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Comes christmas season; up goes the price..!!!

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/24/2018 12:26:41 PM IST

 With the festive season approaching (especially Christmas) every Nagas must be filled with a mixed feeling of warm festivity mood as well as tensions in coping with the upcoming Children Academic’s end term Exams.

Nonetheless, I am an ‘Extrovert Person’ who loves my Society very much, so allow me to point out (yet again) some few amusing ‘or rather’ annoying trends that lurks within our beloved Nagaland, which I cannot, but feel disappointed and frustrated.
While conveying my ‘Puja and Diwali’s Greetings’ to all, it is indeed appreciable that Business Personalities offers their customers with Sales in discounts of 10%, 20%, 50% and sometimes even upto 70% and 80% (which I’m strictly reffering to Clothes and Dresses) since I am not much aware about other commodities.
So, with Puja and Diwali festival at hand, everyone must be seeing and hearing ‘SALES, SALES’ everywhere, not only in Markets but in Social Medias and even in ‘Sales Apps’ like the ‘Snap deals, Amazon, Flip Cart’ and the likes.
Now, in Nagaland, when Christmas, (which is supposedly, the most popular festival) approaches, it is very disheartening to experience that instead of getting discounts, rather there is ‘Steep Rise’ in rates which sometimes is even double the rates which we used to buy earlier. 
So what is the ‘Technical Problem(s)’ here??? 
Is it us, ‘Customers’ who is least bothered to shed a few extra Rupees owing to Christmas festivity mood????? .....’or’ 
Is it the Business Personalities who are taking for granted the Simplicities and  Naiveness of the Nagas?????....’or’
Is it the incompetency of the ‘Competent Authority(s)’ in failing to check (or choosing to ignore) such ‘Self Styled’ price rise, which otherwise, is in their prerogative to check such happenings.
Now, if at all, those Competent Authority(s) knows about such practices going on under their very noses and yet does nothing at all, well, then Sorry I beg to differ, but I suspect that there could be some abhorrent ‘Abominable and Distasteful’ vested understandings/arrangements between those disgraceful parties.
Having said all these, if these trends/practices (Price rise during Christmas) is the same all over the Country or Worldwide, then perhaps, that is another topic to ponder upon, but according to my limited experiences outside the State during my ‘Studies as a Student’, such was/is never the case. Also recollecting my experience during the late 90’s, I had just finished my PU (10+2) from Dharwar/Hubli and coming home very excitedly for Christmas. On my way, I thought I’d pay a visit to the so much talked about Dimapur’s Hong Kong Market. There at one small Shop, I saw a pair of ‘Expensively looking Sneakers’, so I asked the price (although I knew I may not be able to afford it). But to my surprise, the well dressed young lady of the shop, without so much as to even facing towards me, retorted sarcastically,  “Ae, itu dum bishi ase” (that is very expensive)” meaning I’m not worth the price, and I thought to myself, “Aaree, even if I cannot afford that Sneakers, don’t I have the right to know the price or at least be politely spoken to???” but that did it, (the damage was done). In my deep wounded pride, all my excitement for Christmas went down the drain owing to that huge insult, and we started a heated argument. We both exchanged many vulgar words, and in my heat of the moment of anger, I too, regretfully hurled many detestable languages like;
“Why are you people so proud??? Here in Nagaland you can avail any ‘Shopping Complex’ you want, but out there in Bangalore and in Hubli, you are not even allotted small Shops, let alone big Shopping complex, and you people bring your goods in large ‘Haversacks’ to sale in the ‘Open street”
Also I was like; “Just because you people don’t need a ‘Visa Passport’ but can enter any Foreign Country(s) with a ‘Refugee Card’, and from there you are able to bring few ‘Foreign/Imported’ goods, doesn’t mean you can dare insult us (the Nagas) in our very own homeland????”...but the bottomline here is, instead of having warm festivity mood, both of us ended up a wasted bumpkin, because of that little misunderstanding. Period.
Lastly (and coming back to our discussion), maybe you and I can afford or is least bothered to shed a few extra bucks, but we should also think about those ‘little less fortunate than we are’ who comes from far flung Villages and Areas for Christmas Shopping with lots of expectations after earning some money with their sweats, where a ‘few Rupees to us’ may mean a ‘Lot to them’..and also nobody can become ‘More Richer’ by duping ‘Some few Villagers’ or ‘Some Less Fortunate/Privileged folks’ of their honest and hard earned money. 

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