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Naga Independence Day speeches

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/14/2019 1:10:49 PM IST

 Q. Tuccu, Yaruiwo, NSCN (I-M) Hebron

Dear countrymen, 
On this auspicious Independence Day I greet you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 
At the very outset, I give my revolutionary salute to all those martyrs who have paid their everything for the nation. They are always in our memories. 
Seventy-two years ago, on this historic day, the 14th August 1947 our fathers declared Naga national independence spirit. It is the spirit of the 14th August and the subsequent 1951 plebiscite that united all Nagas, wherever they are. This national decision has gloriously guided the Naga people thus far. 
The Naga people under the banner of NSCN led by our hon’ble late Chairman, Mr. Isak Chishi Swu and General Secretary Th. Muivah embarked upon political negotiation with the Government of India in 1997 and after a series of persistent negotiations, the historic ‘Framework Agreement’ of 3rd August, 2015 was officially signed between the GoI and the NSCN. This ‘Framework Agreement’ has become an important foundation and the mutually agreed competencies shall define the nature of relationship of the two entities. 
Therefore, the two entities must exercise their best political wisdom and resource to emerge from the impasse over some of the core issues. The challenges are great, yet, I believe that no problem is too big to solve through mutual respect. An honourable political settlement of the two entities is the only way forward towards lasting peace in the region. 
The 16-Point Agreement and the Shillong Accord of 1975 were no solution at all, rather they were historical blunders that led to further confrontations. Hence, it will be a great tragedy to repeat the same mistake again.
Reconciliation is divine. It is pertinent to recall the statement of our hon’ble late Chairman Mr. Isak Chishi Swu, “We have forgiven the past mistakes of our brothers and let them also forgive our past mistakes and reconcile in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” I therefore call upon every section of Naga brothers and sisters in different camps to come onboard for the final solution. Every issue with the neighbours must be resolved through respecting each other’s history.
We are extremely grateful to the Naga people and all the Churches, Naga civil societies from Nagalim, wherever they are, for their prayers, commitment and support to the Indo-Naga political peace process. We also thank all the well-wishers in India and elsewhere for their support towards finding an honourable negotiated political settlement between the GoI and the Nagas.
Nagas are fully convinced by the National decision of their forefathers and they shall leave no stone unturned to uphold it and they shall not accept any divisive forces who are trying to deviate and destroy the decision of the Naga people. Nagas, wherever they are, are one and they shall move forward to resolve the Indo-Naga political issue honourably respecting their unique history. They shall stand true to the end, come what may, till an honourable solution is arrived at. 
K U K N A L I M!
Y. Wangtin Naga, President NSCN/GPRN (Reformation)
Dearest Comrades of all Rank & Files, My dear Compatriots and Countrymen and Women.
First and Foremost, let us all thank our Almighty God for Sustaining our Naga Freedom Struggle from all ups and downs, and sheltering us from our enemies, because it was only by His Grace and Divine Intervention, that we Nagas could come this far.
The History of Naga Nation is based on the History of Sacrifices, Blood and Tears. It is also a History of Oppression, Suppression and Subjugation from the hands of our Neighbouring Countries (India and Myanmar), who are Militarily, Politically, Economically and Resourcefully much more powerful than we are, but with God on our side, we bravely fought them back, with what little resources we had and have been defending our Rights till date, and the Credit goes not only to the ‘Freedom Fighters’ but to every Naga Men and Women and Sympathisers, who contributed Financially, Physically and in Prayers for the Naga Cause.
On this auspicious day, I take this privilege in Saluting our Naga Patriots and Martyrs who laid down their lives for our National Cause. Though they are no more with us, yet their legacy will remain and linger on forever, and I pray earnestly and humbly to God to provide Solace and Sustenance to the family members of the Martyrs. I also appeal to the Naga People to respect our History, because without History we are a ‘Lost People’.
