COVID-19: Preventive measures continue to be undertaken across the state

DIMAPUR | Publish Date: 4/24/2020 9:24:30 AM IST

Various preventive measures, meetings and relief to needy people are carried out on a daily basis to combat possible outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in the state. The government and its various agencies are ensuring that all possible measures are undertaken to protect the health of the citizens of Nagaland. District administrations continue to keep vigil with follow up guidelines and reminder to public through PA system. The requirements of the needy and under privileged people are also taken care of through distribution of food ration by various civil organisations in collaboration with respective district administrations. Designated COVID Hospitals and quarantine centres are being provided with the requisite medical equipments across the state. Quarantine facilities are also running smoothly with regular visits and inspections from concerned authorities. 


Dimapur district core committee meeting: Convenor, Empowered Group, Dimapur district, also the APC and commissioner secretary Agriculture, Y. Kikheto Sema convened a meeting of Dimapur district core committee on April 24 in the conference hall of Hotel Saramati Dimapur. According to DIPR report, the committee was formed basically to oversee the preparedness for institutional quarantine/observation and to facilitate the people returning to the state after the lockdown period. Kikheto re-iterated that the government has been focussing more on Dimapur district owing to the fact that Nagaland would fail if Dimapur fails. 

Secretary, Food & Civil Supplies, Honje Konyak informed that he has physically verified all the hotels at Dimapur and highlighted on the available accommodation.  DC Dimapur, Anoop Khinchi advised the various committee members to start planning  and to start implementing their roles as assigned. The meeting also discussed for partitioning of rooms in the government institution facility centers and also appealed to the churches through the JCF to discuss and work out whether church rest houses can be used as observation centers. Various sub- committees for Dimapur district has been constituted, comprising of accommodation committee with revenue officer, Mhalo Humstoe as the convenor, reception committee with EAC Chümoukedima, Thejavizo Nakhro as convenor, transportation committee with AGM, NST, Thomas as convenor, control room/grievances cell with general manager NIC  Tokugha Achumi as convenor, food committee with EAC, Avonuo Kire as convenor, media and publicity committee with DPRO, Lolano Patton as convenor, water supply committee I/c Er.Vikeduolie EE Rural and Urban, power committee I/c EE Power, Er. Imsankaba, sanitation committee I/c Albert Ezung, administrator DMC.

Government and private doctors meeting held in Dimapur: A meeting was held for government and private doctors of Dimapur at Hotel Saramati on April 23, to update the private practitioners on the status of COVID-19 preparedness and activities in the district. 

A press release from CMO office Dimapur stated that, Dr. T. Pangjung Sangtam CMO, Dimapur chaired the meeting, while Dr. Kheshito, medical superintendent, District Hospital Dimapur informed the members that District Hospital Dimapur was designated as COVID Hospital Dimapur. He gave a brief report of the status of the hospital preparedness on COVID-19, such as number of beds, manpower, facilities available, etc. He further stated that the manpower at COVID-19 Hospital will be exhausted within a month if any positive case is admitted.

Dr. Temsu, pathologist, DHD highlighted the protocol followed while collecting samples and stated so far 481 samples have been sent for testing from the district. The second sample testing for the direct contacts who are high risk have also started. 

Dr. Imtiwabong, district surveillance officer highlighted all the surveillance activities being carried out in the district since January 2020 and that contact tracings were carried out to trace those individuals in Dimapur connected with the Nizamuddin case, Brahmaputra Mail case and the first COVID-19 positive case. 25 contact tracing team are carrying out active surveillance in the containment zone for 28 days, and the district surveillance unit is in contact with home quarantine individuals daily.

Dr. Kavito, quarantine officer informed that 57 hotels were requisitioned by the government to use as quarantine centers. At present 9 hotels are being used as quarantine centers. All individuals whose sample was collected are sent to quarantine centers and kept in QC for 14 days regardless of the sample result. He stated that hotel staffs along with the security personnel were all trained on COVID-19. Till date, 230 persons have been quarantined at the centers and at present, 98 are still in quarantine centers. Upon discharge, they are made to download the nCOVID Nagaland app for further home quarantine surveillance.

During the meeting, all the members resolved to constitute a joint co-ordination committee for COVID-19 which will comprise of both government and private practitioners. This committee was therefore formed and will have the first committee meeting on April 28 at 3 p.m. All the suggestions and opinions shared during the meeting will be discussed in detailed during the first committee meeting.

