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Delimitation a solemn exercise

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 6/21/2020 1:24:25 PM IST

 We all know that Delimitation exercise is not for Nagaland alone, it is affecting Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Jammu & Kashmir. This is the second Delimitation exercise the Nagaland is going to get its benefits of equal representation after Nagaland Statehood. The first was in 1973, during which many segments of constituencies were not very enthusiastic about participation in Election and even thought that voting in Election was considered anti-national. Some people were unwilling to even enroll their name in the conduct of decadal Population Census. Thereby, the Delimitation of 1973 was let alone to the Delimitation Commission and their Advisors to exercise for unbiased report. But when it came out, there happened to be some lacunae, as alleged (only the Commission of that time knew it). When the Commission’s report was implemented, some people their own MLAs that they could not protect their seat and was taken away. But the deprived constituencies finally cool down with a concessional settlement:

a. The Constituency seat was not reduce/abolished.

b. The Assembly seat was taken to somewhere, not outside but inside Nagaland, where it was needed most.

c. A time of Delimitation would re-visit and the benefit will come back one day.

d. Wait the opportunity with patience.

Thus, the anger of deprivation was subsided. It is undeniable that at the concession of someone, some other reap the benefits. We can consider the concession so made by someone as the act of humane and sentient being as well.

The Second Delimitation visited in 2002, but somehow on the assumption of faulty Census figure of 2001, the second train of delimitation was derailed and those who were waiting eagerly could not embark the train for their second journey. Now, Nagaland could be enjoying the third Delimitation benefits, but unfortunately we are still stranded in the Second Delimitation exercise.

Out of 5 (five) States under Delimitation Exercise, hardly other states raise their complain or they are silent, presumably they have their absolute confidence on the Delimitation Commission. Rationally, maybe they are unselfish in their distribution of resources. 

Many Naga observers are bewildered how and where Naga Political Solution has emerged in the midst of Delimitation! Many have the opinion that this Delimitation Exercise will never and no way can alter the Framework of Agreement already signed and kept under Cool Storage. Further, there is strong apprehension, the Naga Political Solution conceived in the form of Framework Agreement cannot be predicted when it would be born. Many people set a time line that it would be within 3 months or certain month was even mentioned, no doubt, the pain continues, yet nothing is materializing. In this matter, I have concurring opinion of our Honourable MLA Azo, Quote “Delaying delimitation will not solve the problem” unquote. Delaying of Delimitation or hastening it will not bring Naga Political Solution early or lately. The cause of this lingering unsolved problem one can definitely attribute to discord among the Nagas. It appears to be sufficiently evident that the culprit of disunity among Nagas is no other than self-interested - selfish motive so rampantly dancing in the minds of the Nagas. As long as we allow the disunity to lurk around us, we cannot expect the so call “Early Solution” to happen. One can ask, “how long Nagas are going to dance according to the music of disunity”? Have we not learned the lesson yet!

Now, the 11 (Eleven) Naga tribes have gone ahead with their petition to Prime Minister, not to impose Delimitation Exercise. As civilized citizen, this Delimitation will even come in the future whether we like it or not. Should we Nagas go on opposing every time it comes to level down the inequality? The Delimitation may not be taken as imposing but let us consider that it is an exercise of the Constitutional mandate. I think, before the Govt. of India, Nagas are all same, whether one Assembly is readjusted to other segment, it would be immaterial for the Delimitation Commission so long there is justification and with moral integrity. Instead we should give our staunch solidarity, so that the Commission will do the needed exercise with confidence which may meant a lot in the delivery system under process.

In my mind there are few thought to be made known:

1. Better if we can feed the Delimitation Commission with the Census figure of 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011 and let them do their job without prejudice.

2. All Naga MLAs and MP who are going to clear the doubts if any or going to advice, do resolve in their minds that they are doing it for Nagas and not for their own constituency’s interest alone.

3. If one constituency seat is taken away to other area, accept that the beneficiary is not other but a Naga.(Example of similar case was in 1973 Delimitation). 

4. Accept that Delimitation is a balancing exercise for equitable distribution of MLA seat.

5. Trust that all 15 MPs chosen out of thousand of matured, wise and intellectual Country leaders will exercise their absolute authority over the Delimitation of constituencies in their best moral integrity.

Lastly, when any situation arise in Naga society, the lack of sympathy, Empathy and compassion become very obvious, which really appears ugly before the world.. Let us create a peaceful environment for the Delimitation Commission members to execute their works with efficiency. Also let us shed away hypocritical words and attitude from among Nagas. It is said that “Love without action is hypocrisy”. 

Pollem Tep

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