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Ideas, a guide for Naga solution

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/5/2019 11:39:36 AM IST

 The Naga solution is equally a worthwhile raison d’être for us to pursue and also has kept itself a stationary guerdon worth fighting for. Time has intervened by default the Nagas to an opportune era in point. Amidst the vacuum of thought space, there emerged the epoch of informational assembly. An assembly of ideas that peels the rapture of deceit and corrupt design—inflicting wounds on our pent up souls and minds. The malicious content in the design is layered with robust rhymes to hide the convoluted truth. The design is the automated uncontrollable corruption emanating from the paradox of its loop-continuity.

The information gravitated onto us via the grid of technological hive space in the network. Ideas that made entry in our nascent minds streamed first through our conscious intellect. They passed. We intercepted the linear and juxtaposed ideas emerging from foreign soil and nature; it resonated to our human nature and made sense and were henceforth classified likewise. This doesn’t go whereby our skeptical lenses were bypassed. We have our own hypotheses and theorem even among the minds the sons and daughters of the soil are left of the people from worlds apart to authenticate the science part of it. We commonly accept relative facts and coherent ideas, and share the same incredulity on unsound insights loosely connected, dodgy and imprecise, no elements of internal truth etc. just like our intellectual counterparts from other culture.

Ideas on democracy, socialism, communalism, authoritarian, fascism etc. have illuminated our own insights to view the contrasting nature of human conflict and the significant role of the government to pacify and ignite control over the environment - to advance and maximize the existential patterns to achieve true congruous peace. Political theories from many background has increasingly helped us to reference, cross check and identify the similar lines of human conflict inhabiting within human society so that we can skip and leap over the same daunting ordeal that has slowed down their own political pace. This is the invaluable lesson we are gifted by, by the falling-into-place of humanity’s journey into the heart of the chaotic universe.

The environment do not agree with the current political trends of humans all over the world. The ideas we had the privilege to absorb represents the very human ordeal since the seeding of human origin that has given us this opportunity to seek out for an amiable solution with the Indians. We see and observe the world with ideas. We create and build world with ideas. And it is ideas that can give us leverage against the raging chaos. It is the element for the tribunal wherein lies our salvation or exodus from justice. It is the indispensable vision that fill up our senses and national trajection. 

In our foreseeing sight of the upcoming, our race against climate and natural resources plummeting odds, can ideas compliment and reinforce on our effort to resuscitate in building a healthy nation, is a course of our journey most if not all I believe is fairly onboard by. Now that ideas has been interchangeably and intermittently brought on, reviewed, criticized, classified, generalized, and merited, can we sooner single out the ideas from the contrasting chimera and reality distorting capricious delirium that does not balance itself in the conducive objectivity… to be practically put into use is the precedent anticipation in the encore from all the days of our reckoning.

T Y Tikhir

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