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It’s just an illusion

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/24/2019 11:58:34 AM IST

 With due apology to the writer of this song, whose title I have borrowed, “It is just an illusion”.What is the difference between Kim Jong-un and NarendraModi? None. Both leaders use nationalism (Desh Bhakt) to distract their people regarding their inability to achieve the primary goals set forth in their stated objectives concerning their governance. While the common citizens of North Korea are dying of starvation due to man-made abject poverty the leader Kim Jong-un is busy with his propaganda machineries highlighting missile testing, military posturing vis-a-vis the US and South Korea, etc. The economy of North Korea is defunct and the socio-political status of the nation is dysfunctional due to absence of rights and liberties. 

Now coming back to India the PM Modi is in full campaign mode with the strategy of projecting his leadership and government as the sole defender of India’s security by thumping his Chapan-size chest with tales of surgical and IAF strikes against the enemies, the development and testing of Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Weapon, etc. His campaigns shenanigans are all about the exploits of the Indian armed forces, the way he has captured the attention of the global leaders on India’s potential as a global economic power-house as well as attracting foreign investors, etc. Agreed that India needs to aggressively push her economic interest in the international field but when the common people are struggling to earn two square meals a day these global economic achievements hardly matters to the aamadmi. When India pushes ahead in the global economic arena the benefits it accrues only concerns the miniscule segment of the one billion plus population. When the farmers are left with no choice but to commit suicide due to burgeoning debts all these achievements means nothing to the majority of the Indian population. In fact the latest reports from the banking regulatory authority regarding the wiping off by the central government the bad loans availed by few individuals only goes toproves the allegations of the government working for the interest of the rich only.

He is trying to champion himself as the Chowkidar of the country but in reality he was protecting the interest of the miniscule segment of Indian population, his Gujarati Biradari the like of Nirav, Choksi, Adani, etc. Does he have any policy against poverty? For Farmers?For Unemployed youths?For small or marginal entrepreneurs? I saw nothing in the past 4 years and I will see nothing for the coming 5 years he is so aggressively competing. Except for the interest of turning India as a Hindu Rashtra by hook or by crook.In fact he has nothing to offer even to the Hindu citizens in terms of daily sustenance other than the slogan of one nation one culture andone language (&one religion). In fact, due to misplaced priorities that has been set by the current regime, India today considers a cow more important than human beings.

No doubt the political leadership provided by the civilian establishment is crucial for effective and decisive functioning of the armed forces, but it does not mean that the exploits of the armed forces can be used by the political establishment for scoring political goals during election period. There is no such personal angle in the working of the Indian armed forces, where a Prime Minister is considered their master and as such the armed forces can be called “PM’s army”. They are the soldiers of the nation and not of a person, unless India is reverting back to the age of monarchy.

He has the gumption to question what INC has achieved for the past 67 years, forgetting the fact that the base upon which he and his government seem to have worked miracles is actually the product of the performance of past INC government. In fact when the INC took over the government from the British colonial master, India was impoverished beyond 80% of her population but by the late 20th century poverty was arrested at 20 to 30% and that was what Modi had inherited when he took control of the governance in 2014. Well did he further brought the level of poverty down? Unfortunately he promoted the interest of the Indian corporate houses with his propaganda of “Make in India”. 

All his innovative policy-ideas such as Jan Dhan, Swaach Bharat, E-economy or cashless economy, SabkeSathSabkeVikas, etc. were just Red Herring nothing more nothing less. A leader who does not brook criticism even from his own partymen and a leader who has never faced the press media imply that he maybe scared of some bitter revelation or that he has nothing productive to communicate. In a democratic social and political system, the press media acts as the ears, eyes and mouth of the common people and it is considered healthy when the rulers periodically interacts with the media on the affairs of the state. The press media performs the function of political audit by cross examining and verifying the whole process of governance through the periodic press conferences held with the rulers of the nation. Factually in democracy all the leaders are all accountable to the people who have chosen them to take decisions on their behalf. The pattern of functioning of the Election Commission of India in the current Lok Sabha election process reveals the slow but gradual exertion of control and manipulation of the independent and impartial constitutional body by certain forces inimical to the original principles of the Indian constitution establishing India as a democratic and secular nation. Lastly the recent news- paper reports on the statement of the Chief Justice of India as well as the sworn statement of an advocate has also set off alarm bells to the attempts by the same divisive forces to hijack the nation by controlling these constitutional bodies. In fact the Indian judiciary represents the last line of defence against attacks on the democratic and secular ideals of the constitution and if the status of the Supreme Court of India is undermined through these manipulations then the survival of the poor and the marginalized segment of the population of India is under grave danger. In such a scenario, there is no difference between the majority Hindus and the minorities communities, because the ultimate beneficiaries will be the rich and the powerful, across religious divide and the victims willbe the poor which includes both the majority community and the minorities, for the rich and the powerful their only concern is materialistic profit and they have no religion, except money and power.Let us open our eyes, ears, mouth and minds so that we are not made fools by this fascist regime.

Charles Mhonthung Ezung, Industrial Estate Colony, Dimapur

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