 After such a long Conflict, which is one of the longest conflict (or perhaps the longest conflict) of Asia, which has been going on for almost a Century now, our Aggressor (India) realised the futilities of Military Warfare against Nagas, and that the Indo-Naga imbroglio cannot be solved Militarily but only through  Political Negotiation, that led to many agreements and talks which eventually led to the signing of an agreement on 17th November 2017 with the WC NNPGs, of which the talks is still being held, so as to come to a Peaceful Conclusion sooner or later between the two Warring Nations/Entities.(India-Nagaland)
Today, the Naga people are apprehensive of the Art 371A that gives special provision, after the scrapping of J&K’s Art.370, but we must remember that Art.371A was a product of Political process that was arranged before the State of Nagaland came into being, which is a well arranged Article gifted to the Nagas through Political Arrangement, never to be deleted or revoked. Hence the Nagas should be rest assured not to be worried but look forward to the talks being held between the GoI and WC NNPGs, where the three years Political Negotiation has covered almost all the core issues, to arrange for a dignified political solution between two Co-Existing Entities. Unlike other Interlocutors and Prime Ministers, the present incumbent RN Ravi and PM Narendra Modi are more serious to solve the Naga Issue at the earliest. Hence it is my fervent appeal to all to continue to Pray for our Nation and also to remember both these Leaders in their Prayers to give them more Wisdom and to let Good Sense prevail, in solving the Indo-Naga conflict, so as to bring about Permanent Peace between the two Nations.
Kuknalim. Long Live Nagaland
Brig. (Retd.) S. Singnya, Kedahge, Federal Government of Nagaland
My dear Countrymen,
On this historic day, the 14th August 2019, as the nation celebrates the 73rd Naga Independence Day, it is a privilege and an honour to address you on behalf of the Federal Government of Nagaland. It is a matter of pride for all of us that on this very day in 1947 we raised our voice and claimed our birth right to be free from the domination of any foreign power and embarked on a journey to establish ourselves as a distinct people and as a nation under God. It was on this day we proclaimed our historical and political rights and took the giant step to declare our freedom and independence to the world. Our forerunners lived with pride and in full freedom knowing that they are free, free as a people and as a nation.
We are profoundly grateful to our Almighty God for the protection and sustenance and being with us, never forsaking us despite our shortcomings throughout the long years of our journey. The journey has been a long and tedious one but we have stood firm on our uniqueness as a people whose rights is God given. In the course of our journey, we have waged against the tides of division and conflict amongst ourselves. We have been manipulated and used as tools by our enemy to fight our own brethren. This has become a big challenge today but we should not allow this to take over the destiny of our nation. We do not ask for what do not belong to us. We ask only for what is rightfully ours which were snatched away from us. Naga Nationalism is not a secession movement. It is a movement for restoration of our political and historical rights. The time has now come to learn to speak our mind and we must learn to speak Naga political language and not be led to confusion. Nagas are Nagas not only in our culture and land, not by choice but by birth and destiny, we are what we are and we can never become any other. Human arguments and wisdom can never alter the fact that Nagas never wished at any point of time to be part of India. India, in order to continue its illegitimate domination has time and again manipulated and sought to divide us and shamelessly continues to do so even today.
Today, I take the opportunity to remind everyone that we stand at a very crucial moment in our history. The making of history needs wisdom and concerted effort and cannot be ruled by emotion. We cannot afford to make any mistakes which may unnecessarily prolong our journey.  We have endured for so long and it is essential that we do not stumble because we are weary. We should not be dictated by what people think is good for us but we must seek God’s given wisdom to be able to identify what can be formulated that will be best for us.
We must not lose sight of our history. Our political foundation rests on the will and mandate of the people based on the Naga system of democracy. Our past and present must lead us to a future that is secure, prestigious and honourable.  If we fail to do so, “we will all perish as fools”. The sacrifices made by those who had given their lives for what they believe to be true and honourable should not go in vain. In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We have to tread the path charted by the wisdom that comes from the Almighty God. We cannot put the future of the Nagas at stake because of any thoughtless mistake. Collective wisdom must be sought at all times. We must work for wholesome solution in a unified and concerted effort. We believe that Naga solution lies in our unity though we also believe that unity does not imply uniformity. But we are opposed to any vice that is against our political foundation and vision.
