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Burial site of COVID-19 with special focus on Dimapur

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 5/2/2020 11:05:20 AM IST

 Unfortunate for the world at this age where unknown disease called Corona virus  (COVID-19) attack the world and had claimed the life of millions, life of high or low, rich or poor, black or white, throughout the world, blind to the countries of super power day and night counting the death reaching millions and is still going on and if it goes on at this pace for a year or beyond one can imagine that the end has come for the extinction of human life on this earth, and  if we goes extinct this way, it’s not nuclear weapon that we were afraid of, which we think that one day it can finish the planet earth by some super power country like USA, Russia China and so on. On hearing the outbreak of this COVID-19 in Wuhan China, it was around February 2020, I wrote in my Face Book that this disease is either some biological weapon  or some change in our DNA structure in human cell because of evolution and can no longer resist the virus that are naturally present in this world from since time immemorial and if it is so we may all perish from this earth, but one scientist from France responded me saying that this is natural, she also said that it only becomes active during cold weather (winter time) and it claims many lives every year and it stops, this is the strongest belief of scientist ,it is also said that latest finding of this virus is that it is because of virus infected by bacteria and is spreading unstoppably. Yes whatever it may be, we are in a grave danger.

Back to our home state Nagaland. Though other neighboring state including Assam, Manipur are counting the COVID-19 positive cases, we still stand nil in the chart in India which I attribute to NBCC declaring Nagaland for Christ and this is the work of God, the creator of Heaven and earth, that is protecting us from this dreadful disease and I am thankful to NBCC and all the Christian, believers, and I believe in prayer and I hope all the Nagas are praying ceaselessly at this juncture but still we need to pray for each other more.

Medical facilities in the state, we all know that though so many doctors are qualifying their degrees every year and many private hospitals has come up with lots of experienced doctors with latest medical technological equipment  every year to our satisfactions and we can satisfactorily relay on for any other sickness. In addition to those the state government is also trying its best under the dynamic leadership of Shri N. Rio, the Honorable Chief Minister of Nagaland, by forming many committees by selecting different capable leaders  from different fields to prevent this pandemic in the state also installing many latest world class medical equipments in the state, however from the social medias, it is seen by the world that in many advance countries world class, supper class hospitals are becoming helpless and even many hospitals with advance sophisticated equipment are seen closed down, which lead the Nagas to think what will happen if this dreadful pandemic  enter our state? Will Nagas perish together from this disease? is the question every Nagas have in their mind.

Dimapur in Nagaland; We all know that Dimapur is a cosmopolitan city and it can rightly be called the gateway of Nagaland, every daily needs of almost whole Nagas come through Dimapur city being the only train station in Nagaland and the only Airport located here, besides the essential commodities, different people from throughout the country enter Dimapur first for any duty in any part of the state or Manipur because all the vehicle for Manipur of both cargos and passengers goes through this city, and this leads the citizens of Dimapur city think that if COVID-19 pandemic enter the state it will hit Dimapur city and we will be surely the first victims of this virus.

This apprehension in everyone’s mind leads to think where will the dead body be buried especially in Dimapur city, and mostly the cemetery in the city are under the lookout of Naga Council Dimapur (NCD). I am sure the officials of Naga Council Dimapur are spending sleepless night for any eventuality and for this we the Dimapurians must pray for them so that God gives them wisdom to take the right decision which may not bring doom to our city. According to press conference in certain TV channel, president Naga Council Dimapur, Dimapur city have two cemeteries, one at lake view but he said that it is going to be full and the next is New Naga Cemetery at Zani village which is about 5 KM from Purana Bazaar Dimapur, of course cemetery is meant to burry dead body but in this case, the authority should think it over and over again and not to take hasty decision till the disease is conquered or make known by the scientist of what it is, because till now what scientist know is that it is highly contagious in other word easily spread from one person to another, and advice of social distancing and frequent hand washing are not promising preventive measure, which is clear from the fact that if someone die from COVID-19, even his or her dear ones are also not allowed to go near the dead body or loved ones are refrains from attending the funeral service too. From here it is developed in everyone’s mind that even if an ambulance carrying the COVID-19 deceased cross their house or shop they will get infected means crossing someone’s house with dead body in coffin will surely hurt the sentiment of other or someone whose house is few meters from the cemetery with no other options will have to go for legal battle or incase someone in the vicinity of cemetery get infected due to burial of the COVID-19 disease, the authority had to compensate, beside all these, we need to give prior importance to life itself whoever he or she may be, and in order to prevent all these it will be better to install electric furnace within the premises of COVID-19 Hospitals in every district and every Naga citizens should  give full cooperation.

K. Hukuto Khulu GB, Bamunpukhuri-A 



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