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Illegal immigrants’ issue

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/29/2018 10:21:02 AM IST

 In this world, challenges come in different forms to every one- as a nation, group in a region, tribe, family or as an individual. 

The immigration issue is a worldwide nationality phenomenon. India is not exceptional that in turn is impacting Northeastern region of India and even the Nagas.

Historically, Bengal was partitioned into East and West Bengals by Lord Curzon in 1905 during the suzerainty of the British. The partition was on religious line. East Bengal was predominantly Muslims and the West Bengal- Hindus. Then again, India was partitioned into India and Pakistan in 1947. East Bengal joined Pakistan as East Pakistan. In their new country, they were discriminated by the Pakistanis. So they wanted to free themselves. India helped them in the war against Pakistan in 1971. As a result, a new independent country called Bangladesh was born in 1972. And now the issue of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants has been the burning issue in the aftermath of Assam Government’s National Citizen Register exercise to deal with the problem. It is a problem so complex. It is a legacy of the British divide and rule policy over the Indians passed down from nation to nation and eventually to you and me. Thus, the Nagas, by virtue of being ruled by Independent India since 1947 is sharing the problem. To this end, Naga nation should come together. Independent Naga State-will be the best option to figure out for a comprehensive solution to tackle this ever alarming threat to our future survivability as a group of dignified people in our own land. 

As a regional problem, the Northeastern states, lack coordination and master plan as their political leaders in New Delhi can only make a call or in other words, foreign policy is in the domain of the Central Government. That’s exactly why; it is too dangerous to wait until these people in question become a law and order problem in our region. By then, it will be too late. Nevertheless, helplessness persists because at the ground level, the realities of this problem is politicised by political parties.

Naga as a community too is aware of the threat but there is no political will. Nagaland government with Article 371 A in place can on its own take concrete measures. But, we don’t seem to have visionary leaders as of now, in as far as, this issue is concerned. Inner line permit is there too except in Dimapur town area. Still, the problem seems to be no lesser even in Kohima. 

As a tribe, frisking at vulnerable entry points have been initiated by local bodies. We have to. It is better late than never.

As a family, restraint from giving shelter as tenant in our house.

As an individual, do not trust illegal immigrants how good or innocent they may be. Illegal is illegal. You and I shouldn’t partner with them. It’s not because we hate them but because we have this threat of becoming a helples minority group of people in our own land. 

Let us be aware and live today for our better tomorrow.

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