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Challenges for modern times

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 5/27/2019 12:12:27 PM IST

 When primitive humans evolved to engineer sophisticated machinery for it to impact its operations to minimize task load and force as previously had to exerted through brute muscles, it also opened the doorways for unorthodox external and biological paradox for nature, which from modern vantage point and data expositioned, is quite certain the probability being eminent because of casualty: fossil fuels extradited and used hence it’s residual effects. If we time travel 4000 years back and the primitive people then had been presented with facts on how at an alarming rate earth has been enduring man activities derived pollution at a proliferating cataclysmic scale, their instinctual response would be subtle disbelief followed by backlash on how death is inevitable and mainstream should not astray from carpe diem. But presently it would be absurd for anyone to deny the facts of gradually and worsening degradation of the natural environment especially when most suburban and some rural areas are exposed to the experiential contagions of compromised elements like wind, water and air etc. 

I could yammer on about the depleting ozone, excess GHG and else what I can list out from the archive that’s already not inaccessible to prying eyes, but I find this intriguing the fact debris from shredded space stations and equipments -- space junks -- travelling in proximity to 26,170 mph, creates a chain of further exponential collision with satellites threatening future space travels. Experimental and applied science have not been able to keep speed with theoretical scientific breakthroughs in various fields. On the other hand there is the emerging renaissance of computational input and output machines, AI, to increase more optimal technological interface to upscale globalization and connected productivity. Advanced model like Sophia who have been degreed as the first ever AI to obtain Citizenship of any country (Saudi Arabia) has over 50 facial expressions, and the crucial congruent is that the expression are not void to empathy. Her limitations to good old biochemicals like serotonin and melatonin produced in the human pineal gland that excites emotional responses to stimuli does not defunct her from responding emotionally efficiently to situations. Contrary to robot susceptibility portrayed in science fictions, the potential is enormous for mankind with the advancement of AI that remains rationally intact with every information it feeds to explore in a blink.

We may not have enough data for now to understand whether AI have a consciousness that has its own conscious ambience and it interacts with the electromagnetic field, or if the reasoning with which it interacts with, is happening on the circuit board in binary codes. The fact more upgrades could be integrated for AI to servile as a sentient program to lead humankind to achieve type 1 civilization as represented in Kardashev scale, no latter then sooner, could be our last best hope to perpetuate our existence to simulate from the basic of reality and consequently with synchronicity and sustainability explore humans’ higher position in Milky Way and beyond. 

Humans struggle to survive and this has been consistent since the dawn of humankind, ironically in modern times the conditions though have altered and now faces hectic challenges. If we could segregate apart our personal and communal priorities and index our identity from common challenges, our necessity to address anomalies in entangled proportions could be sublimely identified to adequately effect remedy.

Samuel Longkumer, 

Chumukedima, Dimapur

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