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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Re-ordering the world

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 5/6/2020 1:04:44 PM IST

 Science and technology have been the key critical principles to the Homo sapiens that determine progress and advancements. Science and technology continue to offer us new gadgets and apps that facilitates change and in the process taking the world to the new levels.  Our life-style, working conditions, communication networks and host of others that we use in our life and living are being elevated to new levels. Our boredom and monotonous life that we faced and experienced in the past are gradually being phased out. Nonetheless, Homo sapiens have the tendency to innovate striving to move higher and farther and to what levels no one knows.

We live in a world of technology and in an information age. Science and technology have taken Homo sapiens to new heights and unbelievable grandeur. On the one hand we experience  progress in science and technology that contributes to gradual upward movement of Homo sapiens in life and living, while on the other natural catastrophes and epidemics occur that devastates whatever we achieved questioning the human ability in times of crisis.  One such devastating agency that we are experiencing currently is coronavirus (COVID-19). Initially many brushed aside assuming that it could be countered with the help of medical science.

Almost four long months passed by. The indomitable coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to devastate and pulverize every single activity of Homo sapiens to a grinding halt that the world has ever witnessed.  Millions of lives are lost and more and more people are being infected. Numbers of those dying and getting infected would continue to increase in due course of time. In such a challenging context, Homo sapiens with cognitive skills appear to be fragile as against the invisible COVID-19 that challenges the “invincible” Homo sapiens tend to think that they are endowed with cognitive skills and so have absolute control over nature and the cosmos as well.  

In about four months coronavirus (COVID-19) covered the nooks and corners of the planet we live. Homo sapiens identified what it is—a virus, but failed to eliminate. Our ability to understand what is it all about and the ways of arresting it seem to be prolonging. Paradoxically, as the conditions in life, work and others areas improve, it is obvious that our wants and expectations increase, and in such conditions fragility develops and vulnerability also increases. Science and technology have extended and offered tools and mechanisms. We are placed in a setting which could perhaps be called as watershed moment. 

It is a defining moment which could take the Homo sapiens to another level or we be pushed backwards. COVID-19 has impacted the global economy and has hit the world order so severely many times than that of 2008 global recession or World War 11, spanning over 140 years. With its severity and rapidity Coronavirus in just four months old but has brought about enormous changes in all facets of human activities. It’s going to be in our midst for some more time and is going to shape the world in the years to come. It has already halted the production and supply lines and every small and big human activity to a grinding halt ever witnessed. 

Global economic order has crumbled and plummeted. Retrieving the world we lived some months ago that at least provided jobs, some sort of security and livelihood, a kind of life to sell labor next day would change and thus become worse. Billion (s) of workforce would lose their jobs resulting in hunger and poverty wherein huge number of death and destruction of people and families across the world. This would trigger social unrest across the world. It is going to shape the world on a different format in the years to come. 

In conjunction to this, on the governance side we seldom see any credible leader who could bring together the world as the crisis unleashed and started looming by the pandemic is indeed global assuming global proportions. Over and above the global scenario looms at large with the rise of extreme nationalism coupled with isolationalism paving ways to such rhetoric likes “America First”, “So what”, when thousands of people died in Brazil”, “Shut Borders”, “Blaming Others” and many such narrative we keep floating right across the world.   

In a global pandemic crisis of this magnitude, there are leaders who operate on self-interest and bloated egos fail to believe in global co-operation and so refrain from sharing information such as data, medical personnel, equipments, research and resources. Agriculture and industrial production and its chains such as transport and delivery systems have come to grinding halt. We are caught between life and livelihood, economy and lockdown. In such water-shed moments people want strong leaderships who could take care of their lives and livelihoods. 

In such situations totalitarians make use of the situation to their advantage invoking stringent measures with all sorts of cover-ups and fakes news that leaves the debate open between dictatorship and democracy.  In case if we make our decision in favor of dictatorship to democracy then it becomes easier for them to hold to power and further build on it. Citizens in such pandemic become extremely vulnerable and thus give in. The State under totalitarians in the guise of protectionism and lockouts would go all out muting its citizens with nationalistic and sectarian overtones sideling health and economic issues. 

Coronavirus is transforming the world that we have hardly imagined. It is going to be a different world where the ways of life, jobs, travel, production and distribution including consumption would never be the same. COVID-19 is re-ordering the world. It is likely that half of the world work force would lose their jobs and would be on edge of their survival. It is the poor who stay under cramped roofs die in millions and the figures of the infected is going to gets higher as the waves of the virus seem to be occurring in the coming months. Lockdown has pushed the world to digitalization and in the post-COVID-19 it would garner momentum.

Dr. John Mohan Raju

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