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Bravo! The four village councils

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 5/29/2019 11:34:40 AM IST

 Hearty congratulations to the 4 Village councils of Purana Bazar, Padumpukhri, Naharbari and Darogapathar of Dimapur for the unconditional support conscientiously extended to the ongoing 4-lane road passing though these Villages. The joint resolution adopted by the four villages that none from these villages will either claim land compensation from Govt. for sacrificing limited areas of private lands for the said road project nor will anyone lodge complaint by which the progress of the work will be definitely hampered but rather they resolved that they should also sacrifice something for the common asset. The most appropriate action of the 4 Village Councils reminds me of the Biblical story of the prophet Elijah vrs the King Ahab and his terrible wife Jezebel of Israel. The prophet Elijah thought that in the whole of the Israelite world, there was no other prophet fearing and obeying the Living God except himself. Yet, God told Elijah that beside him there are 7 thousand prophets who had never worshipped Baal, the god of Jezebel. Similarly, I was in the belief that while the most vital 4-lane road project of Purana-Chumikedima is being pestered by all kind of elements undeservedly, there are too few who can voluntarily step out to boldly salvage the project at this time. Whereas, the said 4 Village Councils have just taken the most appropriate decision at the right time is but soothing and encouraging.  For any development in Nagaland, such cooperation of the public is the prerequisite without which nothing can be developed successfully. This precedence is set for others to emulate. 

Meanwhile, in my last article, inadvertently I failed to congratulate the Chairmen of the Village Councils along Purana Bazar-Chumikedima road who resolved to support the project which was published in the local papers a fortnight ago . That very resolution was most essential when the project was put in jeopardy at that time. The positive actions of the Chairmen of those Village Councils including the said 4 Villages are indeed of great service to the people of Nagaland. The resolutions and the voices in support of the lifeline being raised by the local authorities will not hopefully go in vain though there is none beside me to cheer you up since the concerned public and tribal platforms preferred remaining silent as usual in Nagaland style. 

Whereas, under the ongoing 2-lane roads, in certain areas I found that there are few people who have become professional trouble shooters disrupting the ongoing road works with manufactured reasons. After deeper studies, it is found that those who had received payment already for damage compensation are the ones hampering the progress of the works in certain cases for the mere reason that they had received money for valid or invalid cause and yet they want more. It is also found that those trouble shooters are no other than the Village or area leaders and not the ordinary citizens. These unscrupulous selfish ones who can never be satisfied with whatever amount of payment of money it may be are those who have no culture of gratefulness to God and to other people. The philosophy of this category of people is that disturbing the atmosphere of peace, harassing the civil administration with legitimate or illegitimate complaints and stalling the road works are considered to be of better strategy to draw the attention of the people in power. These people believe that popularity in society has to be earned with unpopularity. Such culture is alien to Naga way of life, and how long shall the right thinking people remain the silent spectators is the question.

Any development in Nagaland is always a fierce battle between for and against. Most of the developmental projects normally become as an antelope is to the hungry lioness. The lionesses in Nagaland are more expert hunters than those in African wild reserves. These professional predators never spare any of the developmental activities lest pound of flesh is extracted from the projects. Whatever may be the situation, we have to remain vigil and ward off those predators from devouring the ongoing road projects.

Z. Lohe


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