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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/5/2019 11:58:36 AM IST

 In as far as the Nagas are concerned, the lone Lok Sabha seat being contested in the forthcoming Parliamentary Election between various Political Parties in Nagaland, is a litmus test especially for the minority community such as the define who we really are. A seriously foreboding cloud looms over our heads that could threaten Naga identity and the Naga future. It calls for every single Christian soul of age in Nagaland to shoulder a responsibility as never before and make a matured decision intelligently and determinedly abstain from what could be detrimental for the Nagas. The fundamental ideological issues placed before the Naga, as much as for the mainlanders, are those that far transcend politics. It has been made reasonably clear by the RSS led BJP Government in the Centre that they want to (1) remove “Secularism” from the Constitution; (2) reintroduce ‘Citizenship Amendment Bill’ in the Parliament; (3) bring to fruition a ‘Uniform Civil Code’ and “Hindutva philosophy” across the country because they seriously believe that India is a Hindu Rastra. In all fairness it has to be said that this is certainly not the view or intent of the average fair minded Hindus in the country. However it is the RSS fanatics who control the BJP Government. These are therefore no longer a verbal threat but assured actions that will follow if BJP is voted come back to power. In Nagaland context BJP is not in direct contest but NDPP, as their collaborating partner, is. It is two sides of the same coin.

(1) Nagas must clearly understand the dangerous implication of ‘secularism’ being removed from the Constitution. In a country that is so diverse, secularism ensures protection to every minority community to live in harmony with guaranteed freedom of religion and culture being practiced without fear of the majority. The last five years of BJP rule has however unleashed intense hatred in the country between the Hindus and Non-Hindu communities and against the minority communities as has never been seen in India before. The Christian minority has been specifically targeted with burning or vandalising of Churches and Missionaries and Evangelists being brutalised or Catholic nuns being raped by the RSS goons. Hindus who had been converted to Christianity have been and are being forced to reconvert to Hinduism under RSS’s “Ghar Vapsi” programme that BJP Government has silently condoned.  The RSS is hell bent on imposing upon all citizens of India to pay obeisance to their HOLY COW which is one of their revered god. Accordingly, some cow traders and beef eaters have been butchered and lynched in the mainland as an example of their treacherous intent. In the face of all of such blatant atrocities, the RSS guided Prime Minister of India had habitually remained indifferent and silent unless pressurised by public opinion. All these factual events have been happening with systematic regularity while “Secularism” is still in place within the Constitution. Imagine the kind of danger and horror minority communities will be exposed to if “Secularism” is removed. The RSS fanatics have openly declared that by 2021 all Muslims and Christians and Non-Hindus will be exterminated...that all future Prime Ministers of India and all Chief Ministers of States will compulsorily have to be a Hindu or be disqualified. Has the Prime Minister made any official statement condemning such insane outpouring of communal hatred by these RSS fanatics? You know the answer to that...a N..O in red capital letters. Where do we stand on an issue such as these? We the Nagas can boast of the most beautiful and the most prominent Church buildings in every village...but will it amount to much if we all flock to the Hindu temple to worship in the hope of earning pocket money that would perhaps ease our financial problems for a while but at the cost of our souls and the future of our children? 

(To be concluded)

Khekiye K. Sema IAS (Retd); 3rd Mile Thilixu Village; Dimapur

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