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Communitization policy in Nagaland government schools

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/16/2020 12:11:12 PM IST

 (From previous issue)

How can teachers teach in the school without being paid 4 to 8 months salary in a year? How can teachers teach if there are no students in the school? Is Naga Society such so advanced to insult Government teachers? Under whose idea Government teachers are not being paid for more than 4 -8 months on a regular basis. Is it the present Government policy of good governance or community ideas to lead teachers to keep proxy and blaming the teachers’ community in the ground level or is this the award and respect we Nagas give to our dedicated Government teachers. If there were no Government teachers in Nagaland for the past 30-40 years ago, I’m sure today many officers or intellectual people who are insulting teachers today might be in the villages cutting firewood, or doing paddy field, and fishing in the rivers.

During my field research interview, one elderly teacher who was a District Teachers Awardee, told me that he was never absent  in his school since 15 years of teaching in primary school but these days, whenever I go when I say I’m teaching in the Government school in the village, people look down at him in many ways. Is this is the Naga society’s respect for honest Government teachers today? It is high time Government and community play major roles to respect honest and dedicated teachers because of few lazy teachers all honest and dedicated teachers should not be blame and ignore, as there are many honest, sincere and dedicated teachers in Nagaland even today who are praying for the Naga future.

Today, in Nagaland, there are lots of qualified teachers but it is seen from the sources, many upgraded schools is running by RMSA and SSA, Hindi teachers, however  they are given step motherly treatment by the Department in paying of their salary since their appointment. How can we expect such teachers to be dedicated when we don’t provide the basic necessities? How can we force such teachers to be regular in the school when department don’t pay their salary for more than 4-8 months? Did anyone in the society ever imagine such life conditions? Is this is the gift we Naga people are trying to give freely to Government teachers.

One SSA teachers told me that since the date of his appointment in 2013, his salary is not regular, and receiving their salary is a long procedure in the salary disbursement process in the country. He said to get last 4 to 8 month pending salary, SSA group official/executives has to go at least 10-15 phone calls to official in-charge and visit at least 10  times  to SDEO/DEO office and School Education Directorate office and sometimes to Secretariat Kohima to meet School Education Secretary office after that the Directorate and its people ask to go to the finance department and sometimes the department official would ask them to go to the CMO office as the  file had gone to the Chief Minister’s office, and wait for a month, and some time errors in the files, then only they get salary hardly for 1/2 months pending salary. This procedure continues. How can we expect such category of teachers to be regular when their salary is not being paid? Do they not have family or are they not living beings?

Last but not the least, I would say that in Nagaland,  communitization policy has many positives stories however, the negative impact can be seen at grass roots level after the implementation of SSA/RMSA Scheme, it is high time the Government and department to actually look into the matter seriously, if needed communitization policy can be declared null and void if mechanism authority is having problems in taking an action and checking the proxy teachers. Moreover, irregular and lazy teachers can be terminated if found guilty and give chance to unemployed youth who are willing to serve for the Naga generation but firstly  mechanism authority  must do some homework to see the reason behind the proxy. Is it the fault of Teachers or Department or VEC/Community regarding the proxy? Are teachers are in the middle, no students in their school and VEC forcing them to keep proxy or is the department keeping qualified teachers in the zero enrollment schools and just blaming the teachers without their action using different agendas or teachers are irresponsible, they want salary and are not willing to teach.

 Recently education department has notified with regard to the Teachers Dairy to be implemented from this academic session, it is a positive approached. Besides, it is good that if authority should also see the actual condition of the school before implementing teachers’ diary whether the school is actually running with students or not? Moreover, keeping biometric system attendance can be the best techniques to check regularity of the teachers it is also suggested to the delivery authority  to initiate IT-Cell in the department to control the daily activities of the school across the state, district wise, block level field-officers must be encourage to report video Documentation on school for daily activities,. If video documentation can be implemented, 100 percent changes cannot be guarantee but at least the irregular teachers, fake enrollment school and the zero enrollment school can be seen within 3/5 months in an authenticate ways. It is a high time, mechanism authority should see and if needed down-grade the School where there is no enrollment as it is learnt many newly upgraded GHS /GMS has no enrollment in the state, which lead to keep proxy in the school. Why don’t authorities transfer teachers from such school to the right places/ school where teachers are shortage instead of speaking about proxy in the media every time? It is high time the department should rationalize the schools, as it is conclusion from many sources that due to qualified teachers posting and keeping in fewer enrollments and zero enrollment GHS/GMS schools invite proxy teachers in Nagaland. 

Moreover, New Education Policy emphasis on Multilingualism, School Based Assessment (SBA), in the teaching process, more educated and more updated teachers is needed in the present education system, it is a high time Government/department and different NGOs working in the education field should focus more on skill development training and refresher course amongst the teacher’s community to update latest information for better teaching in the school.


Thsazila, Teacher (Education) St. Paul Higher Secondary School, Dimapur


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