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Communal tag to NDPP absurd and questionable

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/27/2019 11:45:06 AM IST

 In adherence and in regard to the very motto and principle of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party i.e ‘ Facta Non Verba’ (deeds not words), we, the NDPP members are disciplined enough not to blather around. We are rather busy in putting our minds and energy on innovative developmental ideas and progressive works which, shall benefit the people in general. Unlike our opponent parties which are always engaged in ‘mud- slinging’ and worthless paper wars, instead of playing the role of a healthy opposition. We are rather more interested in bringing about positive changes and proving it by example. But, they simply do not seem to stop trying to misguide the masses with their blatant lies and concocted propagandas. Hence, I, not only as an NDPP worker but, also as an observing bonafide citizen, would like to present some facts and raise some questions through this esteemed column.

It is not a new thing that the NPF and the Congress party in Nagaland have always tried to sail the ‘boats’ of their political fates on the ‘waters’ of propagandas and deceit. Come elections, and their chanting of fake slogans and false promises gets the loudest. Their paper wars take full acceleration. And their propagandas and circulation of hoax and fabricated lies reaches its peak.

Ever since the advent of the 2018 general elections in the state, and the BJP severing ties with its old ally, the NPF to forge a grand new alliance with the NDPP, their frustrations knew no boundaries. Subsequently, a tag of ‘communal’ and ‘non-secular’ was given to the NDPP by the NPF and the Congress, which was quite double standard. Because, if alliance with the BJP was the issue then, what was the NPF doing with the BJP for all those years?! Next to join the band wagon was the Congress. Now the question is; if the Congress too felt the BJP as a non secular party, then why did it allow it’s eight MLAs to join the then T.R. Zeliang led DAN ministry to form an opposition less govt., of which the BJP was a part and parcel of ?.

Now, coming to the issue of the ‘communalist’ tag attached with the BJP, I have some doubts and questions. Is it that the BJP’s central leadership is sending leaders from Delhi to rule over Nagaland? Or, is the state BJP importing candidates from outside the state? Are not the 12 out of 12 BJP legislators very much Naga in blood and Christians in religion? So, where does the question of BJP being communal or anti-Naga come from? Accordingly, how can anyone in his /her right mind dub the NDPP as communal or non-secular because of its alliance with the BJP?

The NDPP is purely a regional party which is nationalist in outlook. The formation of this new party is nothing short of a political evolution, as its formation was necessitated due to the continuous political turmoil that hovered over the state during those four chaotic years of misrule of the NPF led DAN govt. Which can be rightly described as the ‘Dark Ages’ in the history of Nagaland politics. It was then, the NDPP emerged with a new hope, to provide stability and to bring about positive changes which were nil in those four years. Soon enough it joined hands with the BJP and other likeminded parties and people, to provide a stronger and stable govt. in the shape of the People’s Democratic Alliance.

The NDPP led PDA govt., unlike its opponents, is committed and more focused on performance rather than engaging in blabbering and spreading rumors. Its credentials can be witnessed in it’s very first year of governance which is marked by all round developments. How better can it be explained when seven legislators of the PDA’s arch rival NPF itself admirably acknowledged the remarkable and tremendous changes brought about in the state by the PDA govt. under the dynamic leadership of the Chief Minister Shri. Neiphiu Rio. Furthermore, they openly expressed full support to the PDA’s consensus candidate Shri. Tokheho Yepthomi in the recently held Lok Sabha elections, defying their own party’s directives, which is nothing short of statesmanship. We salute the courage of these seven legislators, who had proved by example that, for a true politician the people comes first, then the party.

The NPF and the Congress has so far termed the NDPP and its allies as; communal, non- secular, anti-Naga, anti-Christians, evil and what not. It makes one wonder, whether they are political parties or religious bodies?!

Now that the elections were in the air, the Congress, which has been kept away from the people’s mandate, and the NPF which is gradually losing ground, again became sonorous with their usual propagandas of communalism and non-secularism. It’s perhaps because they have nothing else to talk of. Obviously, what have they achieved so far to talk of?!

The double standard of the NPF is not a new thing, and which is clearly evident in its double talk. Here they are cursing the NDPP for its alliance with the BJP, whereas, they are themselves in alliance with the BJP in Manipur. What hypocrisy is this? When asked about it, the NPF’s president bluntly stated that, they are doing so in the interest of the Naga peace process. Now, what do they want to point out? Is the NDPP’s alliance with the BJP in Nagaland against the interest of the Naga peace process? If they do it, it’s right but, if we do the same thing it’s wrong?! How absurd and hypocritical is that! They describe the NDPP’s alliance with the BJP in Nagaland as an ‘evil’ and ‘unholy’ marriage. What do they mean by that? Is it that the NPF’s alliance with the BJP in Manipur a ‘white wedding’? What mockery is this!

It is evident by these facts that the NPF and the Congress has lost their political decorum. Had they been responsible political parties, they should have challenged the NDPP led PDA govt. on developmental grounds, instead of playing the religious card to garner votes.

The people are the best judge, so I leave it to the masses to decide. Who is communal in reality? The NDPP led PDA which sought votes on basis of its performance? Or, the NPF and the Congress which sought votes by spreading communal divide and playing with the people’s religious sentiments?

God bless Nagaland!

Paul Angami, Central Secretary, CEB, Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party

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