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Nagas have common hope and vision

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/10/2019 12:21:25 PM IST

 (From Previous issue)

How long the talk will continue, and how long ceasefire will continue is a big question? We should think carefully, we have Chinese option. Naga has been spending for 22 years in the Talk, Indian have been playing delaying technique and they have been changing their interrogators from Mr. Rajesh Pilot to Swaraj Kaushal, and from Oscar Fernades to K. Padmanabhaiah, and from R.S. Pandey to Ajit Lal thover, and R.N. Ravi is continuing to nowhere. On the other hand, Naga has been talking to first Prime Minister of India Mr. Jawahar Nahuru but he betrays to Nagas; our political talk officially with India starts from the Prime Minister-ship of Mr. P. V. Narashimha Rao, continue with I.K. Gujral, H.D. Deve Gaoda, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr. Manmahon Singh, and Narendra Modiji, what are we expecting from insincere India is a million-dollar question. Naga are not asking sovereignty from India, and oh my surprise India is acting bossy as if they can give sovereignty to Nagaland/Nagalim; all we want is, to recognize our Naga National Right, Naga’s Sovereignty, Naga identity.  Since we are the owner of our land and our law or constitution is the ultimate justice to prevail in our Naga land and we will follow our political will. If they don’t want to respect our law in our Naga land then go back Indian army from Nagalim; we have Naga army to protect us, we can live in own without your help and we want to live as separate nation state but not under your military rule. However, Nagas believe in Naga National Right and we believe in peaceful coexistence; thereby, I thought share sovereignty model will be good for both parties but if Indian wants to settle final agreement within Indian constitution than Nagas should find an alternative way to meet our long-cherished dream. What is the logic for struggling decades and sacrifice thousands Naga army if we accept Indian constitution, and what is the differences it make to 9 Point Agreement, 16 Points agreement and Shillong Accord? 

I always remember, the last word of dying man non-other than my late grandpa said: “Nagas are not Indian, we the Naga are not Indian”. I have experienced and I have had enough evidence in my lifetime that we are not Indian; if we travel to other parts of Indian, they don’t accept us or recognized us as Indian, racial discrimination to Nagas is just immense in Indian cities. And, if we travel abroad, then no-one will accept you as Indian, even Indian security will believe us only if you show your Indian identity card (which they force us to use). Most of the Indian citizen didn’t accept Nagas as Indian because we are not Indian; and thruth is, they don’t want Nagas but they (Indian) want our land and they are colonizing Naga land/Nagalim by using force for her external security interest. They want to sealed Eastern frontiers by colonizing Nagalim to protect from external security treat from a country like China, Japan, Korean, Burma, and other southeast or Northeast Asian countries. Indian has been facing many internal-external security threats; however, making peace with Nagas will reduce in tension in Northeastern part of Indian and they want peace to promote trades (Act East Policy) in southeastern countries. They don’t want to accept the fact and they didn’t want recognized Nagas sovereignty. Nagas will not force them to accept our believe but we the Nagas agree to disagree on their stand; however, the Naga National Movement will continue until unless we achieve our long-cherished dream. And some Nagas are supporting the Indian political move for their personal benefit, selfish interest, for their power and position, and trying to gain favor from Indian boss in Delhi. They will understand when the time comes to select out weed from the rice plant in patty field in the judgment day. 

Angami Zapu Phizo once said, “The Nagas will never surrender in the battlefield but many nagas will fall when Indian money was shot through the gun barrel.” Nagas will not surrender in the battlefield that’s very much true, they will sacrifice their life for Naga National Right as many have already made, but many will lay down their weapon then they were given what they want in term of signs of wealth, opportunities, powers, and recognitions. The Naga national movement will continue and it will go on, and Naga nationalism will rise again and again but few nagas have already started war within us through money or other means to destruct Naga National Movement from within for their selfish interest in order to get favor from their boss Indian politicians; some Nagas have already tried many times to betray in the past like 9 and 16 Points Agreement, and Shillong Accord, which has closed the door for Naga sovereignty, they have betrayed our Naga National Right, they have been trying to destroy our long cherish dream of Naga Nation, they sell out our ancestral land to India, and compromised our Political Will as separate nation-state by accepting India citizen. They have made enough trouble for Naga people and crime against Naga nation will bring into justice as per the law of the land; unfortunately their children are continuing their fore father footstep, but I want all naga by blood to contribute for Naga National Cause irrespective of tribe, region and gender. I always thank God to save our Naga National Movement by calling to late Ino. Isaac Chishi Swu, Mr. Th. Muivah and late Baba Khaplang to revive our Naga national dream and God had given sovereign right of the Nagas. As I understand correctly, God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Israel is with Nagas; the God of Chairman Issac Chishi Swu is still with us, we will win every war we fought and we will accomplish our long-cherished dream on His (Almighty Lord) given time. We shall overcome one day!

