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Democracy - De-modernization!! What say youth?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/15/2019 12:57:05 PM IST

 The current Nagaland is constantly grimaced by stale-rotten, lethargic, over-hyper-mellowness, emotional zen purveyor overload, half reason and facts, adamant cultural toxicity, relentless zeal to let go off the older shades of time particularly from few Christian domain Seniors who holds firmly to the teachings and writing on the covent as the default absolute truth of all the absolute infinities to beyond time and space itself : what else not traits. It’s not quite sure whether they are scoffing dogmas and mixing their pea sized concepts to garner support from some crystalline indoctrinated citizens - subtract/fish-off the heathens and commonality, or is there truly the surrendering of the dogmatic unevenness with universal knowledge and simply inspiring the youth.

The genuine modernized statesmen from NE (India) are not themselves “let” to journey the waters of social and political paraphernalia keenly in association with global trans-modernity. We live in a democracy more so in ambient uncanny to ancient ones where the social edicts was just nominally keep-sake kind under the influence of the environmental acreage - no real innovation, pro-culture progressive, sophisticated science etc. As for Nagaland, if we crunch the whole number down — *which some/most of us have (no surprise there!)_ — the running State system is inhumane to the bedrock and the far long insanely squeezing of its juice and jacking this feed into the mental cryogenic corpses of the citizens, has converted the brain’s reception propensity waning into indifference to “real change” and an inch away hindsight for collective goals.

The nucleus and the branches of this inhumane system has deeply touched the dark fibres of the family tree of corruption; UG taxers; business venturers who have shared partnership (mutual bonds) or immunity based social arrangements with UG area lords (community wise). There had been only few spatial instances where genuine public has emerged successful against the repelling and reverting brain waves (that carries devolving and other related thoughts) — against all odds that monopolizes capital dynamics and phenomenon to circum-operate within and among the corrupt class of aristocrats - hardly leaving any room for improvement and creating conditions while facing the music — the people to invest or explore ideas and engineer productivity through the reinforcement of potential locus to creatively assimilate the caricature of the environment. It should be imprinted or brought under every citizens cognizance that unless we rightfully exercise our powers, not based only on citizen/government right/left position, but based on comprehensive taking on subjects as sensible humans- and when it is sensible it would go without saying it also allows the emotional, intellectual and conditions- that weighs on about rightfully. 

Without this, democracy on NE is a Flying Frick of a joke until some staunch dogmatic Sage-like in-vibrant thinking protagonist arrives to de-modernize the people by casting psychological spells through some out-of-place historical artifact, scrolls and invalidated scribed material equivalent of hypotheticals (which are non linear), compiled and brushed in their propaganda with some spiritual and mind bending “delusional” narrative - the vintage not parring with larger whole of the communal aggrandizement - which by design is to leave sagely impression on the perception window of the masses and evade the flaws in their own postulation from the fundamentals, and coherence that governs comprehensive peace and advancement. 

Collective sentient Sapiens have advanced to uncharted timeline of global environmental cataclysm because of undefined human conditions enveloping the political ecology; this through intellectual wisdom calls for unprecedented excavation of political boundaries, obviously!!… Who is to say humans have devised the most perfect political system thus yet. But more importantly, can we make out something efficient underneath from the sub-zero political turmoil and decoherence. 

For whomever’s information: the optics of science has granted “us” so called modern/learned/intellectual youth with equivalent and beyond methodical inquiry of finding better and synaptic answers to orthodoxical societal paradoxes that stereotypically were the brainstorming ponds where chronological process of brain development were revered and vouched for (in certain parts at least). Luckily, scientific methods have shown us results otherwise from where the basest of reason emerge or point to it at least. This has also lead into checking and building sanguine and model character systematically, allotting probationary timeframe and then authenticating legal documentation among immigrants without traditional aptitude, prejudice and personal emotional insecurity. Just imagine the looming ambition and desire to overpopulate it will seed into more likely apprehension without this.

Again more importantly, the resistance from unsophisticated thinking in the bubble of technological advancement and global modernity—leaders/speakers, with their mega holy individual perspectives, deriving from the lack of immersible experiences in such pixelated dimensions and the epiphany that follows there leading to wider advancement, illumination and sagacity, and the dementia like response on intellectual subjects and real problems that are absolutely prevalent—is it not time yet for it to cease away other than to constantly subdue the youthful and newer, better construct of societal fabric? In my opinion, the land belongs to all youth and old, but the future darn sure belongs and depends to the youth and our concomitant process of exposure with the world - to well-survive, share, experience, learn and grow.

As an ardent follower of political dialogues and transitioning, I can’t help but notice few in their pursuit for political points and mileage have build traction to some fragile and sensitive matters pertaining to our unmolded/un-safeguarded national barricades (without any solid base having installed to effectively arc the purpose) without an iota wisdom to check their own kitchen or peeping into the environmental and human conditions that accompany our trans-routine circumstances. Am I being blunt here or should the persistent asinine power monger instincts be brought to light — you decide. I think aside from warranted issues, everything moronic concepts should have democratic legitimacy to be exposed- that which endangers national interest and security (since we are not labelling them as terrorist or enemy of the state). Such agents will squander their energy without remorse and awareness (#Dunning Kruger alert!) and bury the glazing collective potential to smithereens, without them knowing the self destructive button they gradually progress on pressing (or do they?) - saddening it is indeed.

Emotions give weight to our reason but we should not entertain rash emotional decisions which may be irretrievable and self destruct. My suggestion is that collective emotion could be dynamic thus it should be treated with truth and outmost nestling on eventual times. 

And most importantly, can the majoritarian elders cut the bygone losses and pave the ramp for the rad, reckless and simultaneous yet measured (in a good progressive way - from nothing doh!) new potential (gift of modernity) to correct the systemic errors. This shift in central community power to the well equipped and product of time-environment youth (with fair amount of assistance from select elder genii cohort) (from meaningless power hunger to real change hunger) will be an unprecedented epoch in the face of history (this is a unique opportunity even the west or high easts cannot obtain even if they want to presently) (system wise - in other aspects, youth are very much empowered). In current day and age, to network along globally, apart from scientific and academic knowledge on large number of subjects, one of the key rudimentary skill-asset is pop culture education. And the youth whilst all the ups and down still persists meanwhile, will be ever indebted, gravitated on to posterity and heavily grateful to our elder generation of present for keying in the final sequence — for change, posterity and beyond.

Samuel Longkumer

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