Our political issue has come of age and the cause of the Nation and the people is our priority. Learning to act is an art but we must also learn to listen.  For this, my Government will continue to listen to the voice of the people as we work for our nation’s future. We are guided by principles and follow the path of inclusiveness. We seek to gain the confidence of the Naga people by seeking to listen to their hearts to strengthen the Naga Cause for which this Government has so long stood for. We have to learn to speak the same political language and command respect as one nation, one people with one political agenda.
As we celebrate this day, let us renew our spirit, our commitment and our dedication to the service of the Nation. Much has been sacrificed but much is still demanded from us. We are what we are today for the many who selflessly gave their lives for our cause. We honour and celebrate their contributions and we will always cherish their sacrifice. I also congratulate everyone in the national service for standing steadfast to our National Cause. My special salute goes to the recipients of the awards and commendations for their dedication and sacrifice made to our National Cause. As the Torch Bearers you must hand it down with courage and pride until our dreams and vision are realized and our Nation finds its rightful place among the Nations of the world. God bless you all and KUKNALIM
President Z Royim Yimchunger, NNC Parent Body
My dear Naga people, 
I salute you all in the name of the most gracious Heavenly Father and in the Naga National Parent Body on this auspicious occasion of the 73rd Naga Independence Day celebration on 14th August 2019. As we celebrate this day, we are grateful to the past, we remember all those who have contributed hitherto to the life and activities of the NNC Parent Body particularly the pioneers and the founders of the Naga Political Institution, who had struggled with the spirit and hope for the Naga Political Movement to keep alive and to declare that Nagas are not a lost people. Meanwhile, the Nagas are free from any ruler from the forefather’s time. Nagas have their own land, history, culture, and unique identity. We must thank our senior leaders who took the right decision at the proper time: such as formation of Naga Club in 1918 which led to the consciousness of the Naga Political Movement, submission of memorandum to the Simon Commission on 10th January 1929 to leave the Nagas alone as a people of separate entity, declaration of Naga Independence day on 14th August 1947 and conducted plebiscite on May 16, 1951 that gave 99% mandate for Naga self-determination.
NNC was active from the late 1940s under the leadership of Nagami Zapu Phizo. The Nagas comprising of 17 major tribes and 20 sub-tribes, united under the banner of NNC fought for Naga independence. Until 1957, NNC became the only Social-Political Institution of the Nagas, and experienced their strong sense of belonging and ownership in NNC history revealed that the unity was solid strong. An agreement known as the “Shillong Accord” was signed between the GoI and the NNC and the FGN on November 11, 1975. According to the terms of Shillong Accord, the NNC-FGR accepted the Indian Constitution agreed to come over-ground and surrender their weapons. However, a group of about 140 dissidents of the NNC refused to sign the agreement and gone to China for training repudiated the Shillong Accord. After a long military confrontation, an opportunity to seek peaceful means was provided, when NSCN (IM) and GoI entered into second ceasefire on 1st August, 1997 for a peaceful resolution to the Indo-Naga conflict. The process was further strengthened after the signing of the Framework Agreement in between GoI and NSCN on August 3, 2015. After the Naga National Council Parent Body (NNC-PB) joining into the umbrella of the seven (7) NNPGs working Committee under the leadership of its Convener Mr. N. Kitovi Zhimomi, a historic preamble agreement was signed with the Govt. of India on 17th November 2017. It had 53 rounds of talk in Delhi in between the Government of India and the (7) NNPGsand now it is at final stage for honorable and acceptable solution. God Bless Naga People. 
Yilow Humtsoe, Acting President of Naga National Council 
Dear Naga people,
I  praise and thank our living God for His unending and unceasing love,strength and protection in our struggle for Naga freedom of sovereignty.
I pay my homage and tribute to the Naga martyrs’ for their sacrificial deeds for sovereignty, I pray that God Almighty grant strength and power to the families of the martyrs’ to remember to do their part in this noble Cause of the struggle at this crucial juncture for Naga sovereignty till we achieve our freedom.
