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Nagaland BJP president vis-a-vis controversies

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 5/12/2019 12:51:54 PM IST

 So they say, “Politics in itself is not dirty, but it is the politicians who makes it/plays it dirty”

The fact is, majority of Naga politicians are embroiled in this or that Controversies, but perhaps the ‘New kid in the block’ (in the political arena), Mr. Temjen Imna Along seemed to have beat them all and deserves a hero’s reward worthy of an Oscar, because from joining the Pathetic Nagaland Political bandwagon since less than a couple of years ago, he has managed to overcome all other Political Heavyweights in the game called ‘controversy’, with his brave but infamous stunts in Hindutva Ideology Vs Christian’s Ethic, like Addressing the NLA in Hindi (first of its kind) starting with ‘namaste’ with folded hands, Attempting to spray ‘Vajpayee’s Ashes’ into Nagaland’s Rivers etc.etc...,and  now this, “Nagas are all Indian......”thing.

Previous writers on behalf of their Union/Association/Individuals and Right thinking citizens, has expressed their dismay and disappointments in Along’s derogatory speech, some even calling for ‘Clarification’, and I would also like to add/supplement some few points on this.

I always say that each and every Naga, be it National Workers or Public are all Nationalists, in one way or the other because even if not for himself/herself as a National Worker, any of his Grandparents/ Parents/Brothers/Sisters/Uncles/Aunties etc was/is involved in our ‘Naga National Movement’ and sacrificed everything including their own Lives for the Naga Cause. Each and every Naga village and Naga individual has a story to tell, when it comes to the rape/murder/torture/groupings/tears/starvations and other Atrocities inflicted upon the Nagas by the Occupational Indian Army, in their master’s quest to forcefully annex our beautiful but a tiny Country Nagaland into their so called Hindutva’s Hindustan. Likewise, as any other Naga, I too have my own sad story where my Grandfather (Paternal) were 12 brothers and 11 were National workers. Some of them died in battle, whilst in defend of our Motherland and some died of Complications, endured through tortures at the hands of the Indian Army. My grandpa (who was an Alee/Foreign Kilonser in NNC) also succumbed to Indian Army’s 3rd degree torture. My Grandpa again had 3 Sisters, 2 were National Workers, one died in battle, the other died in an unfortunate accident. So likewise any Naga or for that matter, Mr. Along may also have similar stories, if not more gruesome, gruelling and heartrending ones, so when he (Along) was blabbering, “Nagas are Indians, and Nagas are proud to be a part of this great country”, I guess our late grandparents/parents/uncles/aunties/brothers/sisters and every Naga national workers who had immensely suffered (at the hands of our Invaders) and sacrificed their all, were ‘stirring restlessly in their graves’.

But having said all these, even if Along had wanted to please his Hindutva Masters to gain some Political Mileage or Some Economic Package or perhaps a Z Plus security etc, he should have said, “I (mna Along) am an Indian.....blah..blah” (for all I care) but what audacity does he have or who gave him permission to say, “Nagas are all Indians” which is very outrageous and should be condemned vehemently by one and all.

One thing is for sure, that Along could either be ‘Confused or Ill-informed or perhaps completely blinded by lust for Power, Position, Status and Money’ that when even India’s Father of Nation, Gandhiji has said/declared, “Nagas have every Right to be Independent” and also when GOI did recognize the “Unique Naga Political History” and now sitting accross the table with all Naga Nationalists, in order to hammer out a Political Solution, a Naga himself making such disparaging statements is highly questionable as to ‘Which side he is actually on’ or whether he (Along) is ‘For’ or ‘Against’ Naga Cause.

Last but not the least, being a minister or a president of some heavyweight national political Party does not qualify a person to “Sell-out” the Naga dreams and aspiration or to speak against the Naga’s national interest in the most despicable and shabby manner with Sinister designs or to Insult the ‘memories of our forefathers’ legacy’ and also the present Nation’s defenders for one’s own vested Political interests.

NB: The above statements are all in my individual capacities and not influenced by any political party(s) whatsoever, and also does not reflect the views of any organisation that I represent in any manner

Amento V. Chophi, Dimapur

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