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D-Day: Deadline 31-10-19

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/30/2019 1:14:50 PM IST

 When India had just taken away Kashmiris flag and Constitution by abrogating Article 370; there is in all likelihood that GOI will never accept Nagas demand for a seperate flag and constitution. This is the present political imbroglio that Nagas are facing; albeit ours being political.

The Naga public are fed up with the exorbitant taxation because of which the civil societies/organisations (CSO) want an amicable solution at the earliest as GOI have put forth in the three month deadline. What the Naga National Political Group (NNPG) ought to realise here is that, in the name of our freedom movement, Nagas have been heavily burdened with tax. In the early decades of Naga freedom movement, Nagas happily gave the little they have to our freedom fighters even without them been asked. After the 90s, the scenario changed to bad. Had the NNPGs instead of taking their share in public developments and utilities!! seen to it that it was fully utilised as per specification; they would have won the hearts of our Naga public. This would be a step toward developing Nagaland and making it pre-ready post political solution. This would also make the public want to contribute to our cause without grudges. Sadly, the NNPGs thought the other way that if development takes place, then they might lose the support of Naga people.

Another problem is the NSCN-IM, without taking the Naga public into confidence, negotiated for too long with GOI without disclosing the contents, owing to chances of protest from other north-eastern states with Naga inhabitants. This has led to the Nagas of Nagaland been sceptical about the entire talks with GOI and ultimately, the framework agreement (FA). In the meantime, other NNPGs also inked the FA and as demanded by many Naga CSO, supported for an early solution to the Indo-Naga political issue as per the three month deadline of 31st Oct. 2019. This has led to a tense situation prevailing in Nagaland if GOI goes ahead with its proposed deadline of accommodating whoever comes to their side. The NNC which started our Naga freedom movement have never surrendered to our aggressor India, but seeing our people mercilessly killed, tortured, raped and butchered at the hands of India military: had no option but to sign an agreement on humanitarian ground. Thus, NNC/FGN was blamed for surrendering to India and hence, NSCN was formed. As my late grandfather, who was a NNC CEC member said, “Only the non-violent democratic NNC can bring solution to our Naga political problem as different factions have arisen”. He says we are the NNC original and doesn’t go by any NNC sub-name/title. Coming to the present, all the NNPGs are at ceasefire with GOI and it’s a great opportunity for the NNPGs to sort out their differences and unite to make an amicable solution with India. The NNC then had to rush into an agreement as there was bloodshed everywhere: whereas the situation now is peaceful and the NNPGs can think wisely. If the NNPGs don’t come together, there will be more bloodshed among the Nagas ‘and not against our aggressor’. Without unity, Nagas cannot prosper and move forward. The stubbornness, selfishness and self-centric attitude among our NNPGs, is the main problem keeping us from being united. If any group/s connives with our aggressor against other group/s for power and supremacy seizing the deadline opportunity, it would tantamount to selling out our cause.

The GOI through its interlocutor Mr. RN Ravi clearly stated that there can be only ‘one solution one process’. First: This is a very good thing as the GOI wants the NNPGs/Naga people to be united first in order to solve our complex Naga issue. This shows the Indian Govt. really cares for the Nagas. Or in contrast, the GOI knows very well that NNPGs/Naga people can never come together and so the statement which is impossible for the NNPGs. Second: The long drawn peace talk have its drawback in creating more groups/factions from 2 at that time to so many now. NSCN-K left as the ceasefire cum peace-talk with GOI was not making any headway which shows, they were true to their demand of a sovereign Naga nation. In the meantime, many other NNPGs came into ceasefire/negotiation with GOI. The ceasefire made the NNPGs to collect more taxes from the public and as it got infested into every business, the NNPGs earned the rage of the public from every corner. ACAUT started the movement against exorbitant tax by the NNPGs, with the slogan ‘One Government One Tax’. These were all signs that the public are having enough of it. However the NNPGs continued their usual business. The GOI have thus succeeded in taking away the sympathy of the Naga CSO towards the NNPGs to a minimum level. The prolonging of the ceasefire(which was also the desire of the public) have thus played it’s part and the GOI succeeded in making more divisions/groups. 

Now for solution to Indo-Naga political issue, the NNPGs must become ‘One in Unity’ and without the support of the non-violent democratic Naga people(NNC as per Naga plebiscite of 1951); we can never come to an amicable settlement with GOI. If the present negotiating parties settle for anything less than or similar to Article 371A, they ought to be held responsible for all the fratricidal killings among our Naga society. The belief and aspirations of our pioneer freedom fighters should never be betrayed. In turn, GOI should not give/dictate ultimatum in solving the complex Indo-Naga political issue as it is the Indians who occupied Nagas land(Nagaland) and not vice versa. The ultimatum will result in more nationalism and more problems although Nagas are no match for the mighty Indian military. Violence begets Violence.

Note: The NNPGs should realise from this deadline issue that the Naga civil society groups want an early solution because of the exorbitant tax from all groups. The Naga people are fed up: but if you come back to our root, connect, understand and take away the miseries imposed on your Naga people, we the Naga people are always there to support no matter the outcome.

Ketou Nagi, Dimapur

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