The struggle of the Nagas will go on with more vigour and power from above,therefore,let us continue in prayer to God our Saviour to liberate our land and people from the enemy whose schemes are designed  to end us and not to solve the political problem that has been going on for seven decades.
But today with full faith in our living God I’am confident that God Almighty has a definite purpose for the Naga people which nobody can stop, and the God of miracle can do things which we cannot do and is beyond our reach. So on this day let us all bow down in prayer and petition to Our living God for our freedom for His glory and extension of His Kingdom.
On this auspicious occasion, I extend our warm greetings of 14th August 2019 salutation to our North East people and also appeal to our brothers and sisters to stand firm together as a Region to achieve our goal of freedom from aggressor who are making schemes and designs to dominate our blessed and rich land which is clearly evident.
The Government of India’s very policy is to bring illegal immigrants and foreigners to the North East and create confusions and fights against us, diverting themself from the spotlight as they are the largest democracy in the world for which they cannot directly take such steps in front of the world. The North East people must understand and take it seriously before it is too late as a Region.
The Naga people have come to a very crucial and unpredictable stage of our struggle for political solution so whether the solution will be for entire inhabited areas of Nagaland or only for the present Nagaland state in particular is the biggest dilemma. And the representative of Government of India will only do  for their interest in this matter with their sycophant ,therefore, whether the entire Naga people  will seriously come together to stand for entire land including Eastern Nagaland of Burma side at this sensitive and dangerous time. The Naga people must take the right decision collectively at this moment to let peace prevail in the homeland or prevent unwanted situation out of this sensitive and crucial issue confronting at this moment.
The NNC (Parent Body) sincerely appeal to all the Naga people to take the right political decision to avoid any unwanted development in the homeland again for the sake of a peaceful future for our children. May God save the situation for His glory.
Today I once again reaffirm my stand that the NNC (Parent Body ) will always stand true and firm on Naga Historical and Political Rights for freedom and will stand for the entire people and land(Including Eastern Nagaland of Burma side) of the Nagas as declared from the very inception of the Political Movement by the NNC. Therefore,those who deviate from the original stand of the Nagas for their own selfish and vested interest will bear the entire responsibility and the blood of the martyrs’ will be upon them.
It is very unfortunate to mention that today the worst enemy of the homeland are people from within the homeland- the so called leaders of political groups who have a hateful mindset and are indulged in their own vested interest and motives, this is the real factor which affecting the Naga people and nation the most and bringing negative impact on the homeland, This is the real stumbling block for freedom of the Nagas.
The NNC (Parent Body) decisions and Press Releases are all collective and not individual, therefore, we stand collectively behind with each other and will defend the truth with our Alliances in all front in the interest of our freedom.
And as the Parent Body, we will always continue to speak the plain truth alone even if we are threatened with life for doing so, we will stand true to the Naga people and the truth alone will be victorious in Naga political affairs. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, therefore we will always stand on this living Words alone. Praise God.
Gen. (Retd.) Viyalie Metha, Kedahge FGN, Peace Camp, Chedema 
Dear Countrymen, 
On this auspicious occasion, I give thanks to the Almighty God for His grace and mercy sustaining our people and our Nation to this day. I express my gratitude to the National Workers who relentlessly stand and sacrifice in defence of Nagaland. We remember and honour our leaders and soldiers who suffered, toiled and laid down their ultimate lives for our Nation and for us for whom we are able to stand as a people and as a Nation. They shall be remembered all through the annals of Naga history. 
Today I would like to make it a point to remind all that Nagaland and Naga people as a nation is God given; Nagaland was neither carved out of any other nation nor a sprout by wit of some people. 
Thus from the beginning Nagas stood to defend their God given Nation and people from the invaders. Naga people meant to stand on their own foot as independent people and nation. 
For over seventy years, the enemy occupied most of our territories through its mighty armed forces and dividing our people into east - west -north - south, between this and that countries but Nagas are one and will be one. 
