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Gaps in diverse forms leading to inequality

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/22/2018 11:49:28 AM IST

 Those in power and authority and particularly who control technology and its apps control knowledge, information and thus the world. In the past inequality has been manifested and measured in diverse formats. 

Whatever may be the means and methods of measuring inequality, widening of inequality has always been the core factor be it income inequality, gender inequality and what not, and now we are in an epoch of digital revolution. 

Digital revolution has totally been transforming the world in which we live. People per se look at the transformation and thus are dumbfounded. It is fascinating and appalling, but subtle. In such a context, we should be mindful about the widening gap that the digital revolution is creating. Researches in information and communication technology in India, like elsewhere is widening inequality than expected.

Many thought that information and communication technology in sum the digital technology would act as equalizers, but a number of reports convey that the ground reality something different, grave and deeper. We should take it as a wakeup call and act appropriately. Technology is changing the world in such fashions that makes us to wonder where we would be ending up, if such sorts of revolutions go on. Human tendency when it comes to inquiry particularly scientific does not stop, but keeps moving on to greater heights and shall never cease. Precisely because of these reasons we should be mindful because of the fact that as we keep move to greater heights in scientific know-how and technological innovations, the gaps between human beings are widening leading to inequality. 

Whatever may be the advancements in human endeavor, equality ought to be the central principle in which humans will have to be pitched, because if any advancements that fosters good for a few and deters many shall never be called as beneficial to everyone. Ethical principle of ‘common good’ is such an equalizer that should always be invoked and applied. Human tendency has always been to enable the rich and powerful and in the process sidelines others who are greater in numbers. Over and above, those who control technology acquire power that automatically enlarges that status, position and wealth. This is why a tiny percentage of people and families control disproportionate wealth and money. 

Those who can control communication and information via technology know how to sift information and thus communicate in select ways to their advantage. Human tendency has always been to control others. This is why we always search for mechanisms that could be used to control others. One used to wonder whether this tendency has pushed people or keep pushing to get into invention more and more. Innovations ought to be for public good and also for common good. Maximum number of people should be benefitted through the Apps and certainly not creating a wide gap between and amongst the populace. Therefore, one should be mindful to the growing and widening gap between those who happened to be the beneficiary of information and communication technology and those who have been pushed out. 


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