Every Naga should surrender ourself to Almighty God and obey His will; if we want to proclaim His given Sovereign right of the Nagas then Naga should choose the best battle-field, change the approach in the guidance of God and working together under the leadership of Godly men/women, nationalist leaders and charismatic leadership. Naga youngsters and leaders should study widely, example: There are many similarities between Chinese political journey and Naga political journey: A.Z Phizo character and Mao Zedong have some similarities; Chinese people and Naga people have many similarities, our psychological and cultural practices are similar. Naga National Movement popularizes from A.Z. Phizo and continues till today under the leadership of baba Q. Tuggu as the head of the NSCN-IM, along with many leaders and factional heads. All the Naga leaders from generation to generation come from different tribes and deferent regions; like the Chinese leaders, from Chairman Mao Zedong to Deng Xiao, continue to Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, and Xi Jinping. By understanding from our research studies, we should formulate a policy, follow our principle, use our God-given wisdom, and implement it through the guidance of God.  There are high chances that we can operate offices in China or get help from China and from other countries; they will be ready to help Nagas to protect our Naga National Right through legal means or through political means or military as an optional if needed. Nagas can popularize our Naga national movement by celebrating Naga Independence Day in August 14th every year initiated by tribal Hohos in Naga land, celebrate it in all Indian cities by Student Union combined with sport meet, literary meet, or fresher’s meet and we can celebrate in all metro cities across the globe by Naga citizenry residing abroad. That will be their best contribution to Naga national movement through non-violence! We should explore it and trying to strengthen international relation by operating intelligence offices in many countries; we will be campaigning for ‘Naga sovereignty’ (Naga nation-state) to be tabled in the UNO General Assembly and that campaign or lobbying will help us to attained (recognized) complete sovereignty by getting 2/3 majority including ‘Yes’ vote from five veto power nations through voting system in UN (Security Council) General Assembly. Then only Naga will attain complete sovereignty! India or Burma has no legal authority to give complete sovereignty to Naga people but they can recognize our sovereignty right. 

Let me conclude by giving this remark, the Indian government is trying to implement ‘uniform civil-code’ for all citizens in India: Jammu & Kashmir and Northeastern states is not an exception, Nagas people can’t support their policy. Let’s analyses relating to this policy of Uniform civil-code for all Indian citizens, this is good move for Indian internal-external administration, it’s good for security point of view and equal opportunities and rights for all citizens in the country. Let’s critically examine, Indian Government has scrapped article 370 which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir including separate constitution and flag, then let’s analyze carefully will the government of India grant separate constitution and flag to the Nagas in final agreement outside of Indian constitution is a million-dollar question? As we know from the very beginning, 16 Points Agreement is not safe at all and any agreement signed within Indian Constitution is just repeating 16 Point Agreement or Shillong Accord. Mr. R.N. Ravi can’t be trusted as of now; it’s not in his hand, the decision-maker boss is in Delhi. After sometime, once the ruling party has decided and passes a law of Uniform civil-Code for all Indian citizens then he can’t do anything or he may get retired. On the other hand, he will try to solve within Indian constitution, which he think is good for India but that will bring more danger and place India into dangerous zone. Thereby, I will suggest to sign ‘the final agreement’ based on the ‘Shared-sovereignty’ model; where India recognized Naga land as separate Nation-state and Nagalim government will respect Indian security interest and external policy. Let’s coexist as good friend and as a good neighbor.  Just my personal opinion!


kharingyo Naga Shimrah

An ex-executive officer in Greenpeace international, Human Right Activist, Specialized in Law and Governance, presently working as Social Activist in Southern Nagalim. (Email. 

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