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Discrimination a scourge: India is plagued with it

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 6/20/2019 11:38:44 AM IST

 It’s sickening! Totally appalled when I heard a young doctor belonging to a vulnerable community committed suicide because of discriminatory practices where such practices should not be there, but very much being practiced. This incident happened in Mumbai, so-called cosmopolitan, progressive, multi-cultural city and also called as the economic capital of India. Over and above, this incident took place where there should not be any room for ‘discrimination’ and ‘prejudices’, and yet it happened. Young doctor hailing from a vulnerable community took away her life due to discrimination which shows the gravity and nakedness of our society. The so-called ‘doctors’ fraternity’ should have transcended above these biases and discriminatory practices, but they haven’t and mirror others as the Indian society is obsessed with caste. 

Almost all the countries of the world are caught up and thus entrenched with discrimination in one way or other and in that India is unique. Tadvi, a second-year gynecology student in TN Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai, had committed suicide on May 22, 2019, allegedly for caste-based remarks and harassment. Three seniors seem to have been accused by her according family the family sources that led her to commit suicide. Following the incident the Chairperson of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribe is likely to meet the State health and the police officials to ascertain the incident. In addition, Maharashtra State Commission for Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribe has also agreed to conduct a separate inquiry on this. Her suicide seemed to be due to harassment. All these are procedural in itself and certainly not going to bring back Tadvi. 
Our country is known for caste-based discriminatory practices and in the process lost hundreds and thousands of people belonging to the Dalit and Tribal communities. We are used to such incidents and taken these for granted. The real sufferers are those who belong to the vulnerable sections living on the margins. We have failed to evolve deterrents that would send clear messages to those who practice, perpetuate and abet caste-based discriminatory practices. Protective mechanisms and procedures ought to lead to building confidence to those vulnerable communities that instills hope and faith in the system they live and participate. 
After seven decades of India’s independence and with scores of preventive and protective acts and policies incidents of this nature continues to happen and are happening quite regularly and there has been no reprieve. Those belonging to the dominant castes and communities keep talking about removing the reservation and pro-active and protective mechanisms that safeguards the Dalits and the Tribals from discriminatory practices. With all these even in the 21st Century the vulnerable communities are subject to all kinds and forms of discrimination. One can imagine that what would have been the scenario if we did not have. 
We should acknowledge that the Indian society is a sick society and majority of Indians wears caste blinkers. For them, it is very difficult to transcend beyond stereo-typical constructions and schema such as caste—based on hierarchy and Untouchability and thus is discriminatory. If we don’t go beyond caste hierarchies and continue to live in caste schema, we shall never make any headway in other spheres. Caste system is indeed a stumbling block for India’s growth and progress. Unless and until people at large transcend caste hierarchy there is no hope for the Indian society to grow. Most of the Indians are caught up with narrow caste mind-sets and are drawn into it and gradually getting soaked to it. It is surprising to see that the professional class such as (medical fraternity) is also immersed into it. 
A young doctor from the most vulnerable community came to such a level and the castists and those with all sorts of biases and prejudices discriminated and pushed her to a corner where she finally had decided to end her life. Caste-based discriminatory practices are indeed deep seated socio-psychological problem and most Indians have this in their mind-set. It has corroded the mind-set and penetrated into their psyche which propels them not to accept other oppressed communities to come up on par with them. 
Those responsible for her death should be brought to books by all means. I would not say that in her death she found ‘freedom’, rather she has been pushed to take such drastic decision that was hugely detrimental. A precious life is gone and only she knew the horrific discriminatory episodes she underwent and experienced day-in and day-out. What type of ‘professionals’ they are? They should hang their stethoscopes and coats for good. These are the misfits and castists who would continue to push many to commit suicides. Her death is a blot to all of us especially to those castists belonging to the young 21st Century ‘New India’ that should never forgive them. 
Dr. John Mohan Razu

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