All Nagas are equal; no one is more or less privileged from the other. 
While Nations of the world knows and call Nagas as a people and a Nation, unfortunately some educated Nagas are so blind and claim as Indian. They do not know where their descendants shall live. Such people must realise that it is not anyone but they are denying themselves from being a Naga. 
I implore that all such people must realise their shortcomings and remain true Naga. There are few others who claim to be national workers but act in a way which is detrimental to the Nation, they should also respect and work under the National Government that is the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN). 
The Naga National Government, the ‘Federal Government of Nagaland’ was proclaimed by the Naga people for the interest of our people as a whole and is the people’s government; anyone who might have gone into wrong path should turn back and work for the common cause of our people. The door is open for all. 
The Federal Government of Nagaland upholds the objective of our past leaders; we shall not be swayed by the enemy’s aggressive evil designs.
On an occasion of historic National day such as today, we all are required to look back to our National history; it was meticulously laid down by our ancestors one after another on a solid foundation such as: 1. 2th February, 1946 the Naga National Council formed. 2. 14th August, 1947 declaration of Naga Independence. 3. 16th May, 1951 Naga Voluntary Plebiscite. 4. 22th March, 1956 Proclamation of the Federal Government of Nagaland. 5. 27th April, 1955 Lakhuti Resolution of NNC made to seal and secure. 
It is a fact that Nagaland declared it’s Independence before India became an Independent country. We know our national right, we are not demanding anything from India and neither do we have anything to negotiate with India in the matter of Nagaland as an independent Nation. 
In the present scenario, the enemy has shifted its war tactics upon Nagaland. There is no direct confrontation of arms between Nagaland and India but the war continues, India is now intensively pouring its heinous agenda in Nagaland to annihilate our people’s life; culture and tradition of the Naga society are being attacked. Even our religion is in danger. 
Now therefore, I call upon our people to be sensible and stand guard against evil designs of the enemy. People of a nation have different jobs and professions but all can be a national worker in one’s own profession in safeguarding the nation. It is time now for us to join hands and stand united to defend and protect Nagaland. 
The Federal Government of Nagaland upholds the Policy of NNC which is Non-Violence and Peaceful Co-Existence so also honours and upholds the international Ceasefire Agreement signed between the Government of India and the Federal Government of Nagaland which was effective on 6th September, 1964. 
Standing on our birthright and keeping faith in God and in His obedience, we shall surely achieve our goal. May God bless Nagaland.  
Highlight on peace process on 73rd Independence Day, August 14, 2019
Rh. Raising, Convener, Steering Committee, NSCN
The case of the Nagas is an aggression by India and Burma, not that of secession from them. The past Indian leaders viewed the Indo-Naga political problem from the perspective of Indian constitution and they gave military approach. 
It is on account of this wrong perspective and approach that they could not touch the heart of the matter. The problem calls for the right diagnosis and the right approach.
Imposition of Indian will on the Nagas is the root cause of the Indo-Naga political problem. The use of force could bring no solution rather it prolonged solution.
But the Nagas have been looking for a negotiated settlement that is based on mutual respect and consent.
It has come to the knowledge of all that twenty-four (24) years ago, on June 12, 1995, the Paris agreement was reached between the Government of India and NSCN on the following three terms: They are: - (1) talk at Prime Ministerial level (2) talk without condition and (3) talk in third countries.
Talk without condition means – Government of India will not impose its constitution on the Nagas. 
It is a talk outside the parameters of Indian constitution. Prime Ministerial level talk means – it is a political issue to be dealt with at the Prime Ministerial level, not as a law and order problem under the Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI. Therefore, the Indian negotiating team or Interlocutors who talk with NSCN team represent the Prime Minister of India.
The second Cease-fire Agreement that was signed between the Government of India and NSCN on 1st August, 1997 in Bangkok was officially announced in the Indian Parliament by the then Prime Minister of India Mr. I.K. Gujral, and our honorable Chairman Mr. Isak Chishi Swu announced it in the General Assembly of UNPO at The Hague, Netherlands for legitimacy.
