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My humble reply to Mr. T Solo

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/19/2019 11:54:59 AM IST

 Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo in his article “Political fairness and Indigenous of Nagaland” published in this paper dated 09.08.19 had come up with mind blowing statements on several subject matters deeply concerning Nagaland, to which I find it really necessary to reply to some of his statements.

On Mr. Solo’s statement that, “Article 371A was scripted not by the legal Experts of Nagaland, it was by the legal luminaries of the Government of India...” I can’t be more thankful to this writer for reminding the inhabitants of Nagaland that the much revered Article 371A of the Constitution was enacted on the contribution of legal luminaries of the Government of India, not by the Nagaland legal experts including the Naga tribal elders group with deep knowledge of customary practices, but he failed to mention that the competent authority to interpret Nagaland beloved Article 371A are the Indian legal luminaries and the Supreme Court of India being the final interpreter and guardian of the Constitution and not every Nagas who can read and write, as now all literate Nagas act as an expert in interpreting Article 371A. Again, the writer failed to mention that the local interpretation of Article 371A was badly defeated when in October 2011, The Gauhati High Court Kohima Bench directed State Government to hold ULB polls with reservation by January 20, 2012. Going further, Nagas lost courage to let Supreme Court interpret the provisions of Article 371A, forcing NMA to withdraw special leave petition seeking implementation of Article 243T of the Constitution in the State of Nagaland. 

On writer statements, “the proposal to see people settled in the state post 1963 as an asset not a liability sounds like a nice present of an earthen Jar but with a narrow neck and a hole hidden at the bottom: it would not bewitch even an illiterate in Nagaland” such statement resemble the mindset of a naturally suspicious village man of pre colonial days who usually have no concern of despicable things going on outside his village jurisdiction. My proposal to consider people settled post 1963 through studying their historical background had really hurt the sentiments of the indigenous groups, individuals staunchly advocating 1963 as cut off year where such proposal appears to be immoral, shameless for a person proposing it but I can’t help it.

People settled in the state post 1963 after fulfilling particular village and tribe customs have to be seen as an asset, as they are all distributed in different work sector, in government as well as private sector giving their services, facts are just there but the people refuses to see the facts. The affected populations which I am specific about moved into Nagaland when the State Government did not enforce the 1977 notification laying down criteria to qualify as indigenous inhabitants for employment purposes.  Had such rigid rules exist then, I am certain they won’t have step their foot in Nagaland, but on assurance from their indigenous brothers of Nagaland that they will appeal to the government for help, they moved into Nagaland later to be socially tagged as non-local by some influential section on the excuse that some enjoy dual benefits and facilitate non residents in securing government jobs but continues to be exploited as vote banks and for protection of dispute lands. The affected groups in fulfilling particular village and tribe customs had established villages which was recognized by the Nagaland Government in late 1960s but now targeted.  Roughly 80% from these affected population lives in a deplorable condition and their well being will now depend on the support of the good man and women of Nagaland who still believes in the principle of Natural Justice, Fair Play and Equity. And I believe Government providing administrative safeguards to minorities won’t make Nagaland any lesser. 

On writer’s submission that Tangkhuls from Manipur have brought nothing good to Nagaland except killings etc, well, can such statements really help in building Naga tribes relations and hand over peace and understanding to the next generation?  No one can deny some Tangkhul individuals have done unimaginable things to his fellow tribe brothers and other Nagas but which other Naga tribe’s men had not done evils. And can anyone declare that factionalism, tribalism, killings among Nagas was absent before the Tangkhul brothers and sisters in huge number joined the Naga National Movement. Nagas organized everything on rigid tribe system and till now continues to do so creating more problems than ever. And what about other factions which tribe is dominating it and what good have they brought to Nagaland?

On Mr. Solo’s argument that, what I want is not available in USA, UK etc, only a biased incorrigible tribes man will believe such statement, hundreds of indigenous Nagas have migrated and become citizens of developed countries in America and Europe only because the Government of that particular country practiced modern democratic ideals of equality and other democratic principles unlike our local proponents of democracy who continues to flirt with tribal democracy (traditional political practices and principles) to reap all the state benefits via indigenous policies but act and present oneself  as a modern liberal democrats. How long will it continue?  

Lastly, there can never be political fairness in tribal democracy and literates must not ignore Oxford English dictionary meaning of the word Indigenous.

Pakinrichapbo (Advocate), 

Samziuram Village, Peren


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