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Choosing the right career!

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/15/2019 12:46:47 PM IST

 Choosing a career is probably one of the toughest decisions you will need to make because there are a number of intrinsic factors that many people seldom deal with. What Legacy would you want to leave behind and which career option gives you the best opportunity to do what you want to do? How do you want to contribute to your society? Choosing what to study at college and university is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a young person. So how do you decide what’s right for you? Should you follow your heart and study something you’re really passionate about, regardless of where it might lead you, or should you instead opt for a degree with a more secure career route? While Choosing a career students can be mainly confused for two reasons: one, you have too much information and you aren’t sure to choose which one is the best alternative. Secondly, you don’t have any information at all, so you don’t know what options are available for you.

There are many graduates and students in Nagaland who aren’t really sure about what they want to do in Life. There are either confused about their career goals or they aren’t sure because they are told by the parents to pursue what their parents want them to, without asking their children opinion (period) Things aren’t simple as before. In contemporary world there are an oceans of opportunity. All we have to do is explore. One of the reason why young people seem so confused about choosing their career path could be because they just haven’t tried out many things as yet. It could possibly also be because nothing much are available in the market other than the Government Job. The conventional and the traditional belief that only a Government Job can provide a secure and stable profession in Nagaland could be another Mental Block for the young people. Two important aspects while choosing a career can be suggested. First is AWARENESS. Knowing the challenges, prospect, Education, Learning, skills, positivity in the profession you choose is of paramount. Second is SELF ASSESMENT. Self introspection and learning about oneself as much as you can is another way to find the right career path. After you understand a particular profession you should try to ask yourself and figure it out if that profession is good for you and whether are you good at that or not? Whatever you choose be sure that it is congruent to who you are. Be brutally honest with yourself about who you are and make choices that supports that. The worst thing you can do is make decisions based on what other people want for you to think you would be perfect for. That being said, it is important that you understand your interests, your positive attributes, the situation of your market etc. Your priorities and circumstances are all likely to change as you get older so don’t get too fixated on having a single career. Be adaptable, be flexible and be honest to yourself. Growing up I wanted to become a musician, a footballer, a social activist and a civil service aspirants. I was a confused child. Later on fast forward I realized I am not good with music nor with football and didn’t became an administrator either. Does that mean I have no hopes in LIFE? Suppose after 10 +2 you try for Medical and Engineering exam however you couldn’t clear JEE, NEET, MBBS, BDS. Does that mean your Career is over? You may fail in your first attempt but just don’t give up if that’s what your call is. There are many people who cleared competitive exam after trying for the umpteen times. Consistency, hard work, determination, self discipline and many other factors contributed to their success. Most importantly they learn from the past mistakes, rectify and turn those areas of concern into an area of improvement or opportunity.
On the contrary, despite multiple attempts if you don’t see any level of improvement maybe something is wrong. Maybe you are not meant for that particular job. Maybe its about time you do a reality check and take another route.
If you look at the core skills and the job contents of Civil service or other competitive exam, They are centered around people management, problem solving strategy, Analytical thinking, Negotiation skills, Diplomacy, administration, client handling etc. Even if you cannot get into Civil services, Medical or Engineering there are many other things you can do that would engage similar skills and have similar job content. You can still try state civil services, CLAT, commercial Pilot, NDA, Fashion Designing, Animation and multi Media, Banking services, Hotel Management, MBA, Mass communication, Retail, Cruise line, Bpo, Aviation, nursing, Teaching, business etc. Try and Focus on what you like to do and what you are good at. Look around for the professions that would allow you to express those skills and interests. Talk to people, career counselors and seniors who are in those professions and see if you really understand what it takes to be in that profession. By steadily gaining skills and improving on those skills would be the path to slowly bridge the gap between what you want to be and actually becoming that.
Apem Hongvah, proprietor, 
Active Learners Academy 


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