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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/6/2019 1:04:36 PM IST

 (From previous issue)

(2) Remember that Mr. Amit Shah, General Secretary of the BJP has made an open declaration that “Citizenship Amendment Bill” (CAB) will be reintroduced in Parliament if BJP is voted back to power. This is a highly communal oriented Bill that mainly focuses on giving Indian Citizenship to the prosecuted Hindu minority in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The mention of Christians in this farce is but eyewash to camouflage their main intent of establishing and enhancing Hindutva agenda by flooding the North East with foreign origin Hindus being granted citizenship with absolute equal rights. North Easterners will become servants of the ‘foreign origin’ Indian citizens in their own land just like the unfortunate Tripuris in Tripura. Mr. Amit Shah is more than aware that all North Eastern States, except Nagaland, had vehemently and aggressively opposed this Bill knowing well the danger that the ethnic communities of this region will be marginalised...yet such is the arrogance of BJP who are showing outright disrespect and disregard for the sentiments of the North Easterners. The embarrassing part is that NDPP-BJP combine in Nagaland had seen nothing of a danger in all of this. They were complacently wallowing in a fool’s paradise that ILP and Article 371A will protect the interest of the Nagas even if this despicable CAB was passed. The original stand of NDPP/BJP combined, defines their actual lack of concern for the Naga future so long as they can remain in power...until the people said otherwise. Do we not have ILP in Nagaland right now? Yet the influx of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants (IBI’s) has already flooded Nagaland in various corners and in fact is controlling the commercial arteries in places like Wokha etc. ILP is but a pocket money earning avenue of the bureaucrats that Nagas can hardly rely upon. The sanctity of Article 371A is an untested ground and can be subjected to legal interpretation like that of the ‘natural resources’ fiasco where, despite resolution being passed in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly claiming ownership of natural resources above the ground and below the ground, was legally contested by the GoI and is still pending in court. So this leads us to the 3rd issue...
(3) If “Uniform Civil Code Bill” is introduced and passed in Parliament and becomes an Act/Law...Nagas can very well pass a resolution of non-acceptance of this Law in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly saying that our Customary Law  is protected by Article 371A. The simple truth is that the customary law of the Nagas have yet to be codified. Now, let us conjecture: if the GoI were to legally ask Government of Nagaland to produce the evidence of the existence of Naga Customary Law in the absence of a customarily ratified Codification of all the Tribal Customary Laws...Nagas will have nothing to show. Then the ‘Hindutva agenda’ of the RSS, which is aimed at making India solely a Hindu Country, could perhaps force the hand of BJP to swamp the rest of the legal proceedings and go further by nullify the very existence of Article 371A. After all, BJP has already contemplated on the possibility of removing Article 370 from the Constitution concerning Jammu & Kashmir. The warped mind of BJP could very well infect Article 371A as well if they are back in power again... Does such a given scenario help us exude confidence that Article 371A will protect the interest of the Nagas? 
These are issues that have crossed the bounds of politics. These are questions that will determine the very survival of the Naga in the days to come where a misjudgement of the present generation can cost the Nagas dearly. It can destroy not only our present but the entire future of our children. Nagas are being called upon to decide wisely and not be stumbled by the temptation of MONEY...We need to acknowledge a Party that swears by Secularism with a proven track record since Independence. We need to stand with a Party with a proven track record of having stopped the passage of the CAB in the Rajya Sabha. Article 371A is safer in the “Hand” of such a Party...the INC.
Khekiye K. Sema IAS (Retd); 
3rd Mile Thilixu Village; Dimapur

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