NMDA medical camp for quarantined inmates: Nagaland Medical Dealers Association (NMDA) in collaboration with the district administration organized a medical camp for the quarantined inmates including pregnant women at Sports Stadium, Dimapur on April 23 led by NMDA general secretary Basu Damani. A press release from NMDA president A. Ato Yepthomi stated that, there were no serious medical ailments except skin infection and general ailments. The inmates were given face mask and hand gloves beside required medicines and educated about maintaining personal hygiene by a team of doctors Dr Sundar Pareek, Dr Diliangbo Chawang, Dr Sunepenla Jamir.

MCD Dimapur informs on Holy month of Ramzan: Muslim Council Dimapur (MCD) has appealed all the community members that with the coming of the Holy month of Ramzan from April 24, nobody should organise any rooftops/parking/apartments Namaz-e-Taraweeh. A press release from MCD working president A Rahman stated that, the Taraweeh Namaz can be performed individually in one's respective house during this Holy month of Ramzan keeping in mind the importance of social distancing. MCD also requested all to pray for every human being during this month. 

CECS Dimapur initiates ‘Hope Alive’ rainbow campaign: Community Educational Centre Society (CECS) Dimapur has initiated a social media campaign “Hope Alive” rainbow campaign COVID-19 to honour and pay tribute to all the frontline workers around the world for their unprecedented and selfless sacrifices to keep everyone safe. A press release from CECS director Dimapur, Subonenba Longkumer stated that, this campaign calls upon people of all ages to draw a rainbow and write a message for frontline warriors and take a picture and post it on its social media accounts like Facebook/Instagram/twitter mentioning school/institution/location and tag #hopealivecovid19 or #rainbowcampaign.

One can also send their campaign pictures to WhatsApp 7005520021 which will be uploaded in social media. One may follow the campaign on Facebook @HopeAliveCovid19, Instagram @HopeAliveCovid19, Twitter @HopeAliveCovid.


Kiphire DTF meeting on COVID-19: Kiphire DTF held a meeting chaired by DC and DTF chairperson Sarita Yadav at DPDB hall on April 23. According to DIPR report, chairperson said social distancing was being maintained smoothly and the same would be followed as per the government given guidelines. HoDs/officials/staffs were expected to return to Kiphire, stranded students/workers outside the state were about to return after May 3, and border road from Zunheboto-Aghunato-Kiphire to be resumed. SP Police department has been directed to give extra effort to the checking, in all the gates. Regarding construction works and activities, it has been directed to report to the administration and take permission before actual start of works. It was also decided that no person from outside the district would be allowed to come and carry out works at the construction site. Briefing on SOP, chief medical officer Motsuthung said that, if any one died due to COVID-19 disease, the corpse will be taken care of by the dead body management wing that includes the Police and Medical staff, and only four relatives of the dead would be allowed to attend. The properly disinfected corpse will be packed and transported for burial anywhere and public should not object to allot the land for burial of the dead body. DC has also informed that the government has assured an ex-gratia of Rs.10 lakhs to the front line workers including the Police/Medical workers, incase any fatality occurred during the duties of COVID-19. She also notified that if any person was found trying to harass the doctors/medical workers would be jailed starting from 6 months to 7 years, and fined Rs.50,000/- for the offence initiated. SP Erie Kajire has informed that misuse of social media is still prevailing, which was creating a lot of misunderstanding in the society's environment. Therefore he requested everyone to refrain from circulating messages in social media. According to CMO's latest report on preparedness, the portable ventilator installed in ICU at COVID Hospital is functional. Four varieties of PPE have been received. In regard to quarantine, 13 beds in DUDA Girls Hostel, 10 beds in ZPC Boys Hostel, 18 beds in IRB camp (exclusively for medical staff) have been furnished in Kiphire. In Pungro sub-centre, 20 beds for quarantine, 8 beds for isolation are said to be completed. One bed each for isolation has also been prepared at Seyoching, Likhimro, Sitimi and Amahator. Quarantine in Seyochung has 2 beds at present, and can be increased upto 20 beds if needed. 6 beds in Amahator, 5 beds in Likhimro and 2 beds Sitimi has been prepared as per CMO (medical department) reports.

