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National and state election in Nagaland

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/4/2019 1:19:48 PM IST

 On 2nd April 2019, the local papers were flooded with an article named “Shame! Shame! On the Naga”. In this context, the writer seems to be attempting to sound an alarm of tragedy that had overwhelmed the Naga moral degeneration. He had quoted from the Book of Jeremiah, the Prophet. “They do not know even how to blush” Jer.8:12. Blushing is a normal reaction of human beings The sympathetic nervous system of the body automatically react to any shameful acts. Not being able to “blush” means, they are incomplete human beings. It tells us how low we have degenerated. This needs a serious thought for all of us.

He stated clearly, the political games our people play in what we call universal franchise. There is complete dichotomy of political life and Christian life. The Naga has failed to understand the modern practice of Democracy. We cannot blame them, because it had not been our traditional and cultural way of life. Some decades ago, I was asked by one political leaders when the political turmoil was in its peak, how to improve the election process. I just replied him, , how can we improve an alien political system which is not our own.  I told him the problem was merely a leadership crisis. Everybody wants to be leaders with alterior motives. For a Naga, leadership is not by selection or election. Naga recognised their leaders and not by in any other.

The NBCC and church leaders are campaigning for clean, free and fair election. But, where are we now? The unfortunate problem is, they have no Vision, strategy and goal settings. Telling people for free and fair election cannot have any impact on the people. It must have some specific action plans and continuo’s evaluation to measure the achievement. That is the only way to improve the present scenario. Human beings are Social beings. We are born, raised and buried in the company of our fellow human beings. Nagas formed their own groups and communities of their own social structure in the way in which they organise their relationship with each other and build society. Many Tribal and social groups play very important roles in the life of the individual so find difficult to fit into the present modern urban individualistic freedom. In a Naga Tribe, one is born and brought up in a large kinship group or lineage, made up of all the male descendents of some remote ancestor. All the males of one generation older would be fathers. All your lineage of your own age group would be brothers and sisters. This strong kinship group of a tribe provide the individual security. All important decisions of these groups are made by the elders. Therefore, a universal franchise does not fit into the tradition and cultural practices of a Naga.

The present Naga society is in a melting pot. Almost all our villages are flooded by urban way of life which is individualistic. How modern fast scientific development and advancement are to be absorbed in our rural way of life is the problem. Can any peaceful synthesis take place? The Church has a big role to play in how peaceful fusion of the opposite thoughts be made, for the kingdom of God to come down to Earth?

Dr. L.M.Murry

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