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Communique from Oting on the massacre of 13 young innocents

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/8/2021 1:51:09 PM IST

 At the very outset, the people of Citing village regrets for the delay In sharing our ground reality reports for all to learn and know the actual truth on the incident of the 4th December 2021 at Longkhao/Yatong of Oting Village. There maybe many varying reports from different medium about the massacre of 13 innocent civilians, who were all below the age of 40. We appeal all publicity and media houses not to be biased and twist the issue with misinterpretations. This communiqué issued is final and true to the core. Therefore, we appealed everyone to rely and base on this statement issued from Oting village.

For the people of Oting, the same old Head Hunting days may soon make a comeback after the incident of 4th December 2021, though the target and enemy may vary this time. We may be small and tiny in area and population, yet we are ready to compromise with situations to lose our heads and take enemy’s heads. For we are warriors by blood and origin, and no forces can intimidate us. You have just witnessed how we stood against your most sophisticated automatic weapons and arms. We missed by an inch in obtaining one of your heads. We weren’t prepared this time, for we thought you were the ‘Friends of the Hill people’, but we shall not repeat the same error henceforth. We fall today, but we will rise again within no time.

All dramatic heroic reports of the fleeing cowards submitted in the Parliament, are totally false and fabricated. The statement made by prominent leader in the house is unwarranted and uncalled for. Therefore, the Oting Village appealed all leaders not to misled and misconstrue the factual incident without accumulating the facts from the ground reality. The people of Oting strongly questions the accountability of the leaders on the statement issued in the parliament.

It so happened that, on the fateful evening of 4th December 2021, around 3.30 PM, one pick-up truck loaded with 8 Coal miners/Daily Wagers were returning from mining site as it was Saturday and the next day to come was Sunday, which we the Christians consider it as a day of rest, on which we have to attend church services and other society programs. Around 4:30prn„ the security forces ambushed that very pick-up truck without ascertaining anything about the loaded passengers, to which we thought they had a shootout with the insurgents. Then they blocked the road for all vehicular and all other movement in that direction from all sides, and diverted all vehicles to take the less frequented old Pioneer road.

Meanwhile, the villagers were anxiously waiting for the pick-up truck to reach the village, for they learnt that there was an incident of shootout in the location where the pick-up truck went. The villagers informed the district administration about the shootout that occurred. All this while, it was around 7:00 PM, the villagers never assumed that their children had been massacred by the unprofessional, half trained, psychopaths, cowards of Indian security forces. Then at around 8:00 PM, the villagers could not wait any longer, so they went searching for the pick-up truck/boys. Whereby, they found the empty Pick-up truck in which the 8 boys were in, with the bullet mark pierced in the windshield exactly at the driver’s position, blood stains covered with dust and mud, and the boys missing from the vehicle. The pierced windshield in the front by bullets clearly indicates that, they first shot the driver of the pick-up truck to halt and ambushed the remaining point blank.

From this, the villagers could understand that something fishy incident had happened, so they chased the fleeing 3 (three) vehicles of Indian Arm forces and intercept them by overtaking their vehicles. They first denied any knowledge of the where about of the boys travelling to village on a pick-up truck. It was only then, that the villagers started searching their vehicles, and on the third vehicle did they found the coward security, forces seated on top of the tarpaulin that covered the whole floor of the vehicle and under it the 6 half dressed boys were all lying dead. The security forces attempted trying to brand the boys as militants by planting weapons and dressed them with camouflage uniforms and boots.

At this time around, the villagers did not have any idea of the other remaining 2 boys from the vehicle. All that, the villagers could think at that time around, in that situation was the Indian forces might have dumped the other 2 boys also elsewhere. So the situation turned into heated argument between the security forces and the villagers, subsequently turning into physical scuffles from both ends. All of a sudden, the security forces started firing indiscriminately and abruptly killing and injuring few others more in the spot. The unarmed villagers tried escaping from the madness of the unprofessional security forces. To cut the illustration short, they were given time to leave the spot. They stole our bikes and it was while leaving and fleeing on our two wheeler bikes that they kept firing in different directions killing and injuring many others on the way. They were permitted to leave peacefully even after our boys were killed, yet they continued firing and killing. They killed even those who were hiding under a machine (viz. Bipul & Ngampho). Therefore, it is for the whole world to know that the Indian security forces are nothing but a bunch of cowards dressed in camouflage.

We the people of Oting issue this communique in the highest form of condemnation on the barbaric cowardice act of the Indian Arm Forces and their atrocities towards the innocent civilians and youngsters on 4th December 2021, at Longkhao/Yatong, Oting village. And we also dare the Indian Arm Forces to come out clean so as to deliver timely justice to the victims’ families. Henceforth, the people of Oting also bars all groups and parties of various factions and the Indian Arm forces indefinitely from entering Oting jurisdiction (which includes Lower Tiru). Violating this directive, the people of Oting shall not be held responsible in any manner to whatsoever happen in the near future.

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