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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/9/2019 12:43:42 PM IST

 At the advent of the millennium, while serving as an underling in the Prog section of Doordarshan Kohima, I came across a television documentary entitled ‘Little Drops’ produced for Doordarshan by Metevinuo Sakhrie, one of the most creative and adept mass media communicators among the Nagas. The documentary dwelt on the contribution of all small-scale Naga entrepreneurs whose contribution to the socio-economic development of the state was as indispensable as little drops of water to the formation of the eternal oceans. I was so impressed by the over-all quality of the documentary that I had the confidence to later aver (a tad pompously, perhaps!) in a NE Zonal DD meeting in Dibrugarh that Nagas had the potential to be second to none in many trades including production of television programmes and that we did not need baby-sitters. I was provoked to make that statement by a condescending (almost hypocritical, even contemptuous) remark by a DD bigwig from the national capital that producers from the North-East needed more guidance as they were just starting while their counterparts in the mainland had gone a long way. That God-sent remark opened up the vent to release my pent-up resentment, yes, resentment by giving a piece of my mind for the benefit of those who harbour ill-informed, misconceived and presumptuous notions about the Nagas. Call it Naga headhunter’s mentality, if you will, but I mumbled ‘take that’ before the customary ‘thank you’ at the end of my presentation! Meanwhile, I felt vindicated and suitably proud when several Naga television producers subsequently went on to bag coveted awards in prestigious national-level festival-cum-competitions.

