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Famine of good leaders in present Naga society

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/31/2018 12:32:33 PM IST

 One of the saddest things that could happen to a society or a nation is the famine of good leaders. A dynamic and visionary leader is prerequisite for a nation to exist and progress. Good leaders sacrifice their life to bring unity. They help a nation to rise up, pursue and achieve their aspiration. Everyone looks at them as their liberator. The public hears their leader’s voice and follow them. On the contrary, where there is famine of leaders, everyone does as they saw what is right in their own eyes. There is no listening to each other. There is no talking to each other but only talking at each other. Respect for each other decreases. Disunity and disintegration appears. Therefore a society or nation without a dynamic leader is like a house without protection wall. It is like a city without guard that is fully exposed to enemy’s attack. A society or nation without a capable or charismatic leader faces the risk of total destruction both from within and without border. 

Today, Naga people are going through a very tough situation. There is no clarity as to who is leading the Nagas and who is representing them in the wider society. The Naga public are in great dilemma whom to follow. The divide-and-rule policy of ‘colonial power’ is so strong that the Nagas of different states are blinded to live in suspicion of each other. The Naga political leaders seem to be very lethargic towards the Naga cause. Unlike the leaders of neighbouring communities, the Naga political leaders show no sign of having keen interest even to know the progress of the talk except repeatedly giving dull statement: “we will be good facilitator of Indo-Naga talk.” Certainly, they have big role to play as they are the representative of the people. They have great power to influence the parties engaged in talk but they keep dodging from that responsibility for the reason best known to them. Whereas the political leaders of our neighbouring communities are so vocal speaking out their concern, our Naga political leaders from different states remain silent. There is no platform or forum where all Naga political leaders from different states of India and Myanmar could come together and safeguard the rights of the Nagas. What are our leaders doing today? 

There is no unity among the different Naga national political groups (NNPGs). It is indeed very sad that there is no charismatic leader among our NNPGs who could pull together the different groups and different aspirations into one. No group is willing to reach to the other. No group is willing to concede their power and accommodate others. They all are at loggerheads with each other. Organisation’s prestige and pride is strictly maintained. The integrity of the group comes before the interest of the nation. This hampers the process of reconciliation and unity. They claim to be representing the Naga public but they have miserably failed to reach to the public. There is hardly any respect shown to the public although the public are the base of their survival and the movement. NNPGs must feel the pulse of the Naga public and come to term with each other before it is too late. 

The various Naga civil organisations are in bad shape. Instead of complementing, these organisations criticise and try to pull down one another. Many of these organisations do not have clear aims and objectives as manifested in their habit of pointing their finger to every issue as if they can solve every problem. The integrity of some apex CSOs of the Nagas is also at stake with its leaders giving random press statements and rejoinders. Every CSO therefore needs to have concrete aims and objectives so that they do not cross over to other’s boundary. The need of the hour is to have common platform where the different Naga CSOs or movements could come together and fight for greater common good. In Manipur, United Council of Manipur (UCM) is formed by conglomeration of more than twenty Meitei CSOs & movements. Nagas need to learn from them if we want to achieve the cherished goal. With the leaders of Naga apex bodies blaming one another, there is hardly any trusted Naga CSO today. We need to leave behind ‘crab mentality’ and move ahead with the world. 

Many Naga intellectuals/writers are quick in giving rejoinder to article/s they find bitter to digest personally. They spend much time in writing to criticise the initiatives taken up by other people/organisations rather than researching and bringing out their own ideas for the development of society. Our society has enough problems. What we need is ‘constructive comments’ but not ‘destructive comments’. Naga intellectuals must therefore write with love and forgiving heart. Directly attacking someone’s personal life or organisation or tribe will not bring any good to our society. What we need today is visionary writings and not past mistakes and hatreds. It is not the time to waste time writing about other’s mistake. It is time to write about forgiveness, healing, love and rebuilding our society. Naga people need to learn to live together as one family with the good, the ugly and the bad. 

We need to realise, the sooner the better, that Government of India has been making use of the Indo-Naga talk to put wedge not only between the Nagas and their neighbouring communities but also among the Naga family itself. Many ‘artificial enemies’ were generated from both within and outside the Naga family. Many ‘stakeholders’ were also invented in the name of comprehensive and lasting solution. It is clear that for all these years of talk, the Indian government has been continuously creating atmosphere that would make impossible for the Nagas to sign the final accord. It is indeed a sad thing that Naga leaders are unconsciously succumbing to this ploy. To the eyes of lay person like me, the paper on ‘Framework Agreement’ presented in Rajya Sabha is only for the security concern of India and nothing for Naga’s sovereignty. It appears that the present Indo-Naga talk is just a bait of India to kill the Naga freedom movement. Look at what is happening. The Indo-Naga talk is an exclusive issue for the Naga people to attain political freedom. But today distressingly the GOI has shown greater concern for the safety and sentiment of neighbouring communities rather than that of Naga political rights. 

Nagas, wherever we may be, must stand united. The enemies are laughing and jeering at us. The assimilation drive on Nagas by bigger communities outside of Nagaland state, the drive to abolish Constitutional safeguard such as Art 371 by the Hindu fundamentalists, the tendency to revive land dispute issue between Assam and Nagaland including Dimapur city and other such issues shows that a divided Naga nation will be crushed to disappear from the map. The increasing activities of militarisation in the Naga region, the adoption of Hindu cultures by young people and the influx of illegal immigrants pose great threat to the future of Nagas. The infighting among us is giving the opportunity to outside forces to invade us freely. We must not forget that Naga nation is a young nation and in the evolving stage. It has many loose ends that need to be handled with great care. Unless we stand together and speak in one voice, our rights and aspirations will be crushed. Therefore, we need to pray for a charismatic leader who will revive Naga nation. We need to pray for a committed leader who will give us hope. We need to pray for a dynamic and visionary leader who will take us to safety. 


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