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Can Nagaland be the next Israel?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/28/2018 11:03:33 AM IST

 Israel as we all know is one of the most advanced countries in the world. A century ago who would have thought it would be so. Even Mark Twain, a famous writer in 19th century, in one of his expedition to Israel said there is nothing good about the land, that he couldn’t find even a single tree, and that he did not understand in what ways the land, Israel, had been called blessed. But today there are millions of trees growing luxuriously all over the country, which when you see through Google map can find out that it is the only place where trees grow and the rest is surrounded by deserts of other neighbouring middle east countries.

If we see around us, we find that Nagaland is also blessed in every sense, be it in natural beauty, agro-tourism or her mineral resources potential. Nagaland is unique in every area, there are people of different tribes, language, and dialects. In terms of geography we almost have every features be it Mountains, hills, plains, rivers and lakes, etc. and in terms of geology we have all types of rocks i.e. igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, which is very UNIQUE because there are only handfuls of places in the whole world where we encounter such outcrop. Can you comprehend it? I mean THERE IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WORLD WITHIN NAGALAND ITSELF which we have not yet sustainably utilise it up to its full potential. Now, my point of writing this article was to let the layman think if we can turn Nagaland into another Israel. Can we do it? Can we make Nagaland a self-reliant state? How can we grow our economy as some of our fellow Nagas had envisioned, for instance like “Nagaland State Government, in its Vision 2030”, has highlighted several key areas on which the state can focus to develop industry, with agriculture and exploitation of mineral resources as key focus area. So, using fundamental right of expression I would like to lay some suggestion on how to achieve that goal emphasising more on the quality of road.

First and foremost is connectivity, Nagaland being blessed with rich soil and mineral resources having huge potential in the field of agriculture, tourism, industry and research in the field of academics. But, in order to exploit our resources first thing from economic point of view we need good roads and bridges. So, our Nagaland PWD(R&B) being incharge of about 73% i.e. 1123.68 km of the total length of National Highways (approx. 1546.70 km) within Nagaland (as per MCQ Nagaland  by M. Tungoe, IPS) should take responsibility in constructing quality roads that are up to International standard or even national standard which should be all-weather roads.

An economy can never grow upward without good roads as every sector works hand in hand with the quality of roads. As the saying goes “To run comfortably, it all starts with a good pair of shoes” in the similar way we can’t take forward our economy without good roads. One instance of how the common man suffers because of bad road is that the taxi drivers charge very high fares for areas where the road conditions are very bad, and whenever we request them to reduce the fare a bit their best reply is “KINIKA KOMTI PARIBO? RASTA BI EMAN BIYA ASE, AMI LAKA GARI BI BIYA HOIJABO”. So, if the government really care and has concern for the people, they should first make sure that every district of the state is connected with good quality roads as GOOD ROAD WILL BRING BETTER RATES OF TRANSPOTATION FARES.

AGRICULTURE: In the last few years the state agriculture and horticulture department has done a very good job in leveraging our agriculture produce every year. However they have found out that it didn’t help our state economy much due to bad connectivity because the excess produce could not be channelized to the market and also due to lack of cold storage storehouse. So, we see that even our agriculture sector is suffering because of bad roads. Or else, through the department it has been heard that we can grow any species of plant in Nagaland depending on the suitability of the soil in various region of the state.

INDUSTRY: Industry produce goods which need to be transported to the market must be linked with good roads. The minerals in order to be exploited requires good road connectivity which also has to be the shortest and the most stable route to maximise profit.

POLICE: With good roads and good connectivity the government can bring jobs in the police department for the protection and security of tourist within the different district of the state. Unless the pristine and beautiful places of the state are connected with good roads most of the tourist (local or domestic or foreign) don’t like to visit places with bad roads which at places can nearly break our backbones (no joke intended).

Through this writing I would like to implore the government and the stakeholders to kindly consider of making year 2019 as the YEAR OF GOOD ROADS considering that decade 2011-2020 is being celebrated as DECADE OF ACTION FOR ROAD SAFETY. And, don’t blame the young educate of lacking skills, for enough of DEMEANING WORDS have been heard by the poor unemployed. I can assure the government with high hope that GOOD ROADS can revolutionise Nagaland like never before. With better roads, the skill will automatically come up and keep pace with the development for the betterment of the society and the future generation to come.

Nagaland is not stagnating because of lack of skills. In fact, it is stagnating because of bad roads. So once we build good roads that are connected to the entire districts of the state, there would not be any Backward Tribe or Backward village because before the Britishers came to Nagaland, what we now called as cities, towns and advance tribes were worse than those tribes whom we now called as backward tribes and had been considered as primitive and savage people. Thus, there is no question that once we build and connect all the district with good roads, things should and most likely will turn to change for the better.

With prayer and hope, envisioning for good roads and a better Nagaland. KUKNALIM.

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