1. Writers/expositors- “Writers shape the future” as iterated recently by the undisputed master of politics, Dr. S.C. Jamir. Here, I beg to present a list of four writers/expositors who have been injecting Little Drops of wisdom, truth and courage into the ailing Naga system.
a) Niketu Iralu- Fortune favoured me to be part of the audience savouring the discourse of this gem of a Naga on a few occasions. Besides, I had read some of his writings in the local papers earlier which was undiluted mind fresheners of the highest quality. Pity his writings in the local dailies is hard to come by nowadays. I have a nagging suspicion that it is not only a symptom of the spirit being willing but the flesh weak. A thoroughly composed and conscience-tickling writer and speaker, how we wish there are a few more Niketus in our midst!
b) Khekiye K. Sema- Not all the people all the times may agree with all of his views or, rather, how he airs his views. But generally, I applaud his no-nonsense, devil-may-care way of putting people and issues in their respective slots. Gratefully, after an apparent sabbatical for a while, there has been a near-bonanza of Khekiyeism beginning from his ‘Naga Christmas Greetings! Keep it up, Senior!
c) Kahuto Chishi Sema- Thankfully, at least one more sharp-shooter who minces no words in calling people and matters exactly what they are. He obviously has a vast reservoir of knowledge and an admirable command over the white man’s tongue. May his tribe multiply by leaps and bounds!
d) Kaka D. Iralu- Every piece bearing the name of this full-blooded Naga is an absorbing read. Rain or shine, I must read his writings because he occasionally reminds me of my Naganess! A bit of unsolicited advice, though. I hear you are no theological novice but stand cautioned-in all probality, you may find yourself in the dock sooner than later accused of being the cause of unemployment of our teeming theologians! As such, be on the safe side and concentrate on the cause of safeguarding the inalienable cause of Naga struggle for defending our birthright. Besides, keep your encyclopaedia on Naga national politics open as every Naga needs to read and be aware of the authentic history of the Naga.
Because of space constraints I have been grossly unfair by only naming a few out of many Naga writers, accomplished and upcoming, who can give their counterparts beyond the Naga borders a run for their money. 
2. Contractor- I frequently commute on the stretch of NH 29 between Merhülietsa junction and TCP gate in Kohima and the quality of the ongoing road construction works vouches for the acclaimed reputation of Vilelie Khamo for whom quality of work and public well-being take precedence over material profit. Equally renowned as a philanthropist, this admirable contractor had been raining Little Drops of selfless public service and succour which calls for government recognition and people’s gratitude. Salute!
3. Family/Clan- Naga Landowners everywhere will do well by taking a leaf out of the book of the Belho Family/Clan who promptly donated the area of land required for re-alignment of the highway following a major landslide in the outskirt of the Capital City despite the fact that a major business godown of the family stood dangerously close to the proposed re-aligned road. The family/clan could easily have made instant crores if they had invoked the partially off-quoted Art. 371 (A) but they did not. If this is not exemplary public service, what is ? The Belhos are no gold-diggers, I know. How worthy to be emulated!
4. NGO-ACAUT, the courageous campaigners Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation has been rendering yeoman’s service to the Naga Society by employing Little Drops of courage and pressure in quest of an unshackled and accountable dispensation. By the way, are you hibernating? 
5. The Church- Jesus knew Peter would falter and err, yet He chose the Rock to be the foundation of His Church. Peter (the Church) has further been invested with the authority of binding or loosening within the ecclesiastical domain. In other words, the Church is a divine institution under the custodianship of the clergy who are prone to falter and err as human beings exposed to the machinations of Satan. Thus, inspite of certain failings and taints, the church commands the highest respect and loyalty of believers as it shepherds its flocks to the pasture of rightness .Yes, the Church has been the perennial source of Little Drops of virtue in a vicious world. . Pray we for a more participative, contributive and non-decadent Church in the pursuit of an upright social order.
6. Politicians- Politicians will be squarely blamed if some species of flowers go extinct in the near future! For, they are the ubiquitous, if ephemeral, depositories of bouquets of the literal kind. But, let us admit it, the general public including chamchas, wannabe movers and shakers and self-styled, petty kingmakers almost never think of felicitating their leaders with bouquets of the figurative kind even when they deserve it, albeit rarely. I may be one of the odd men out but I believe in commending positivity. Accordingly, here are three of the several politicians who, in my book, have been feeding Little Drops of freshness to the political ocean of amnesia, insincerity and incompetence.
a) The constituents-friendly, refreshingly simple and reportedly easy-to-approach Neikeisalie Kire has surely made a difference. Despite being a 35+ year resident of the area which is a part of the constituency he has been representing for three consecutive terms now, I have only met and chatted with him once by chance- in a humble home at the grassroots. Apart from that, I know he came over to our home to personally share our grief over a personal loss but to my rue, I missed thanking him in person as I was attending to some chores elsewhere.
Then, when he was a minister during the previous assembly tenure, a neighbour of ours once told me that he had never seen him in the colony. I suggested that he could look for the minister on such occasions and places as wedding celebrations, bereaved homes etc. at the lower class level. Another neighbour was surprised that he happened to espy someone resembling the minister chatting with some others in a spot on the way between Kohima and Dimapur but was unsure if it was actually the minister himself, as he did not see any security escorts or morethan two vehicles, that too facing different directions. Very typical , I thought. That is Nicky for you!
b) He had been a respected and noted member of our neighbourhood since childhood till marriage but I doubt if we will recognise each other now-Tongpang Ozukum. Prompted by curiosity, I have been keeping track of his performance as a minister and my impression is that he is doing quite well particularly in the sincerity aspect.
A person intent to stay afloat in the sewer-fed, obnoxious and murky whirlpool called electoral politics will find it impossible to be a saint, but sincerity of purpose with the determination to deliver the goods is the basic criterion for judging a leader and the young minister is scoring high on this.
To make a good leader one needs exposure and experience in the field of man-management in different situations and on various issues from the grass-roots up. It is regretful it some people publicity disparage and rebuke him for having been a student leader all the way from the bottom to the top.
You may be a novice at the top echelon of electoral politics, but don’t be unduly ruffled by the gutter-level antics of some people who obviously need to learn rudimentary lessons on decency and respect to equals, but instead keep on being the source of Little Drops of freshness, sincerity and humility in the nuisatingly polluted political melieu, Son!
c) Temjen Imna Along Longkumer- This will be outright outrage for a few bigots and exploiters of religions sentiments, a recreational read for the clergy and rational Christians and certainly a minor setback for political detractors including in- house rivals but I go by performance expected of leaders in different fields.
I barely know T.I.A. Longkumer, yet judging by newspaper reports and inputs from discerning and unbiased observers, he is a front-running performer in the Naga political and social horizon. Just reason with me-which other minister secured three major colleges for the state within months of becoming a minister? Which ‘anti-Christian’ extended state scholarships to Christian theological students for the first time? Who is credited for obtaining additional crores to pay students their entitled but long-pending scholarships the purse of which allegedly disappeared into thin air earlier? How many wealthy individuals utilised their personal riches to help ameliorate public suffering and inadequacies in communities and villages beyond their political constituencies? There are other instances but the above suffices for me to safely say that this obviously misunderstood leader has been providing Little Drops of Succor for the Naga Aam admi and positive trends in public service.
Close circles blessed to be not cursed with jaundiced minds assert that Temjen Imna Along Longkumer is a well-meaning and humble individual and a steadfast, practising and contented Christian. Hearken, Ye social media enthusiasts, rumour-fed gossip medium activists and political ill-wishers, Repent. For, near is the Kingdom of truth!
K.T. Imchen, Merhulietsa Kohima.

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