This issue-based cease-fire agreement aims at an issue-based solution through dialogue. The issue embraces all Nagas and their territories.
The Nagas must be a recognized entity. And that it was recognized by the Government of India at Bangkok talk on 31st July, 2000. 
The agreement says, “The cease-fire agreement between the Government of India and NSCN as two entities has been extended for another period of three (3) months.” It was also reaffirmed in the subsequent talk in Bangkok in 2001.
On the issue of cease-fire area coverage, the Government of India and NSCN signed the agreement on 14th June, 2001 stating, “The Cease-fire agreement is between the
Government of India and the NSCN as two entities without territorial limits.” Reaffirming the agreement, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee clarified it in Osaka talk saying, “Wherever there is fighting there is cease-fire. Cease-fire is everywhere.”
Mr. Swaraj Kaushal, the interlocutor of the Government of India stated, “Cease-fire is everywhere, it is also in Delhi and even in Paris.”
 Indeed, this Cease-fire agreement has been operative in all Naga areas for more than twenty two (22) years in spite of strayed incidents here and there.
The Government of India led by the then Prime Minister of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee recognized the unique history and situation of the Nagas on 11th July, 2002 at Amsterdam. By unique history it means- ‘Nagas have the history of independence.’ 
The Nagas have neither been a party to the union of India nor to that of Burma either by conquest or by consent. Keeping that historical background in mind, both the parties are trying to work out an amicable solution.
The Congress Government headed by the then Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh tabled a non-paper in 2014 where it proposed, ‘shared-sovereignty.’ The Congress leadership has also given its commitment to solving the problem in that line.
Finally, the BJP government headed by the dynamic Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi took the bold step in signing the historic ‘Framework Agreement’ on 3rd August, 2015.
The Framework Agreement was arrived at between the two entities on the basis of the unique history of the Nagas. 
Understanding the reality of the uniqueness of Naga history, Government of India recognizes the sovereignty of the Nagas stating, “Sovereignty of the Nagas lies with the Naga people.” 
By unique history of the Nagas, it also means – Naga identity, culture and territory are also unique. Naga territories have never been ceded to any power. ‘Nagas are the owners of their land and mineral resources above and beneath the land,’ it says.
The Agreement further says, “Co-existence of the two entities.” We all know that ‘co-existence,’ by convention, applies to two or more entities, it does not apply to one entity. 
The Indians and the Nagas are two different entities. 
The Nagas have not been a part of the Union of India by consent, but they will ‘co-exist with the Union of India as two entities’, it means. 
The two entities will be inseparably bound together by the cord of the Framework Agreement. It also says, ‘Shared-sovereignty.’ 
The Nagas do not accept the constitution of India, but Nagas and Indians will share sovereign powers on the basis of the Framework Agreement.
We have been looking for a lasting honorable solution that will guarantee the rights of Nagas and security of India.
Nagas were forcibly divided into many pieces against their will and placed them in different administrative units by the colonial powers. 
Unification of all Nagas under one political roof is their legitimate right and Government of India recognizes that right.
The talks also focus on the mechanism of inseparable harmonious interdependent relationship of the two entities and durable peace and progress in the land. 
Peace in the region is a prelude to the peace of the Indian sub-continent.
Facing many hurdles and difficulties in the talks, we have finally signed the historic ‘Framework Agreement’ and accordingly, we are working on for a final touch.
We hope and trust that the final solution can be worked out soon provided that Government of India does not go back on its commitment. The ball is in the court of India.
N. Kitovi Zhimomi Ato Kilonser & WC Convener GPRN/NSCN
I give Glory and Honour to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The Creator of Heaven and Earth. In Him alone can we achieve great things for Nagas.
Brothers and sisters of Naga Homeland, wherever nook and corner we may be. 
I speak to you not just as Ato Kilonser of GPRN/NSCN but also as a Convener of WC, 7 NNPGs, engaged with GOI for honorable and acceptable settlement of the Indo-Naga political problem. 
We are closer than ever towards our goal. More importantly, I speak as a Naga and therefore will not hesitate to inform our people what to expect in the days ahead. 
