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Non-Naga communities memo to CM on ILP

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/14/2019 11:24:09 AM IST

 Respected Sir

Wishing you & all the citizens of Nagaland a Merry Xmas in advance Sir !!

We the leaders of the Non-naga communities of Dimapur Town strongly believe & support the govt. to stridently check the infiltration of illegal immigrants in Nagaland. We are willing to support the Govt. of Nagaland for non-implementation of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in Dimapur. So also, Union Home Minister’s statement on Dimapur not being under ILP as declared in the Parliament on late night of 9th Dec’19 & Govt. Of Nagaland’s notification on the same day is very contradictory.

We believe that extending Inner Line Permit for the genuine Indian citizens in the remaining 18-km stretch of Dimapur Town (out of total of 16,579 sq. km. land of Nagaland) will adversely impact the business, education, tourism, infrastructure & industrial development in Nagaland & social harmony amongst the residents of Dimapur in particular. As such, we refrain from supporting ILP extension to Dimapur, as it will prove to be detrimental to the progress of Nagaland & its citizens as a whole.

Sir, historical background of Dimapur is known to all where Non-nagas had to suffer immeasurably during the early settlements hundred years back, due to the jungles infested with malaria mosquitos & leeches. This is the reason no Nagas settled down in plains of Dimapur earlier, besides the reason of hot & humid climate. So also, most of the land regulations of Nagaland were made barring Dimapur mouza till recently.

Many Non-nagas are considered founding-fathers of Dimapur who ensured it to become economic hub which was possible due to non-implementation of ILP here. Nagas’ population in Dimapur is nearing half of Dimapur’s population today, as they have themselves opted for staying in non-ILP zone for the economic reasons.

Dimapurians in general have had to support utmost to the national workers financially. Plains peoples’ educational, political, fundamental rights have been curtailed repeatedly at the hands of the various Governments of Nagaland too, since the inception of the state of Nagaland in 1963.

Now, we humbly bring to your notice our concerns for your kind consideration before considering the implementation of the extension of the Inner Line Permit to Dimapur town:

1. Sir, Non-naga residents of Dimapur as enrolled in last or any voter list of Nagaland till date & their descedents need not require ILPs ever, including their spouses for which family passes may be issued if needed. Any genuine Indian having any evidence of staying in Nagaland for the previous six months must be considered for ILP exemptions

2. Sir, Dimapur is a cosmopolitan town, termed mini-India, where maximum no. of non-naga citizens are residing in Nagaland. It will be very inconvenient for the majority of the non-naga citizens of Dimapur to apply for the ILP every month or year & queue up to the authorities now & then at the respective entry check gates, including bus stands, railway station & airport. Minimum one year online ILPs can be issued for the permanent workers, with yearly renewal possibilities in the same document as a remedy. 

3. Sir, majority of the non-naga citizens living in Dimapur always abide by the rules & regulations, Acts enacted by the state govt. or central govt. We are living very harmoniously with the naga community since the inception of the state of Nagaland. Many non-naga families have been residing here long before the creation of Nagaland state. Genuine Non-naga citizens of India never created any problem for the state govt. or the local bodies.

4. Sir, there are well set rules for the detection & deportation of the illegal immigrants by which Bangladeshi or any other foreign nationals can be deported. All the genuine Indian citizens of Dimapur town in particular need not be put to test on such flimsy ground of IBIs.

5. Sir, as you know, Dimapur town is the only business hub not only for Nagaland but for the adjoining areas of Assam. Daily floating population of more than 40,000 visit Dimapur for shopping, business, jobs, tourism & other social reasons. If ILP is extended to Dimapur town, then it will bar the people to visit Dimapur & businesses will suffer heavily.

6. Sir, thousands of naga people, including senior citizens & widows, have their source of income through rentals from shops & houses which will come down heavily with the loss of population & businesses. Land valuation will decrease rapidly, creating havoc upon all the land owners of Dimapur.

7. Sir, more than 15 malls & innumerable showrooms have recently been opened in Dimapur by the naga entrepreneurs employing more than 2,000 naga youth directly or indirectly, who will all be adversely affected by the extended ILP system too.

