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How migrants are encouraged

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/15/2019 12:47:36 PM IST

 At present time, Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has become the most debated topic among the political parties, civic bodies and the student bodies at large. Through daily newspapers, we find political parties and civic bodies coming together at an understanding in opposition to CAB, and by doing so, has addressed an issue of great magnitude. Before CAB became an issue of public interest an increase in the arrival of innumerable non-locals in Nagaland, especially in two major cities Dimapur and Kohima at an alarming rate makes one to ponder on the possibility that perhaps the situation will only worsen with time? The question to the influx of non-locals in our land needs some thorough analysis. 

Some Nagas are buying means of transport like taxi, mini bus and Tata vehicles for the non-locals to do business on the one hand, and at the same time enabling them to earn their livelihood and thereby, living with us and among us. They are availing driving license from the Regional Transport Department on the recommendation of the vehicle owners and few public leaders. Many things can be written in this regard but comprehensible to all if the reasons are discussed in brief. Non-local taxi drivers are responsible for bringing non-locals to Kohima town. On roads in police check posts, the Policemen are unable to identify those without Inner Line Permit (ILP) license. Because the non-locals are aware of their nature, they are bribing them to allow them passage to Kohima. Once they reach Kohima Town, they are given room to rent by the house owners and enabling them to avail ILP license and business permit from the D.C. Office. On top of that non-locals are also offered business outlets by the house owners. As a result, the non-locals are now controlling the whole business markets in Kohima town. Out of the 100% business markets, 80% could be in hands of the non-locals. Imagine, this a shameful thing for the local people .
Therefore, as long as houses are built by the land owners in Kohima non-locals will continue to come more to our land. Similarly, their business markets would increase. In this way, times are radically changing. Naga menfolk living with non-local womenfolk is less but the more non-locals lives with us, Naga womenfolk living with non-local menfolk would increase significantly. If this continues, a time will come when it will be difficult to control the population growth on non-locals in Nagaland.
At present, the member of student scholars is increasing and the government cannot guarantee employment to all, therefore, some have to do business but all opportunities are being given away to all non-locals. The government prohibits giving employment to non-locals but house owners are giving away business opportunities to the non-locals. In this regards, students and public are not all concerned. Both are only interested in opposing the government actions.
Political parties are playing blame games with regard to CAB but it is not going to help in solving the issue of influx of non-locals in Nagaland. The government might pass a resolution to nullify CAB but the public is not in a position to worry about the non-locals. This is a great evil that is challenging the society. 
We need not necessarily chased the non-locals away from our land but if their residence and business markets are not provided, then how can they stay? Students bodies have chased away the non-locals without ILP license for some years ago but to do so now, would only invite mockery. Can you provide shelter to the non-locals and allow your children to extend their support in opposition to the presence of the non-locals? Dear friends, think about it. To abuse the presence of non-locals in our land it might be good if the civic bodies frame a law for house owners with regard to giving rent to non-locals. Because the very fact that there is an influx of non-locals in our land largely depends on the house owners. They are overtaking both places-residential and business markets. Ironically, this has become the burden of the state government and Naga society.
There is a possibility that your children having completed their studies are unable to get government jobs and are sitting idle at home whereas, you are giving away your business properties as employment avenues to the non-locals and your children are working under them or interacting with them. Therefore, if business opportunities are shared among the locals (Nagas) themselves and not with the non-locals, it would benefit business proprietor as well as the society. Yes, the influx of non-locals in Nagaland poses a great threat to the Nagas but the reality is that a group of individuals are responsible for this threat and the public is left to confront it. Therefore, it is not meant to be looked up, but meant to be changed by the Public. 
Vizotso Tase, 
High School Area, Kohima 

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