Kiphire farmers back to their fields: Farmers of Kiphire have started going to fields while adhering to government's guideline to maintain social distancing. District agriculture officer (DAO) Kiphire Abenthung informed that, prior to lockdown, the department had already distributed seeds free of cost to the farmers besides being prepared to assist the farmers to ensure crop cycle is not affected. Farming activities in Seyochung-Sitimi area are fairly normal stated L. Chokhaba Anar, chairman of Seyochung Village Council. He said although there was an absence in participation of more numbers of people or extra hands in the field due to social distancing, farmers in Seyochung-Sitimi area were actively involved in their respective fields. Khamong, who is the former deputy chairman of Pungro Town Council said, given the advantage of fertile land and organic cultivation, cultivators can do much better if more support in terms of marketing, transportation, financial and technical aid is given to the villagers in the days to come. Shilemthong, executive chairman of Yimchunger Tribal Council said that giving more importance to the agricultural sector by the government will not only help at times like this when the entire nation is locked down but can generate revenue by way of marketing organic produce. Meanwhile, DSCO Kiphire, department of Soil and Water Conservation has advised the farmers to go for four crops a year cultivation by making use of rain water harvesting, check-dam, vermicompose and land development under various soil and water conservation programmes like ILDP, IWEP, PKVY etc. The department said it will help the villagers to sustain even if crops fail. 

It must be mentioned that on Tuesday severe hailstorm had lashed several villages in Kiphire district causing heavy losses to the farmers as hailstones reportedly damaged standing crops in Moya, Salomi, Old Vongti, New Vongti, Penkim, Pungro town and village, and Khongsa town. As per sources, Salomi and Penkim villages are said to be worst affected. Sources also indicate that hundreds of houses were damaged in the hailstorm. Economy of rural people largely depend on agricultural activities and Kiphire district is one district situated away from commercially active hubs and population rely on the produce of the fields.


DC Tuensang permits various activities: Deputy commissioner (DC) Tuensang, Kumar Ramnikant has permitted the following activities within Tuensang district jurisdiction with immediate effect: Food processing industries in rural areas, i.e outside the limit of Town Councils; Industries operating in rural areas, including stone crushers, sawmills, brick kilns in rural areas, i.e outside the limit of town councils; Collection, harvesting and processing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) by schedule tribes and other forest dwellers in forest areas; Bamboo, coconut, areca nut, cocoa, spices plantation and their harvesting processing, packaging, sale and marketing; Construction activities in rural areas, to include water supply and sanitation, laying/erection of power transmission lines and laying of telecom optical fibre and cable along with related activities; Functioning of research establishments dealing with agriculture and horticulture activities; Inter and infra state movement of planting materials and honeybee colonies, honey and other bee hive products; Shops of educational books for students; Shops of electric fans; Recharge facilities for prepaid mobile connection; Function of food processing units such as bread factories, milk processing plants, flourmills, dal mills etc located in urban areas. However as specified in the lockdown measures, National COVID-19 directives and standard operating procedure for social distancing for offices, workshops, factories, establishments and farms must be ensured. 


State commissioner for PwDs reaches out: During the nationwide lockdown, the state commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) Nagaland, Diethono Nakhro has been reaching out to PwDs all over Nagaland in every possible way.  

Speaking to Nagaland Post, Nakhro stated that PwDs needed more attention at this hour and mentioned different kinds of disability but most of the time they needed to be attended to, be it medication or others.  

She said since it was not possible for her to personally go and help each individual,  she had been reaching out to the churches, district administrations and village executives to give importance to people with special needs. Her office is working with the Civil Society Organisation, district administration and churches of all denominations where they had been very helpful. 

Deithono remarked that there was no accurate number for the PwDs in Nagaland because it was still based on 2011 census which mentioned 29, 631 PwDs in Nagaland. However, at this present time, she mentioned that the number was much higher as it has been 9 years since the old data was updated and they were working to bring the latest data very soon. Nakhro also said that some PwDs needed regular medication but may not have private vehicle to travel and that may pose a problem for some families.  She informed that she had been reaching out to every small village and remote areas as much as possible to help each individual.  She also mentioned that in this COVID-19 crisis,  PwDs may contact at +918258953837;  Email: and for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, may whatsapp, video call the following number, wherein sign language interpreters will be available to talk on +919862300893. (Correspondent) 

COVID-19 block wise training in Kohima district: Block wise training for Sechü and Kohima Sadar administrative officers/police, NYK and NDRF volunteers for COVID-19 duty under Kohima district was held at DB's Court, DC office Kohima on April 24.   

According to DIPR report, Dr. Rupert DIO Kohima gave a brief introduction on COVID-19 and also highlighted the containment plan of Kohima district. He said the containment plan is to focus attention on a specific geographic area reporting COVID-19 cases so as to prevent its spread, which will be of 14 days duration. Mapping of the affected area will be decided by the CMO coordination team in consultation with the block volunteers and District Task Force where an area of 3 km radius around the epicenter will be the containment zone while a buffer zone of an additional 5 km radius (7 km in rural area) will be added where new cases are most likely to appear. Dr. Rupert said that the area of operation will be defined and active search of cases, symptomatic contacts, contact listing and tracking, quarantine and follow up of contacts will be taken up and all precautionary measures for safety of the community will be followed and disseminated where the services of healthcare workers, ASHAs, Anganwadi workers and ANMs and additional workforce from Red Cross, NSS, NYK and NDRF and Ayush Students volunteers will be required to activate the task in coordination with the community health centres. 

