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Freedom of Nagaland from Nagas

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/15/2020 12:56:23 PM IST

 Beguiling Chen Konyak proverb “Zu li fei ma wakha sap, Winpa keshuh sha rhon fei me kah khen tak” literally meaning “renovating house after mother’s demised, finding knowledge after guest departures” allegorizes the regretful moment. History of Nagas is occupied with regrets after regrets, the downfall of growth and development of Nagaland since its statehood. The same history intensively continues from generation to generation, leaving Nagaland captivated in the bondage of poverty, corruption and modern savage by the Nagas to susceptible world.  

“We drink from our own wells” magnificent work of Gustavo Gutierrez, narrates the spiritual journey of the Latin American throughout their poverty experience in the land of God. Their struggled in the power of death “poverty is death”, which brings destruction to people, culture, and tradition and over all the agony of the land and the people. They revisited that God provides liberty and freedom in His land, not poverty and captivity (Gutierrez. 2003). Power manipulation, hostility, fear, discrimination, injustice and propelling death of the people from the corrupted leaders were the reasons for the sufferings of the people and the land. Similarly, the Nagas have given birth to ‘Dead Nagaland’ in all dimensions which keep Nagaland poorer and poorer. Nagas destroy Nagaland from development, goods, natural resources, business, economic, schools, offices, environment, animals, birds and fellow human beings. The nuance of this destruction engenders the innocent Nagaland into slavery, wasteland and downfall for decades, when neighboring places grow beyond its imagination. The demonic resonance of the Naga people have murdered and suppressed Nagaland to voiceless and helpless land. The history of born again Nagaland which marks in 1872 (V.K.Nuh, 2006, Welman, 2007) delineates that God liberated Nagaland from the captivity of darkness. However, Naga people subsequently relinquish it to despair and wilted poor land through demolishing identity, economy, natural resources, culture, development and other God given prosperities, with the power of corruption. 

India becomes the Panopticon of Nagas captivating Nagaland, the own home with fragmented groups, ideas, ideologies and so on through corruption culture and politics. Panopticon strategizes prison theory where a leader oversees prisoners from watch tower known as inspection house, which provides vivid movement of prisoners without been noticed, also called “Abused of Power” (Anne Brunon. 2016). India watches Nagas killing Nagaland. Environmentally, no more virgin forest left as a ramification of legal or illegal logging. No virgin rivers, streams and ponds due to extraction of stones and sold to neighboring state, no virgin roadside due to stone quarry without proper guidance, no flourishing and sustainable business due to illegal taxation and ambiguous knowledge of business management, increased of contaminated water due to poor development, emergence of unstoppable groups, organization etc with more extractions from Nagaland than contributions to Nagaland. No government school gives any good and quality education. School and collages buildings are abandoned yet forces school children to sit inside the class and anticipate good results. Teachers are asked to perform excellent duties but remain deft to awing their rights. Hospitals are established, however, create more damages and ignorance. Fewer nurses and doctors but more patients grow every day, poor roads more motor vehicles, more unemployment and less payment of salaries, increasing numbers of competitive aspirants for countable vacancies (over 55,000 students appear for NBSE exams, MorungExpress. 2020). This is how Nagas kill Nagaland every day in the captivity through abused power. Above all, political corruption becomes the champion to suppress, captivate, discriminate, subjugate and savaged the Nagaland. In the history of the Naga politics, no political man/woman is born until now to liberate Nagaland from the colonial captivity of the Nagas.   

The suffering Nagaland from the Nagas had sink beneath the possibility of rising again. Liberation is something that exit to freedom from a dominant world (Beyus. L. 1960) hence, Nagaland needs liberation from the Nagas to exit to freedom. This freedom can be achieved if only the mass repentance of the Nagas before God, takes place. This is the only gateway to attain the freedom of Nagaland from the Nagas. No nations will volunteer to rescue Nagaland from the bondage; no nations would give freedom to Nagaland, except the Nagas.  Theory of Government’s responsibility for development of a nation, requires coordination, participations and system (Castillo. 2004) with the people and subsequently, Government and the Nagas must search God in order to witness the liberate Nagaland from their captivity. 

Hence, God has power to uncover the captivated Nagaland from the power corruption people. With no further struggles would be followed by Corruption-Free State reformed Nagaland and concurrently obliterates corrupters like political leaders, village council chairman, secretary, village development block, churches leaders, and non-governmental organizations leaders and over all freedom from the misleading leaders).  

The historical world view of Nagaland inscribes that the people and the land are metamorphosized from savage to born again through total submission to foreign religious teaching and education, in a promised to build better Nagaland with transformed people. The virgin born again prospection of the then decision can be introspected to pinnacle of the current world view of Nagaland seeking answer to fundamental questions of Who are we and what are the conditions of the place where we live?. Nagaland was faithful, honest, loving, caring and innocent mother to the Nagas since the history of its origin. The love of Nagaland for the Nagas remains immeasurable before God and the people. The same Nagaland is missing today and Nagas must repent to restore the lost Nagaland.  

Dr. Lemwang Chuhwanglim, Researcher, Mon (

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