forces Special Powers Act were used against unarmed Civilians and to threaten opponents and against people who did not toe their line. The Artists, the Authors and News Reporters were persecuted and coerced, so much so that some 300 prominent Authors and Artists in the country opposed the Government.     

Many conscientious, open, independent and free minded Nagas have already before me, written accounts of the coercive impositions, threats and intimidations and also about the various undemocratic methods the BJP did in India. This Writer need not reproduce them all here again. It suffices us to see how Party did here to our neighboring state of Manipur.

In the last Assembly election, the Congress Party got more Seats than others in Manipur, and were expecting to form the Government but the coercive Spirit of the BJP entered into some MLAs and bewitched them. The disturbing Spirit also entered the Governor so much so that it delayed the formation of the Congress Government; in the mean time, the Governor called the Saffron Group to form the Government.

The same story of Manipur befell the NPF in Nagaland, where, after days of crucial delays, during which the coercive Spirit entered into some Naga Christian MLAs who had attended coaching classes of the Saffron Party elsewhere of the above tricks, the Saffron Party gained the power of governance in Manipur, in Nagaland, in Sikhim and in Arunachal.

Democracy has regenerative power to lift the down trodden who in turn lifts other poor and the down trodden also. That is why Democracy is a progressive Power. The BJP manufactures Government: not Democracy. ‘If they did what they did to the green tree, what would they not do to the moribund tree today in Nagaland’   The Nagas alone has not the Power to defeat Idol worshipping, because it is also a Spirit; let us all pray God to help us. 

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