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Is natural calamity an opportunity for profit?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/11/2018 11:51:24 AM IST

 I have been aware of the weather of Kohima for the last 73 years, and except for the year 1946 when it rained so heavily and unusually on Christmas day that I remember we spent the whole day playing Carom inside the house. I do not remember the rainfall at Kohima any year as heavy as this year 2018. I enquired from a person 5 years older from Kohima Village; he said he has never kept such things in his memory and does not remember the rainiest year of his life in the Village.

This year 2018, it appears, the rain came down so heavily not only in Kohima but in other States of the Northeast too. I constructed a rainwater harvesting Tank well before I constructed my house at Billy Graham Road. The Tank has a capacity to store some 58000 liters of water and it use to overflow by July, this year it over flew in end of May rain.

The rainfall this year caused destruction not only in Nagaland alone but also in Mizoram, Meghalaya and Sikhim.

The heavy rain brought unusual landslides and even caused flood in Dimapur. It destroyed a lot of the property also. In remote Villages, the people have become accustomed to life without Electricity but beside Electricity, Kiphire and Meluri Districts were affected very badly in availability of essential commodities. In some Villages, essential commodities not produced locally became so scarce that the villagers subsisted on locally produced corn, bulbs and tubers.

The Governor of Nagaland repeatedly pleaded with the people, even on students, to contribute their possible amount to the State Chief Ministers Fund for relief measures. So far it is learned the State has raised Rs. 1 crore. Very unexpectedly a Bollywood Star we did not even know his name earlier, MR. SHUSANT SINGH donated Rs. 1.25 crore compared to State’s collection of Rs. 1. crore only.

This is an indication of where Nagaland stands today: the contribution of the whole State is less than the contribution of a single person from India.

The poor response for the donation may be because of several reasons:-

i. The Donation was not announced widely and properly. 

ii. It may be because the people are poor. 

 i. The State should have addressed to all the Churches to contribute whatever it can and the Apex Organization of the Churches should have spread the obligation earnestly to the Church Leaders within their organization.

ii. The Chief Minister or the Chief Secretary should have convened a meeting with all the Heads of the Churches an impressed upon them of the Christian obligation to “the Jerusalem Church”.

iii. We feel embarrassed that the State collection amount is very small; this may also be due to the overwhelming majority of the ordinary people of the State is POOR.

iv. The gap between the Haves and the Have-nots is bigger than the yawning mouth of a Lion, the Haves makes only a very small percentage of the population, say 10 % whereas the POOR HAVE-NOTS constitute almost 90% of the population.

v. Only the GOVERNMENT can narrow this gap between the Haves and the Have-nots; the CHURCH cannot change it, the NGOS cannot change it, even Education cannot change it easily.

It is the Decision Makers only that can change this situation.

They must think very seriously.

 The Chief Engineer Nagaland estimated the total cost of the Calamity to be around less than Rs. 2 Crores but the State is asking for Rs. 800 Crores when the whole State Donation do not match the amount of the donation of a common Bollywood Star? Is natural calamity an opportunity for State profit? Let us rake our sense of Reality, Ethics and Morality.

 I will be happy with whatever the amount Centre gives us out of their graciousness. Center’s Team of disaster assessment has come to NAGALAND from Delhi, I am concerned more about Delhi’s Trust in Nagaland than the amount they would give.

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