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Nagas have common hope and vision

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/9/2019 11:50:41 AM IST

 What is the long cherish dream of naga people, our common hope and our common vision?  The foundation of Naga nation start from the plans of God, we the Naga have our common desire, common hope and our common vision, and our long-cherished is Naga nation. This aspiration of separate Naga nation-state have already there since the Naga practice village-sovereignty model long-before British colonial empire arrives in our ancestral Naga land. Nagas have been maintaining village sovereignty since our forefather and we have resisted the British colonial policy in Nagalim and there were many wars fought between the British army and Naga people, who protect their village sovereign rights, Naga identity and Naga ancestral homeland from the intruder. 

Naga have legitimate aspiration and hope to achieve our long-cherished dream of Naga nation sooner or later; we have common hope and common vision, common principle and common vision are very clear, we will continue our national movement until unless we have achieved it.

Naga political problem is as old as the Union of India, and no-one can deny this fact! Naga have a political problem with British India; they have violates our basic human rights, exploit our resources, they imposed their law on us by discarding our customary law. 

They have had imposed heavy illegal taxes to Nagas, bring social disorder by delivering wrong justice to those who were loyal to them and they have the right to take a life if anyone revolts their colonial policy. India is following their footstep; their army have license to kills in Naga land. The misrule of the British government in Nagalim has influence to India but it has strengthens the feeling Naga national inspiration among the tribal leaders in all Naga inhabited areas. 

Naga have fought side by side along India and Burma to British and we have driven out British from Nagalim and from Indian; no doubt, Indian National Congress spearheaded the movement, but they have forgotten other smaller group like Nagas who fought with them to Great Britain. In our surprise, India thinks that they can annex us by using force and they made a partnership with Burma and divided us (Nagas) without our concern; thereby, another political problem arises after 1947 since both nations declare their independence, and start afresh conflict between the Indian army and Naga army. When the Indo-Naga political conflict arises after British left India and Nagalim; the First Prime Minister of India Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru said “Whether heaven falls and rivers run red with blood, I will not allow Nagas to be independent. He added, I will station one Indian soldier for every tree in Naga land and I will crush the Nagas within one week.” His word was very powerful, the Indian sent their army troops to colonized Nagalim right after the Session of Indian Parliament by using military forces but Nagas fought back mighty India to protect Naga national rights, Naga identity, Naga ancestral homeland and political will of Naga people. 

I have read all Indian history and we didn’t find any story that Nagas were part of India. However Nagas fought to British Empire along with Indian National Army under the leadership of Mr. Subhas Candra Bose. But after the British left India and Nagalim, they want to colonized Naga land by force; Indian didn’t want British rule in Indian, they want to get independence from the British and they have experienced misery life, famine, violating basic human rights by colonizer and conducted exploitation in many ways for decades under British colonial rule; then why Indian want has colonized Nagalim and ruled Naga by force? When they know what the British did to India is bad and totally wrong, then why they want to continue same old technique applying to Nagas? This is completely illogical. Our aspiration of Naga nationalism is as old as Indian Union, and our political problem is as old as Indian and Burmese government then why they are acting so arrogant while negotiating with Nagas. My simple message to Indian leaders: Nagas are not Indian, and we don’t want to become India; thereby, please don’t force us to become Indian, we will remain as separate Naga nation-state and we want all international community (nations) to recognize our sovereignty (our sovereign nation-state). However, we believe in peaceful coexistence with our neighbors by understanding their problem (Indian security interest) and respect their sovereign right. We can coexist together as separate nation state by respecting each other and making national agreement between two nation states.    

Naga as a serate nation state is our Nagas long cherish dream; we the Nagas have common hope and common vision, we will continue our Naga national movement with common hope, and we will be working together in our common vision by leaving aside our personal differences. Naga have lied down thousands strong men and women from all Naga tribes to protect our Naga national right, ancestral homeland, Naga identity, and our political will; Naga will continue to protect our ancestral Naga land, our Naga identity, and our sovereign right, but there are few Nagas who have worked for Indian government, who are still working day and night to divide Naga and trying to finished off Naga National Movement from with for their selfish interest. Naga should be careful to those people; for they will write what we want to read and they will speak what we want to hear but they will never ever write nor speak for Naga National Right. Naga may not forgive them but may God forgive those hypocrites. 

Disunity among the Nagas tribes, civil organizations, social leaders and Naga National workers is the stumbling block for the youngsters to participate in the national movement. We don’t want to fight among Nagas brothers and sisters, but we want to contribute our life long service for Naga people and for Naga nation. Let’s reason together, why Naga national movement is so destructive to ourself? Ideological differences, factional crashes and personal selfish interest has done enough damage to our Naga Family; now it’s the time to respect Naga greater interest for ‘reconciliation’ unity among Nagas is not an option but it’s a necessity, let’s forgive and forget one another in the name of Lord Savoir Jesus Christ. 

Let’s give a chance to peace by stopping accusation and allegation between us. 

We the Nagas should retrospect and try to come up with the ideas of peace treaty, Unity and reconciliation among Naga Political Groups; we (Civil) want only one Naga government, one Naga Army, and every tribe will contribute in our own capable and available resources to protect our Naga national Right and we will achieve our long-cherished dream for sure.  

(To be concluded)

kharingyo Naga Shimrah


An ex-executive officer in Greenpeace international, Human Right Activist, Specialized in Law and Governance, presently working as Social Activist in Southern Nagalim

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