8. Sir, Dimapur Town is not only the business hub, giving maximum revenue to the state & central govt. in the form of GST, Income Tax etc. If the businesses will be negatively affected then revenue will also come down. This will affect the governmental developmental programs too.

9. Sir, there is no big industry in Nagaland & investment is very negligible from rest of India. Many companies which were planning to invest here may desist further as & when ILP is implemented. This will hamper employment opportunities for our naga brothers & sisters.

10. Sir, we require skilled workers & professionals in every field in Nagaland like education, IT, construction, road development, tourism, infrastructure development etc. Mostly, we are dependent on outsourcing the same. So also, our naga brothers & sisters are looking for white-collar jobs only. As such, there is a vacuum in the menial jobs which is generally being filled by the non-nagas. If ILP is extended to Dimapur, most of them will desist from coming even to Dimapur, as is the case in general with the rest of Nagaland.

11. Sir, Dimapur is presently having the only rail head in the state of Nagaland & Manipur. It will be very inconvenient to the visitors of Manipur as well, including business organizations who are dealing with the railways for transportation of goods.

12. Sir, Govt. of India had introduced Act East Policy to develop entire North-East by connecting us with the mainstream India & also, south-east Asian countries. Introduction of ILP will negatively affect the whole idea of Act East Policy.

13. Sir, tourism is a big business which can generate huge employment & revenues for the state of Nagaland. As Nagaland is stated to be the Land of Festivals & both Govt. of India & state Govt. has heavily invested in tourism sector, extension of ILP to Dimapur will restrict many Indian citizens & foreign nationals from visiting Nagaland. In that case, investment done by the state & the center will not be economically viable.

14. Sir, mob mentality has adversely affected the image of Nagaland time & again, which will be further aggravated by the chasm being created by the extension of ILP in Non-naga populated Dimapur. Non-nagas including the aborigines of Dimapur i.e. Kacharis, Mikir, Garo, Kuki tribes besides the indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland from Marwari, Jain, Bihari, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Assamese, Bengali, Nepali, Meiti, Kerala communities etc. are being labeled as non-locals, business community, illegal migrants, illegal immigrants, tsumars etc which may be viewed as racial discrimination by the vested interests.

15. Sir, India has accommodated all kinds of races & religions in its bosom including nagas of all hues which showcases its secularist credentials with equality in all respects. So also, India has been protective of all its minorities in every respect with special benefits for their better growth. Nagaland too needs to reciprocate in the same coin for its better growth & international image.

16. Sir, Govt. of India has recently granted citizenships to all the foreign nationals who were persecuted on the religious grounds in the neighboring countries & who came to India six years back. As such, exemption of ILPs to the genuine Indians citizens staying in Dimapur can be made from retrospective dates too.

17. Sir, in this age of globalization, liberalization has set forth many economies to boom for better job opportunities & higher per capita income for its citizens. Parochial protectionism cannot benefit the citizens in the long term in this competitive world. Our creative & talented naga brothers & sisters must be allowed to explore global opportunities by raising their levels of competence.

18. Sir, many residents of Dimapur have already left Dimapur for the greener pastures across India. All the adjoining areas of Assam are becoming the business & industrial hub bordering Nagaland. MNREGA & many more schemes of Govt. of India for the poor people are ensuring that people stay in their respective states. We are already witnessing negative growth of non-nagas in Dimapur town in particular. Even the new generation of all communities is opting to settle outside Nagaland.

19. Sir, online trading, Demonetization, GST regime has already broken the backs of all kinds of trades in Dimapur. ILP implementation will further aggravate the losses, thereby shift of businesses on a large scale.

20. Sir, hyper-active civil society members may lead to fear psychosis in Nagaland & beyond the borders which may hurt Nagaland’s economy & image adversely.

In the light of the above facts, we the citizens of Dimapur fervently request your good authority to refrain or defer ILP extension in Dimapur till the final Peace Accord is signed in between Govt. Of India & Naga Political Groups. We would forever remain grateful for this kind act of yours.

Presidents & Secretaries, Non-Naga communities of Dimapur, Nagaland


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