Dr. Rupert also informed that under the district, facilities have been set up and available at COVID-19 Hospital at Chedema and NHAK, Isolation Hospital at TB Hospital, Khuzama and quarantine facilities at ATI, Meriema and K. Badze while in block level quarantine facilities available at Tseminyu CHC Govt. High School, Town Hall, Chiephobozou CHC, Touphema Dormitory Tourist Village, Botsa Guest House, Khonoma, Jotsoma and Sechü near ABCC Prayer Centre.

Resource person, Dr. Asunu DTO Kohima presenting on the personal protective measures highlighted on the importance of hand washing, social distancing, masks management and also highlighted in detail on the importance of respiratory hygiene/etiquette, which can reduce the spread of microorganisms (germs) that cause respiratory infections (cold, flu).  Dr. Asunu also demonstrated on how to put on and how to remove (donning and doffing) of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before and after visiting a treatment center or isolation unit with one of the volunteer present in the training. 


OPD by NMC launched in Wokha: Out Patient Department (OPD) by Nagaland Medical Council (NMC) was launched at Wokha town dispensary by Orenthung Lotha, deputy commissioner Wokha and chairman District Task Force (DTF) on April 24. A press release from CMO office stated that, DC expressed gratitude to the NMC members for their service in the district during the COVID-19 crisis and assured full cooperation from the administration and police department to the medical fraternity. Dr. Joyce Angami, president NMC stated that the OPD was launched as majority of government health facilities were facing shortage of medical personnel. OPD is a joint effort of Health and Family Welfare department and NMC, she added. As the District Hospital Wokha is designated as COVID-19 Hospital, the NMC with 10 volunteers will be providing health care services to patients at the OPD, said Dr. Sashimeren, vice president NMC. Dr. N. M. Kithan, member NMC, who is spearheading the OPD in Wokha town dispensary, announced that more volunteers will be joining them soon in the OPD. He also informed that minister of Higher and Technical Education and Tribal Affairs, Temjen Imna Along has donated 100 masks and five litres of hand sanitiser for the NMC members in the Wokha town dispensary. Earlier, a dedicatory prayer was pronounced by Rev. Thungrio Khuvung, pastor Wokha Town Baptist Church in the programme chaired by Dr. C.W. Tungoe chief medical officer Wokha. Wokha SP, Dy.CMO, NMC members, Lotha Eloe Hoho and medical officials attended the launching programme.


Longleng DTF on COVID-19 discusses on need of anaesthesiology: An immediate posting of an anaesthesiology at COVID-19 Hospital, Longleng was discussed at a review meeting of the Longleng District Task Force (DTF) on COVID-19 held at DC’s conference hall on April 24. 

According to DIPR report, representatives of NGOs and civil societies who are the co-opted members of the DTF expressed their displeasure with the department for not deploying an anaesthesiology to the lone hospital and asserted that it was an injustice to the people of Longleng district. They informed to take the matter to the government for necessary action at the earliest. EAC Yachem Pichano Kikon presented powerpoint on the structure of COVID-19 incident response system comprised of various sections, the roles and responsibilities of each sections and checklist for effective response to combat COVID-19. 

Accordingly, the members discussed and deliberated on requisition of vehicle and driver for transportation of COVID-19 corpse, identifying of burial and cemetery, safe disposal of COVID-19 corpses, men power and volunteers from NGOs and civil societies to assist the operation section, awareness programme & directions to village council, training for volunteers, mock drill on COVID-19 IRS system and detail action plan with relevant to Longleng district.  CMO, Longleng also presented action plan prepared by the Medical department, Longleng. DC Longleng who is also the chairman of the DTF on COVID-19 chaired the meeting and appealed to all the members to be aware about their respective roles and responsibilities. ADC Longleng D. Robin, commandant 12 NAP (IR) Chingtok, Major Assam Rifle Longleng, executive secretary PBCA Lempong Tialemba Phom, medical superintendent, Dr. Meren, Adl. SP Atopu Sumi and district surveillance officer Longleng shared their activities and suggestions. Executive secretary PBCA Lempong distributed masks prepared by the association to the DTF members. 


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