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N.D.P.P. (Motto: Calidum Aerem) welcomes the L.B.I.s

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 1/31/2019 12:10:26 PM IST

 The National Democratic People’s Party “stole” the motto of my alma mater, St. Edmund’s College, Shillong (School Department); “Facta non Verba”, (the Latin for “Deeds not Words”). I understand that mottoes aren’t usually copyrighted, but that is because mottoes are created to highlight the aims that one aspires to, and are not expected to be stolen. A motto stealer is the lowest form of shameless thief imaginable; but you plumb the depths of shamelessness when you steal the exact motto of one of North-Eastern India’s oldest and most well known educational Institutions. “Verba non Facta”(words, not deeds) would have been more appropriate,   given the performance of the N.D.P.P. led government in Nagaland.

But on reading the official statement of the NDPP on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, I realize that “Calidum Aerem” is the most appropriate motto for it. For the statement is full of calidum aerem, (the Latin for “hot air”). The NDPP is trying to justify its assent to the said Bill by spewing hot air on the topic, mostly hydrogen sulfide (the gas which gives anal emissions their distinct, rotten eggs aroma).

The Citizenship Act 1955, among other stipulations, states that any adult, (of non-Indian origin), NOT BEING AN ILLEGAL MIGRANT, may apply for naturalization (i.e. citizenship) in India.  This clearly implies that any adult, from any country, and of any religious persuasion, may apply for Indian Citizenship, but expressly lays down the condition that HE MUST NOT BE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. This condition discourages those who seek to settle in India and gain Indian Citizenship from entering the country illegally.

The R.S.S. controlled B.J.P. has passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019, in furtherance of its long term goal to turn India into a “Hindu Rasthra”, a Hindu State. It has gone about it in two ways: firstly, by specifying the religions of illegal immigrants who can apply for Indian Citizenship, and secondly, by specifying the countries of origin of these illegals. It has tried to hide its intentions by including Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and Parsis, along with the Hindus, while deliberately omitting Muslims. But their motives become clear when one examines the countries of origin for which the Bill has made exceptions, namely, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The combined population of Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and Parsis from these three countries is roughly three million, with Christians from Pakistan alone, comprising 2.5 million; while the combined population of Hindus from these three countries is roughly 20 million, with Bangladesh alone accounting for a staggering  17 million Hindus. The border between India and Pakistan is nearly impregnable; so, essentially, what this Bill does is gives an open invitation to the 17 million Hindus of Bangladesh to enter Northeastern India by illegal means, with the assurance that they will receive all the rights, privileges and opportunities due to a bonafide Indian Citizen.

The Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873, which defines the Inner Line, and Article 371A, which protects our right to our land and resources, have nothing to do with the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019. An illegal immigrant can be deported from the state and country, but the C.A.B. makes sure that a Hindu or Buddhist (for there are already Buddhist Chakma Refugees in Arunachal and Mizoram) illegal immigrant is eligible for citizenship, and is, thus, protected by the Constitution. Our fears of being swamped by I.B.I.s (Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants) are being replaced by the reality of being overwhelmed by L.B.I.s (Legal Bangladeshi Immigrants). The Inner Line has been changed in the past, and is subject to change under political pressure and expediency, and with the standard of   Legislators that Nagaland continues to produce, it would not surprise me to see the Inner Line removed altogether, in some distant day.

As to Article 371A, do the   member of the N.D.P.P. know how laws are made? It is made in Parliament, by voting. Do you think Nagas are so stupid? We know that your Party Member of Parliament has already voted in favour of the C.A.B. Do you know that the B.J.P. is clamouring for Article 370 (which gives Kashmir its autonomous status) to be removed? How long do you think Article 371A will remain in the Indian Constitution when you’ve given a potential 17 million people and their descendants the right to vote for new Laws and Amendments?

You and your cohorts have sold out the rights of, not only the people of Nagaland, but that of the entire indigenous people of Northeastern India. Your government’s ploy of inviting the Tribal Organisations for talks is the same as a sinful person attending church just to fool people.   Even then, you have deliberately insulted the indigenous people of Nagaland. For if the Naga Hoho (which, I believe, no longer has any Naga Tribes from Nagaland in it) was invited, why weren’t the Nagaland Tribes Council and the Central Naga Tribes Council invited? If the Tribal Organisations of Nagaland were invited, why weren’t the Garos, Kacharis, Karbis and Kukis invited? Would you deny them of recognition in their own lands, just as the C.A.B., which you voted for, seeks to overwhelm the Northeastern People in their own lands?

You will have much to answer for, to this and future generations. Robbing and exploiting us on a daily basis is nothing compared to selling the future of our children and descendants. Your sycophancy towards the B.J.P., at both the State and Central level, reeks of cowardice of epic proportions. May God grant you brains in place of whatever substitute you now possess; may He, at least, grant you the courage of chickens, for you are nothing more than amoebas. God Save Northeaster India. 

Kahuto Chishi Sumi, Akukau (G.B.), Hevishe Village, Khaghaboto Range Dimapur, 


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