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Ensf on reservation policy

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/27/2018 11:37:55 AM IST

 The state of Nagaland came into being with consent of all tribes as equals but due to many disadvantages like late introduction of education, the eastern areas have largely lagged behind in all spheres. Now, as equal stakeholders, the concern for each other is sadly lacking among our Naga family. Still the rights and the voice of Six major tribes, inhabiting Eastern Nagaland stands ignored by the people responsible. The equal opportunities and rights have largely been denied to the people of eastern region since the inception of the Nagaland State. 

After its Independence the Government of India had pursued the policy of reservation for Schedule Tribes (ST), Schedule Caste and Other Backward Class (OBC) in the Indian Constitution and was introduced in the government sector after it was passed successfully in the parliament. Subsequently, the Government of Nagaland state also introduced its Reservation policy for the backward tribes (BT) in the assembly and was passed and enacted in the year 1977. The main and the only idea behind this policy was simply to uplift the backward regions at par with the rest of the state. The framers of the policy perhaps did it solely for the betterment/upliftment of the people. They did not have any hidden agenda other than the noble cause of uplifting the downtrodden. They certainly did not foresee this as a tool for manipulation for political gain. And certainly, must not have foreseen the Act being ignored and sidelined. 

While we hold the pioneers responsible for the policy in high respect, we regret that the noble policy has been hijacked and misdirected by the concerned leaders and officers with vested interests. Thus, depriving a large section of the state to avail the opportunities guaranteed to them by the policy.

The ENSF as a concerned students’ body representing the backward tribes has time and again reminded and appealed the Government and the Departments for the implementation for this famous Backward Tribe Reservation Policy introduced in the year 1977. But sadly, instead of achieving the desired end, it has only created and is only creating more divide and regression. It has only greatly succeeded in effectively instilling this famous “Backward Tribes” tag in the minds of young and old which now sounds like a taboo or low class/second class citizens of the state especially for the younger generation while on the other hand BT Reservation have been merely on the paper. The successive Governments instead of trying to address this issue genuinely has only involved itself in manipulating this notification for all these years without visioning the consequences it will have on the Naga family as a whole.

It is disappointing to note that, the backward tribe reservation is only causing rift and more disparity in our society. It has only achieved in instilling demarcations, division and superior-inferior complexity in the young minds of today. Rightly so, the younger generation from the advanced tribes are starting to question against this “Reservation Policy” as it has failed to fulfill its sole purpose/objectives/aims even after these long decades of its introduction which was supposedly enough to have filled the gaps or disparity among the Naga families had it been implemented and executed genuinely and honestly by the concerned authorities in power! It has also rightly occupied these young minds that the Eastern Nagas are demanding for more shares than we actually deserved and thus depriving them - the eligible ones of certain percentage. We feel bad about the reservation policy too, but the issue is, why has the policy not achieved what it had intended to achieve? And why it is only causing more disparity than parity? There are about 80 (Eighty) departments or so in the state of Nagaland. Of which, only few are sincerely or forcefully implementing the policy. By few we meant less than 5 (Five) departments! What to say and do about the remaining departments that have failed to, and are stubbornly failing to comply? Why is it that which has been passed as legislation is mostly ignored by the government departments; and like refugees, the people of eastern areas have to resort to many other means and not received the enacted legislation like equal citizens?

We are dismayed by the ignorance of the responsible department heads, who were and are unfortunately from the advanced tribes. Political leaders and departmental heads have been practicing nepotism and the so called political appointments/direct appointments without an iota of respect and consideration for the policy. Owing to these, the eastern Nagas which make up of about 40% or more of the state local population are roughly estimated or left with 8-9% approximately (excluding the village guards who enjoys a meagre salary of Rs.1500/- per month) despite BT job reservation being said to have implemented for the last 44years which is equivalent to one and a half government service length. A little late, but, we are now realizing that we have been misled and denied what is rightfully ours by our very own Nagas in the political chairs and executive chairs.

Therefore, reiterating our firm stand on the policy to implement it in letter and spirit, the federation once again reaffirm our commitment for the revival of the government job reservation policy as per the successive Government notifications in regard to BT Reservation and the latest being the Notification NO. RCBT/-5/87 (Pt-II) Dated Kohima, the 4th September, 2015. In this regard, the federation hereby once again remind all the esteemed departments to strictly adhere to the government BT Reservation Policy notification without pretending ignorance. Further, the Federation is also well aware about the various departments’ manipulative games who are simply conducting the recruitment for the sake of accommodating the Eastern Nagas candidates in the 25% reservation category only while denying even the merits candidates in the general category. The Federation is all inclined and ready to dig deeper for justice into any appointment being made by various departments without considering the government notification. We will not shy away from addressing the issue with all seriousness until these malpractices and ignorance of the concerned officers and politicians are done away with. Meanwhile, the Government should be ready to review all the misappropriation of the reservation policy at the earliest and the backward tribes of Eastern Nagaland be accommodated accordingly so as to maintain and deliver the popular democratic equality and justice in the truest sense and put an end to this infamous BT Reservation Policy in the State for the good of all.

The Federation once again reminds the State Government and the departments not to wait for the federation to remind them again and again; but to redress the issue at the earliest and not to invite ultimatums and unwanted agitations and confrontations in this regard. It should be understood that the federation is not interested in doing all these activities against the state government/departments wasting our time, energy and resources which could have been spent judiciously on some other activities productively. The Government and the departments should therefore avoid all these by delivering justice to its people in time. The federation hoped that the government would respond to this more maturely and wisely unlike in the yesteryears.

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