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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/25/2018 11:33:45 AM IST

 There are times when one immediately feels a compulsive urge to react to some of the news appearing in the local print media that upsets one’s conscious sense of equilibrium being disturbed. Such was the Headline in the Morung Express: Friday. August 24. 2018: that read (Quote): “Naga Hoho, UNC cautions against defying ‘Naga political principle’ (Unquote). Nagaland Post also carried another headline the same day: Friday. August 24.2018: (Quote): “Miscreants halt 4-lane works” (Unquote).

Let us try and factually address the first given issue: Fact number one: Mr. President of Naga Hoho (NH) is an ex-communicated personality from his own Ao community and has ever since virtually been functioning like a lame-duck…sans self-esteem. Fact number two: NH no longer enjoys the amalgamated support of all the Tribes residing in Nagaland and therefore its dictate can at best apply only to those Tribes still affiliated to it. Besides, one also wonders whether Mr. President NH had at least shown a modicum of curtsey to officially consult those Tribes of Nagaland still affiliated to Naga Hoho before attending this Conference at Senapati. Fact number three: UNC has no Tribal jurisdiction beyond Manipur. So, if we combine these three factual realities together, the spontaneous question that hits you in the face is: with what authority are these two entities (Naga Hoho and UNC) audaciously cautioning the Nagas including the Nagas of Nagaland against defying the so called ‘Naga political principle’? We have often heard NSCN (IM)’s tiresome harping about this ‘Naga political principle’ as a shelter to scuttle even the laudable effort of FNR calling for Christian forgiveness, reconciliation and unity of all Factions…because of their arrogant egos. Now it is the turn of Naga Hoho and UNC to naturally parrot their master’s voice once again. They need to educate the masses in simple terms what this ‘Naga political principle’ is all about…so that the Naga people gets to know what principle is not to be violated. Can Naga Hoho and UNC also certify without an iota of doubt that NSCN (IM) has never ever defiled any of the so-called ‘Naga political principle’ all these years? Is UNC and Naga Hoho completely devoid of all God given rationality as to want to blindly endorse an agreement…that may have direct positive or negative ramification in perpetuity on the present and the future generation to come …despite the stark knowledge that they know absolutely nothing about this agreement? Blindly supporting or endorsing this opaque “Framework Agreement” without knowing its content(s) is downright stupid to say the least! One dares to believe that the silent majority among Nagas of Nagaland are still made of sterner stuff to do the right thing given a fair uncontaminated choice. On the other hand, even if this often questioned agreement is signed by all Factions as equals there is a real hope for lasting peace in the aftermath no matter what the outcome…big or small…good or bad. At the end of the day, a true patriot will always be willing to support an upright united effort for a greater cherished cause but certainly not a divided house led by uncompromising, self-serving egoistic leaders who have no respect for their peers involved in the same common national ambition…contemptuously and mercilessly trampling upon the very people that they hypocritically claim to be fighting for. Having made as much down to earth factual statements as can be made…one would presume that this author would now qualify to be treated as an “anti-national” in the cockeyed perception of UNC and Naga Hoho fit to “be banned in Naga territory”. This author can only wonder with shivering apprehension where he will be banished. One would however expect Naga Hoho and UNC to do their homework to rationally discredit what has openly been put on the table through the print media before attempting to carry out their meaningless hollow threat against all who may share the same sentiment. 

Coming to the other headline in Nagaland Post concerning miscreants halting the 4-lane works: It was courageous of the Contracting Firm to publically enlighten the masses about the “regular threats for money, theft of several vehicles including excavators and finally, assault on its labourers who have since fled and abandoned the camp”. How desperately depraved can a people get? In the first place, it is disgraceful that all this is happening under the very nose of IRB and Home Guards purportedly assigned to provide protection. What disciplinary action is the Government contemplating to take against the security personals for obvious dereliction of their duty so that such casual indiscipline does not happen again at the cost of others? The whole narrative of absolute collapse of law and order literally describes a scenario akin to that of the old Wild West and the Mafia operation in the United States of America in the bygone era. That the “official vultures” of various shapes and sizes would have unsparingly bargained for ‘percentages’ from the Contracting Firm at the inception of this mega Project is a foregone conclusion in everyone’s mind. After all…this is Nagaland. Nothing happens for free. But even after having claimed their ‘official’ pound of flesh, allowing additional harassment to routinely be meted out by other ‘unofficial vultures’ against the Contracting Firm throws up a very shabby unwarranted picture of a legitimate Government being nonexistent. Hopefully something positive will now be done to stop this carnage.

This also brings to mind the paradox of a comical yet serious claim made by NSCN (IM) some months ago that they have been closely monitoring and supervising all developmental works in Nagaland including the 4-lane work. They too had claimed their monitory and supervisory sovereign tax as exposed during the earlier incident of work stoppage because of ‘the unusual rain’. If so, the extreme difficulties that the Contracting Firm has been made to undergo as expressed in the local print media also indirectly depicts the supervisory brilliance of NSCN (IM) or the lack of it. Take the example of American Mafias who extorts protection taxes from business houses but provide guaranteed protection from any other predatory human animals…displaying a modicum of honour even among thieves. Since some operational principle appears to be in the similar order, the NSCN (IM) ought not to allow such a lawless situation to occur and recur unabated under their supervisory watch. They should equally do everything within their power to apprehend the culprits who are extorting, threatening and stealing even heavy equipments from the workplaces. At the end of the day, it would also be appropriate on the part of the community under whose area works are going on to give reasonable cooperation and traditional protection to the Company wherever possible, to enable them to execute and complete that this 4-lane project (which belongs to us) within the stipulated timeframe …otherwise the undue delay could very well lead to cost escalation and wake up the official and unofficial vultures all over again.

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