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Naga integration

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/27/2018 11:38:49 AM IST

 A state or nation is not defined by the geographical/territorial boundaries but by shared common cultural, linguistic and value system, which the people cherish and enjoy. If we work on this premise, it is appropriate to ask the question, whether we, Naga people identity ourselves with Nagaland as a state or as different tribal identities! Does the Naga identity or Nation, what we keep referring to, qualify by the above definition? Let us examine it one by one. Do we have a shared common culture background? There are various tribes which form the spectrum of Naga Society. The culture of each tribe is different and distinct. Yes, the way of life by virtue of staying in this part of land does bring out some similarity. But, the common thread in the cultural identity does not appear to be very distinct and prominent. What about a common language? The languages/dialects are totally different. Nagamese, a modified version which has come about, more as a necessity for administrative functioning, rather than a culturally rich language cherished by the majority of people. Value system? Is our Naga value system any different from the common acknowledged value system of civilized society, which is acknowledged worldwide in most of the societies? Subtle differences do exist, but they are not very remarkable.

So, what are our Naga National Groups talking about the concept of Naga identity being recognized and being a reality. Article 371A gives enough provisions to accommodate the Naga interests. Is there a requirement of waging/continue to wage a violent struggle to achieve a cause which does not have a defined basis/foundation? Isn’t it more prudent to implement and modify the present Article 371A to ensure that we regain the so called identity along with economic prosperity. It is time that there is an intellectual debate by the Tribal bodies, the traditional stakeholders, on what is required and pragmatically achievable. Rather than blindly following a few who themselves are staring at a mirage or at best, looking at a very utopian solution which is unlikely to come about.

With our maturity we must realize that the dogmatic demand of integration of Naga dominated regions for greater Nagalim are some symbolic demands, which nurture the interests of some vested persons of our society. They want to get political mileage out of it by jeopardizing the peace and prosperity of Nagaland. We, the educated and modern think-tanks of our society need to support the cause of an early workable solution, which protects the broader interests of our society, preserves the rich culture and traditions of  our ancestors  and elevate us through the steps of modernization, economic prosperity and all round development.        

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