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Is the hidden frame work agreement unveiled

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/10/2019 12:57:19 PM IST

 Apropos Post-mortem articles, Nagaland Post dated 31st September 2019, caption: Hebron 21st September 2019. Followed: dated 5th October 2019, Caption: Hebron 21st September 2019, part II, Dated 4th October 2019, Caption: Will Nagaland cease to exist?, dated 7th October 2019, caption: Will the state of Nagaland cease to exist? 

Not surprisingly the caption articles clearly retrospect’s the contents of the much expected contents of the hidden frame work agreement taken into effect between the GoI and the NSCN (IM). 

Hence, being the concerned citizen of the Nagas of the Nagaland state, I am bound to share my views of thoughts to our citizens with multiple question mark??? Where do we Nagas of Nagaland State stand now at this crucial juncture of our destiny with tryst? Are we just a bunch of dumb spectators bundled in the cage with having no liberty to express our solidarity? Are we under sedation with affect of fear psychosis that our lives is put under suppression, intimidation and dire threat? Are we not educated, qualified, intellectual and self reliant? What make us so inferior and be-little? The answer is; enough is enough, the Nagas (Citizen) of Nagaland state can no longer be taken for granted nor taken for a joy ride any more. The time has arrived to stand up in unison to boldly express our views openly for the solidarity with full support to the out- spoken leaders without making them a scape-goat. 

What really strikes my spine is by the phrase: “The state of Nagaland shall come to cease” and change to “People’s Government of Nagaland”. What does it meant, who are these people to dictate our destiny? How dare anybody who does not belong to our community dictate us to willingly cease to disappear from our legitimate birth right inhabitant place? This is a very serious threatening message to the Nagas of Nagaland. 

Remember! Whoever may be take note of it that even an inch of land belonging to us shall not be spare for the outsiders ... even the possessed plot of land shall be taken back as it has been acquired by our blood and resources. 

It should be our views to implement the change of nomenclature of the two apex organisation body without much delay: a) “Naga Hoho” in to “Nagaland Hoho”. b) “Naga Students Union” in to “Nagaland Students Union” in order to keep our stand clear without the inclusion of the outsiders who claim to enjoy the dual citizenship right under the pretext of being a Naga Tribe, as seen with prevailing situation effecting our livelihood and survival with dire consequences. 

As of now since the picture is crystal clear for the question of sovereignty, Integration, etc, etc, does not arise anymore, the GoI and interlocure who is no other but His Excellency, The present incumbent Governor of Nagaland, Shri. R.N. Ravi, should wisely note that any kind of settlement issue with factions of NSCN group, be made separately based upon each activist state jurisdiction, e.g. Nagaland, Manipur etc, but should never contradict and put the situation into jeopardy. 

Further, accommodation of the outsiders within the Nagaland state administrative jurisdiction boundaries by way of rehabilitation should be avoided under any means, whereby not doing so the situation shall turn tur-moil as same as pouring fuel on fire. The GoI must learn from the previous experience where the Revolutionary Government of Nagaland (RGN) solution took place during 70’s, but due to few pocket of people opposition the secession activist re-kindled. 

In conclusion, but most seriously the NNPG’s group which claimed to be ready for the talk conclusion as published in the Nagaland Post, dated 7th October 2019, to be more aware and apprehensive about the outcome of the settlement between the GoI and the NSCN (IM). Where-by failing to protect the integrity of the citizen and the legitimate boundaries of the state of Nagaland should bear in mind that they shall have no place in our society for the betrayal (Sell out) of our rights to the outsiders even be it the Nagas of Nagaland from the NSCN(IM) activists. Vis-a- vis, the present public leaders since each individual voice participation is needed to safe-guard our legitimate right of existence. 

Tohuvi Yeptho, 

Chekiye Village, Dimapur

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