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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/12/2018 10:57:36 AM IST

 One thing is clear. The ‘Framework Agreement’ signed on August 3, 2015, is a historical document that has laid the foundational basis upon which the final settlement will be reached. It is a big achievement of the Nagas because the agreement officially recognizes the uniqueness of the Naga history and is a covenant to settle the Naga political issue in an honourable manner. The framework agreement has actually already safeguarded the future of the Nagas irrespective of whoever signs the final agreement for the Nagas and the Government of India respectively. The credit for this massive achievement goes to the NSCN(IM).

Nagas need to stop barking up the wrong tree because the question is not about supporting or not supporting the framework agreement. The question is also not about the need to know the contents of the framework agreement because there is nothing to know as it is not about settlement, but the legitimacy of the Naga issue which the GOI has honourably and officially accepted and willing to address.

Nagas have to built and maximize on this achievement, the one and only ingredient for which is unity. It goes without saying that unless the Naga leaders of today speak in one language, reaching a final solution will be an improbable dream. Our leaders of today have the God given duty and opportunity to consolidate and unify the Nagas so as to settle the protracted Naga issue and ensure peace for all time to come. As it is, with the fast changing times, the future generation Nagas cannot be expected to have that intricate wisdom and knowledge of the past and the present which the leaders of today do have. To pass over the Naga political issue to the future generations will be nothing short of a tragedy in waiting for the Naga people.

Nagas did miss an opportunity when we did have an all party state government which in unity and backed by Naga civil society had stood in favor of an early solution to the political problem. It was then the most ideal environment where the all party government led by the original Naga regional party could have carried the undiluted voice of the Naga people to the Central government. This certainly does not mean that things cannot change for the better. The Naga issue transcends any and all political differences and there is no reason why the Naga people cannot speak as one today.

The visionary approach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in signing the Framework Agreement with the NSCN(IM) while at the same time engaging in parallel official talks with six other NNPGs is an opportunity for the Nagas to come together on a common platform and built on the foundation which has been provided by the framework agreement. Does it really matter for our Naga leaders as to who sign the final settlement document? For all that it matters, let it be the Pastor of the NCF Delhi as long as the final settlement is reached with the active cooperation and participation of all the Naga political leaders.

Will it not be nice and in the greater interest of all the Nagas if we, the Naga people, for once in our lives, start giving credit where it is due and not always lambast the NSCN(IM) or any other NNPGs with all our assumptions of them being selfish and egoistic and responsible for fermenting disunity in the Naga national political fraternity? Maybe it is us the people who are failing our Naga National Political leaders by being overcritical and not giving them the space to actually work out “unity” from amongst themselves. Maybe by being too judgmental and not being objective we are doing a disservice rather than service to the greater Naga picture.      

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