GoI backtracking on Framework Agreement

GoI backtracking on Framework Agreement
Q. Tuccu (NP)
Tinakali Sumi DIMAPUR, SEP 8 (NPN) | Publish Date: 9/8/2019 10:18:30 AM IST


National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) chairman, Q. Tuccu has accused government of India of backtracking from August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement signed by the two entities in the presence of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.
In an exclusive interview to Nagaland Post, Tuccu admitted that due to misinterpretation of the Framework Agreement by government of India the negotiating parties were yet to concur on some core issues like separate Naga National Flag and Constitution.
Tuccu, who is also the Yaruiwo of Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN), said NSCN would sign the final agreement provided government of India adhere to the agreed positions based on the Framework Agreement.
Referring to Modi’s desire to sign the final agreement within three months, Tuccu said NSCN could visualise it as an “ultimatum” to the Nagas.
Excerpts of the interview: 
NP: As the newly elected chairman/Yaruiwo of NSCN/GPRN what is your vision for your government and Nagas?
Tuccu: Since time immemorial Nagas were independent.We have never been subjected by anyone. Before British left India, Nagas expressed our rights to live independently. Naga leaders in the past and present have been fighting for our Independent right. Under the banner of NSCN, Nagas have entered a political dialogue with government of India. NSCN will continue to fight for the Nagas till our objective is fulfilled.
NP: What is the status of the ongoing Talk with government of India?
Tuccu: The agreed position between government of India and NSCN is “shared-sovereignty”. That means, neither India will be under Nagas nor Nagas under India but we will coexist on the basis of “shared-sovereignty”. However, government of India is not agreeable on separate Naga National Flag and Constitution due to which we are unable to conclude the Talk.
 NP: Is there any possibility for the two negotiating parties to come to an understanding regarding the demand for separate Naga Flag and Constitution?
Tuccu: If government of India adheres to the agreed positions as mentioned in the August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement then there would have been no misunderstanding between us. We agreed to coexist as two entities, that is, two nations on the basis of shared-sovereignty.  
NP: If government of India does not budge on the issue of separate Naga Flag and Constitution, what measures will your government take?
Tuccu: We cannot reveal plan B. 
NP:  Will NSCN walk out of Talk and subsequently break cease-fire if both negotiating parties remain adamant on these pressing issues?
Tuccu: If government of India continues the Talk as per the agreed positions of Framework Agreement then there is no question of walking out of the Talk. Government of India is misinterpreting and backtracking from Framework Agreement and this is not acceptable to us. 
NP: According to Governor of Nagaland and government of India’s Interlocutor to Naga Peace Talks, R.N Ravi, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has expressed to conclude the Talk within three months. Is there any possibility to conclude the Talk within three months?
Tuccu: We could visualise this three months deadline as an ultimatum to the Nagas. Today, government of India is devising to undo whatever has been agreed upon by the two entities in the Framework Agreement. We will not accept anything less than what has been agreed upon. NSCN will only agree to conclude the Talk, within three months, if government of India adhere to our agreed positions based on Framework Agreement.
NP: Then when is Naga issue likely to be resolved?
Tuccu: NSCN wants to resolve the Naga political issue at the earliest. However, we cannot agree to anything less than the agreed positions.
NP: In a recent interview to Nagaland Post, the Interlocutor has likened the Talk to a switched on car engine in neutral gear. What do you have to say on this?
Tuccu: The car is in neutral gear because of the government of India and not NSCN.
NP: What is NSCN/GPRN position with respect to WC of NNPGs joining the ongoing Peace Process?
Tuccu: Government of India is engaging NNPGs because they are agreeable to remain within Indian Union and Constitution. Their position is favourable to government of India and that is why they are engaged in it. NSCN/GPRN is for sovereign Naga. We will not betray the right and aspirations of the Nagas. 
NP: What will be NSCN/GPRN’s position if government of India goes ahead and sign a final agreement with WC of NNPGs?
Tuccu: NNPGs position is favourable to government of India. It depends on government of India whether to sign an agreement with them or not, it is up to them. However, NSCN will not remain a mute spectator; we will work out our own strategy. 
NP: Government of India has maintained that there will be only “One Talk and One Solution. What do you have to say on this?
Tuccu: Mr. R.N Ravi knows what he meant by “One Talk, One Solution”.
NP: Your government wrote a letter to Prime Minister expressing displeasure over reducing the Talk to “mere governor” level. Since then you have held Talks with the Interlocutor, R.N. Ravi, have you come to an understanding? 
Tuccu: The commitment before entering the Talk with government of India was – Talk shall be at the highest level; venue of the Talk shall be outside India, in a third country and Talk will be held without any pre-condition. Since then the Talk has been held at the Prime Minister level, however, today the Talk has been reduced to a Governor’s level. This is not acceptable to us. 
If government of India feels that Ravi should continue as Interlocutor, as he has detail knowledge of the Naga issue, then we will agree to it provided the Talk continues at the Prime Minister level. We cannot continue the Talk at the Governor’s level.
NP: What is your message for the Nagas?
Tuccu: I appeal the Nagas to be more consistent and patient till the final solution is signed with government of India. GPRN is a people’s government; we will not betray the Nagas, we will hold consultative meeting with the Naga public before signing of the final agreement.

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