Today we have two choices before us. Firstly, shall we choose a political settlement that is well protected against future parliament or constitutional intrusion by GOI, that which guarantees absolute power and authority over our competencies, forseeing a dignified and prosperous future for our younger generations, making no compromise whatsoever with respect  to our identity, culture, history and political right? 
In this I include Naga Lands, Naga sons and daughters in the present states of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The solution at hand is not just for Nagas of Nagaland state alone. 
There will be clear and lucid political arrangements and governance for our people beyond the artificial boundary. By this I put to rest all baseless rumours of WC, NNPGs limiting itself to Nagas of Nagaland state. 
In the final days of negotiations between GOI and Nagas, having extensively dwelled on all contentious issues and having agreed in principle on all major issues, there may remain elements who would brazenly attempt to belittle, instigate, initiate blame game, hatch deceitful policies to thwart the common aspiration. Our people may encounter a wave of disgruntled men who behaved and dreamt that the seven decade old Indo-Naga political struggle and its settlement would become a business empire, a corporate house, a private firm run by few, in the garb of a national movement and National principle. 
May I ask our people, will there still be ears for such fanciful narratives? God Almighty knows the hearts of all leaders and followers. 
We must humble ourselves and seek God’s wisdom lest misfortunes befall Nagas once again. 
It is time to prepare ourselves and embrace a political settlement where all Nagas can participate and redefine our destiny afresh as a people. 
We must prepare our generations to face greater challenges in the future. 
We believe we are on a path to unveiling a   future where our identity, history and political right- the very ideals our forefathers defended with their lives, will be reaffirmed, entrenched and institutionalised. 
The political negotiations between GOI and WC, NNPGs carries the essence and spirit of May 16, 1951 Naga plebiscite. We have great faith in our future. 
Thus there is no major issues left between WC and GOI and therefore could arrive at a solution at any given day.
I appreciate fellow comrades and leadership of NNC/FGN; NNC(Parent Body); NNC/GDRN; NNC/NPGN; GPRN/NSCN(R); NSCN(K), the Co-conveners and members of Working Committee, for exhibiting utmost maturity and wisdom on the negotiating table and off it. 
The unity that we exhibit today will contribute to the greatness of Naga nation tomorrow.
T.Ovung President, NPGN/NNC (N/A) 
My dear Nagas I am very much delighted to convey my best greetings to you all in the name of Naga it independence 14th August 2019,But at the same time I felt very much disappointed while recalling past sufferings and  atrocities mated out to our Nagas by Indian Armies during my childhood days, I have seen with my own eyes, public/villagers were harassed and tortured, houses, granaries, properties were burnt down into ashes and domestic animals were burnt alive so villagers had fled to jungle to save their life and spent so many days and nights in the jungle without shelter and food like wild beasts, some of our people had lost/sacrifice their lives.  Likewise, we have suffered a lot in the hands of India for the sake of our national movement for our Nation/Independent. 
Nevertheless, now we Nagas are very tired unable to proceed further for our Independence, we are compelled by unavailable circumstances to seek solution (alternative arrangement)from India government to live peacefully so framework agreement was signed between GOI and NSCN(IM) on 3rd August 2015 for Naga solution. 
Therefore, I on behalf of my government NPGN/NNC (N/A) appeal to Nagas to support the framework agreement so as to able our future generations to live in harmony in near future to come. ‘KUNKNALIM’
73rd Naga Independence Day NSF presidential address
Ninoto Awomi President, NSF
More than seven decades ago when our founding fathers first formed the Naga Students’ Federation, they had the twin vision- to articulate the noble aspiration of youths through a common platform, and to respond to any issues which confront the students and the Nagas as a whole.  Thus, the Federation was formed, committed to the “intellectual fight” against any forces that threatens the existence, right, freedom and identity of our people and I say with conviction that the federation is committed to take on the responsibilities, so that our younger generation especially the student communities future, hopes, dreams and aspirations of a better quality of life are fulfilled. We are all aware  that the journey ahead is a difficult one but we assure you that the federation is determined, dedicated and will sacrifice our everything to move the extra mile, to achieve our organisational vision for a better Naga future.  We are the voice of the younger generation that have witnessed so many generations of conflict. We are a generation which have been tempered by war, torn apart and disconnected by territorial lines, and beaten down in numbers by decades of bloodshed and violence. 
