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Idol worship and its consequences

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/18/2019 12:32:45 PM IST

 As human, sometimes we miserably failed to uphold the God’s commandment of which the following scripture has to be taken up as reminder in lives with due seriousness as Exodus: 20: 3 & 4 says, do not have other Gods besides me or do not commit idolatry.

What is Idol worship? Idol worship does not only meant people who worship trees, stones, rivers, sun, moon, cows, hand made statues etc. but he who goes or act against God’s will is an idol worshipers. Jesus said, ‘a person who is not for me is against me or whoever does not believe in me is from evil’ (John: 8: 43-47).

We talk about satanic worshipers! And yes that’s true! I had personally experienced the episode, a woman declaring and confessing herself to be a Satanic worshiper further disclosed, she is a blood sucker as well. She candidly reveals, ‘I use to suck the blood of dog, pig, cat, cow, snake and so on. I also happen to deal with a person who is a close associate and worshipper of Lucifer. As per his disclosure, he along with other friends organized a meeting with Lucifer where deceiving innocent youngsters to chew tobacco, consuming of alcohol, disobeying their parents and teachers were the sole agenda of their meeting and together shared blood in the bottle. However, we don’t have to be get shock of that.

Many Naga Christians have become Satan and idol worshipers: (both Old & New testament) advise us to love God the Almighty with all our heart, mind, soul and strength-which is the greatest commandment (Deuteronomy: 6:5, Mark: 12:30 & Luke: 10:27) But on contrary we have become a worshipper of drug, alcohol, tobacco, sex, technology, serial, pornography, money, TV etc.

The following few explanation points can further remind us of how we become the victims of idolatries.

1. Drug & Alcohol worshiper: One who is addicted to drug & alcohol are automatically a worshipper of those substances because instead of worshipping God, they became to meditate it as their daily doses. All their thoughts and plans are how to steal, cheat parents and after all enjoy life, which brings poverty, failure, problems to the family, disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the society and also facing an untimely death (Ephesians: 5: 18, Habakkuk: 2: 15-19, Rome: 13: 15)

2. Sex worshiper: Adultery fornication, homosexuals, polygamy, gay lesbians, male and female prostitutes, masturbating and all sexual immoralities are sex worshipers because instead of making their body a temple of God, they sins against their own body (1 Corinthians: 6: 18-20). They only focus on human desires and worldly pleasures which is totally against God’s will. (1 Corinthians: 6: 9-10, Revelation: 21: 8, Galatians: 5: 19-21, James: 4: 4).

3. Money worshiper: Demand, extortion, dishonest gain, murder, kidnapped, charging high interest (Proverbs: 28: 8) are money worshipers, because their thoughts and actions are and only of the wealth so as to live a luxury live instead of working for the extension of God’s kingdom. For money, men sell their soul, women sell their precious body where both rich and poor are tempted. It is never wrong to be rich, it is only wrong to trust in riches so as to fill their treasure by unfair means. (Isaiah: 2: 7-9). The Bible says, money is the root of all evil (I Timothy: 6: 10).

4. Technology worshipper: I was told by a spiritual grandmother way back in 2006 where she say, “satans are planning to work in people’s live through atmosphere”. Ephesians 2:2 says, “In which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air (atmospheric domain), the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient”. And I do observed that within a short span of time from spiritual grandmother revelation, many youths were enraged in fornicating adultery, many young female got pregnant, lots of unholy marriages arises out of phone pal and with the coming of advanced technologies, lots of people are trapped in the bondage of evil plan. Addicted to smart phone is no doubt a technology worshipper. As was stated in Joshua 1:8, the Bible advice us to recite the holy word of God at all times, however, on our own will we replaced the Holy Bible with technologies and instead of reading and meditating on the word of God, we meditate and worship technologies irrespective of day and night. The Internet technologies viz; Face book,  WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Games, Tablets, Laptop etc are some of the worldwide Apps we focus all our times and energies worshipping it. People of this age even worship Satan through smart phones. As per the personal disclosure there is a boy who posses with 4000 gaming spirits, lots of youths and teenagers are engaged in phone prostitution, there are many who posses smart phones are engaged in evil designs which led them to depression, fear psychosis, frustration and furthermore. Numerous numbers of brilliant students fail in their studies because of smart phones and many are backsliding in their truthful path. As was observed, many people are viewed degrading health, abstain from attending church service, holy fellowship, holy camping, family devotion and was slaved to technology by threatening, demand, extortion through phone. Patriach Kiril’s Russian Church predicts that ‘Antichrist would control mankind through smart phone’.

James 2: 10, says, whoever keeps the entire law, yet fail in one point is guilty of breaking it all.

Dear Nagas, are we destroying the image of ‘Nagaland for Christ’ because of our idolatry or stepping to eternal hell (fire)? Let us be rooted in the Bible fill with Holy Spirit and joint hands to thrashed out of all those idolatries which is within us and make Nagaland a land of ‘Christ, Mission, Peace and Salvation’. 

Surhoneyi Soho, 

Lower Forest Colony, Kohima 


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