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Might is Right vs Right is Right

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/19/2019 12:34:54 PM IST

 The idiom, “Might is Right” is an archaic one, yet it is prevailing still around the globe. To define, it means,”having the power to do something gives you the right to do it or those who are powerful can do what they wish unchallenged even if their action is in fact unjustified”. This idiom is commonly used by ordinary people and practically “might is right” is shown by the rich people. And the idiom “Right is Right” is theoretically carried inside the mouths and minds of richer men, but in reality, they use money power. I’m not writing a fiction, but sharing what is actually happening in our society. Might is right and Right is right have a huge difference in meaning as well. Might is right is not just, the usage of strength and power of money cannot be justified as a right. That can be termed as forceful right or injustice. You may speak “Right is right”, but do you think what you say and do is right? 

The phrase, “Pen is mightier than sword” can be compared with “right is right” and “sword is mightier than pen” with “might is right”. In fact, the idiom might have had coined positively, but people are misusing the real sense of it. Like ‘Might is Right’ is more positive. The might can be a power of knowledge, wisdom, skills, talents etc. We all know the history of many great men in the holy book of Bible and other historical book. The best example can be “Sampson”, who was a very strong and powerful man once upon a time, but eventually got tricked and became weak. If we use our power and skills in a right and proper way, it can be considered as right (Might is right). And if we do rightly, how can we say it is wrong? Right will always be right until you change your mentality. A small one can bring big fortune. As the proverb “The pen is mightier than sword” implies that the power of pen is great, it can achieve what mighty sword can’t. 

Whoever you are, don’t use “right is right”, cause using this idiom will make you stupid. Might is right is the right one to make use. We are using our powers wrongly. After all, we will walk with legs not head. How are we using our powers? We do twisting like “Sword is mightier than pen” Which is wrong and pessimistic indeed. By looking at the present context, right is achieved by the money power, a person who have more money possesses highest power and status in the society. Nevertheless, we must uphold our faith for what is right because even the rich one will die one day. The judgement day will decide who’s right and will surely deliver the justice. Let Alexander the great ruler be a role model, who once said at his death bed, “Let the best doctors in the world carry my coffin, spread all my wealth on the way to my grave and keep my hand outside the coffin box”. His ministers were stunned and asked why? Then he explained, “to tell the world that even the best doctors in the world cannot stop from dying, I’m not going to take my wealth with me after death whatever I have earned during my stay on earth and I’m gonna show to the world that we came empty handed so shall we go back empty handed”. Therefore, stand on your own right! 

Z Peter Kvz, 

Baptist College Kohima


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