It is in this light that today we observe our Independence Day to express the will of the Naga youths in good faith and prayer that the World shall bear witness and in fair judgement, honour our unique history, our identity, our culture and our political goals.
On this day, let us reflect back on all the past leaders and martyrs on whose sacrifices we now stand. Yes! We have all suffered the loss of our loved ones. And it is with great pain in our hearts that we acknowledge, ‘there is no greater sacrifice nobler than laying down one’s life defending one’s identity and for freedom from any forceful subjugation.’ We shall remain indebted forever for the sacrifices made by our Nationalists in the past who gave up their lives for the identity and sovereignty of the Naga people. Their blood and tears will continue to inspire through generations to come in the temple of our memories. We express our gratitude and extend our solidarity to the Nationalists at present who have dedicated their lives in pursuing the aspirations of the Naga people. It is our belief that Sovereignty and Integration of the Nagas is a vision that has been bestowed upon us by the Almighty God.
Let it be known to each and every individual that our right to self determination is justified on account of our unique history, culture and political goals as declared to the world on the 14th August 1947, when the Nagas declared themselves free from any imperialistic forces and on 16th of May, 1951, through the Naga National Plebiscite when 99.9% of the Nagas reiterated our right of a sovereign independent Nation under the noble leadership of Lt. AZ Phizo. We once again urge the governing bodies of the world to honour the Naga Historical and Political rights and restore the pride of the Naga people.
Today we carry a message from the hearts of every Naga youth to convey that - we have placed our confidence in the ongoing peace process to take the aspirations of the youths for an inclusive and honourable solution. We urge the Naga people to take advantage of the present situation on the promises of a solution made by the Honourable Prime Minister of India and considering that the GOI has acknowledged the fact and reality of the unique history of the Nagas for an honourable solution and is working on the principles of Co-existence as we all need to understand the ground zero reality and global scenario of interdependence, such provisions which are mutually and strategically beneficial for all the negotiating entities, to accommodate each other, setting aside all egos, personal differences and enmity in bringing about an amicable and honourable settlement to the protracted Indo-Naga Political issue.  Over 70 years have elapsed under the political control of the Government of India and we have been deprived of much developmental progress in our land. What the youths and the Nagas need today is economical, cultural, geographical, infrastructural development and political stability in our hills and plains. We must have educational and medical institutions equipped with state of the art infrastructure and facilities, we need to reform our agricultural method with advanced technological tools and implements, we need adequate air connectivity, roads and highways leading to every villages and towns, and our youths must be amply provided with entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. 
We, the Naga youths long for a peaceful future.  A future without war and conflict. We long to live in peace and at par with the rest of the world. This will only be possible provided all political groups communicate with each other, share views, accept each other and clear their ambiguity as the journey is a single road for a better Naga future. We all need to take the responsibilities together with all stakeholders and strive for what is honourable and acceptable to all Nagas paving a way for peace.
On this day, the 73rd year of our Independence, to every Naga, both young and old, let us take a pledge and proclaim ourselves free, free from the shackles of corruption and ism, free from the errors of our society, and free from the control of any external forces that threatens our existence and identity. It is our outbound duty to protect the interests of the Nagas from threats both from within and outside. Let us free ourselves from the shackles of corruption and ism, in our homes, in our institutions, Justice and Administration, and in our selves, only then we will be truly free.
Alone you can do little, but together we can achieve so much more, let us be all clear that Naga areas can be developed only by Nagas. Kindly don’t expect others or continue complaining, but become professionals in various fields to participate in the process of growth for a better Naga future. So, let’s all take this pledge today to continue dedicating our lives and contribute to ensure that the lives of the younger Naga generations are secured. 

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