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Is creation and evolution compatible?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/14/2020 12:04:01 PM IST

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May be we say ‘God is everywhere’ due to the reason that he is infinite, However according to Cosmic Evolution it seems like it took quite a bit more than six days to create the universe in order as we know it today. 

When we discuss about an Organic Evolution, according to Evolutionists life evolved from a primordial soup. The theory suggest that life began in a pond or ocean as a result of the combination of chemicals from the atmosphere and some form of energy to make amino acids, the building blocks of proteins which would then evolve into all the species. So basically, life evolved from a non-living matter, they even gave its term ‘Abiogenesis’. About 4.5 billion years ago, a set of molecules, capable of replicating itself arises. Once the self-replicating entities appeared, the Darwinian theory of Natural selection or the survival of the fittest kicked in, favoring any offspring with variations that made them better, eliminating the rest. 

One of the major reasons, evolutionists or a naturalists give for rejecting Creationism is the concept of miracles. Ironically, naturalists will typically say that miracles, such as special creation are impossible because they violate the laws of nature, however as a simple example, consider ‘Abiogenesis’, the theory of life springing from non-living matter. It is one of the most thoroughly disproven concepts scientifically, yet a truly naturalistic viewpoint presumes that life on earth- self-replicating, self-sustaining, complex organic life- arose by chance from non-living matter which has never been observed in all of human History. A doctor performing an operation has nothing to do with Evolution. Also in Physical Chemistry, The second law of Thermodynamics holds that entropy increases; that is, systems over time become more disordered. On the other hand, Evolution is a decrease of entropy, because it involves things getting more organized over time. If we go deep into these two subjects they violate each other, and there is no proper or rather better explanation. One we can observe, other we cannot. Now which one seems more Science? 

If you ask me whether Creation can be compatible with Evolution, my honest opinion would be a firm ‘No’ simply because they totally tells different stories, Obviously, there are some facts or similarities but it doesn’t mean they are coherent. Both Evolution and special Creation cannot be right. 

According to the Genealogy in the Bible, the Earth is about 6000 years old. In a Christian faith with different sects, we are still disagreeing each other based on several practices and theology with the mindset ‘I ‘am right, you are wrong’. The concept of Trinity is the most difficult thing that there is no complete understanding of it. Recently I asked a few individuals who Jesus is, of course they said, he is our savior, messiah, a messenger but most of them didn’t know that he was God in the flesh, meaning there is no hierarchy within, may be the churches basically doesn’t teaches this concept. The word ‘God’ is taken from the Hebrew word ‘Elohim’ which means ‘Gods’ (plural). Does it allow for the trinity? However we stick with a Monotheistic doctrine. My point here is, Shouldn’t we need to have reasons to believe? 

Now if you may ask, Why Christianity? Christianity makes several claims that others do not; all other Religions exhort man to reach up to God through their own efforts. Christianity is the only Faith where God reaches down to man. Christianity is based upon truly the most amazing event in all human History- the Resurrection. All religions teaches that if you do good deeds you can attain Heaven or a reward, Christianity on the other hand is completely opposite, it teaches that we can never be good enough to be in the presence of a perfect God, in other words, we cannot buy our way up to heaven, that is why we need a Savior and salvation is a gift, receiving his gift is a choice. Christianity is not a religious system, but a relationship with God. 

We have doubts; many doubts sometimes but if we look up, what were the very first words which came out of Evil? [“Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”](Genesis 3) He creates doubts, ultimately leading man to fall. If you may again ask ‘Why do bad things happen to good people’? Why suffering? Why new diseases? I think we should start asking, ‘Why do bad things happen in this Fallen World.


 Atsulo Thyu 


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